By Marg and Marvin


Are you scared of spiders? Marvin has been reading about the world’s biggest spiders this week. They are called the tarantula and they can be very big, even as big as a Frisbee. They are very hairy and a lot of people are scared of them but they are really a very shy animal and will only attack when it sees something good to eat. Some tarantulas eat birds and frogs. Some tarantulas use their hairs as weapons by rubbing them off and flicking them towards their prey (the thing they want to eat). These hairs cause an itchy skin rash and make the eyes, nose and mouth sore. Whist the prey is worrying about these things the tarantula comes along and eats it!

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1) What telephone number does a pig call when it gets into trouble?

2) Where do farmers leave their pigs when they come to town?

3) Why did the chef’s spaghetti fall apart?

4) What do you call a rich watermelon?


1) Swine, one, one

2) Porking meters

3) He forgot to put in the tomato paste

4) A melonaire