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Governor Pisit Ketephasuk welcomes Chiangmai Mail to the province

Classical plays in public performances

Drama groups flourish at Chiang Mai University

Ostrich Food Festival popular

The Mangrove Steel Band to perform at the British Council

Program for Loy Krathong Week 2002

Governor Pisit Ketephasuk welcomes Chiangmai Mail to the province

The spacious grounds at the Khum Khantoke Lanna Cultural Center in Chiang Mai were filled to capacity as the well-wishers for our new newspaper, the Chiangmai Mail, were added to the normal throng of patrons at the Lanna dining salas.

Whilst most of the people present were the residents of Chiang Mai, there were also many people who had traveled up from Bangkok and Pattaya and other parts of Thailand to help the Chiangmai Mail Publishing group “wet the baby’s head” while they proudly displayed the new newspaper.

Chiang Mai Governor Pisit Ketephasuk welcomed the new Chiangmai Mail to the northern community.

Wannapa Wannasri (2nd right) representing Chanyuth Hengtrakul, Advisor to the Minister of Tourism and Sports, offers a bouquet of flowers for good luck to the Chiangmai Mail team.

Chiang Mai Governor Pisit Ketephasuk cut the ceremonial ribbon to officially launch the new publication, as the Chiangmai Mail team proudly looks on.

Thailand writer extraordinaire Peter Cummins (left) explains something in detail to good friend, and the first Pattaya Mail editor, Chuck Pringle who now lives in the North, as Pattaya luminary Ib Ottesen listens in.

Chiangmai Mail CEO Xanxai Visitkul (right), Managing Director Michael Vogt (center right), Executive Manager of Marketing and Communications, Marion Vogt (left), and Daisy Vogt (2nd right) welcome in the new Chiangmai Mail.

(from left) Pattaya Mail MD and now Chiangmai Mail GM Peter Malhotra met up with his long-lost cousin Pichit Bharatbhumikul and friend Dr. Jaspal at the party.

(From left) Pat Vajrasevee, general manager of Royal Chiangmai Golf Resort, Dr Iain Corness, executive editor of Chiangmai Mail, Wachara Tantranont, president of Thai Lanna Food and Cultural Centre Co., Ltd, and Surapol Thabthong, the Gap’s house.

Now a proud Chiang Mai resident and managing director of the Chiangmai Mail, Michael Vogt introduced the executive committee to the people of Chiang Mai, starting with the chief executive officer, Xanxai Visitkul and the chairman of the board, Norachai Prasertmanukitch. The lanky American and very well experienced media person, Dan Dorothy, who is president and editor-in-chief was presented next, followed by general manager, Pratheep (Peter) Malhotra, an experienced newspaper publisher. Noted international columnist, Dr. Iain Corness and the executive manager of marketing and communications, Marion Vogt, were presented next followed by the local ‘man on the ground’ and editor, Phitsanu Thepthong.

The enthusiastic young team of Thai journalists, newshounds, office and sales staff were not forgotten either, coming up on stage, showing that the Chiangmai Mail is a real newspaper, employing very real and experienced personnel.

Here they are – the new Chiangmai Mail team.

(L to R) The public relations officer of the Maeping Police Station attended the party and gave his best wishes to the new Chiangmai Mail team, here represented by Michael Vogt, managing director and Marion Vogt, executive manager of marketing and communications.

CEO Xanxai Visitkul, Chairman of the Board Norachai Prasertmanukitch, President/Editor-in-Chief Dan Dorothy, and Executive Editor Dr. Iain Corness proudly introduce the new publication.

(From left) Phitsanu Thepthong, Pongphan Chongyosying, general manager, Amnart Chongyosying, editor and Junploy Srikonte, marketing manager of Northern Daily Time, Pratheep “Peter” Malhotra and Norachai Prasertmanukitch.

(From left) Silke Keil, manager of Linda Guesthouse, a journalist from Offenburg, Germany, and Michael Vogt.

Surapol Thabthong, Pat Vajrasevee, Chartchai Nivatsayavanitch, and Lek Sarakam of the Empress Hotel.

From left: Norachai Prasertmanukitch, Naruemol Prasertmanukitch, Sarawut Sea Teow, Mr Thaworn Kietchaiyakorn, senator, vice-chairman of the Committee on Budget, Mr Chatwararat, Mr Monchai Tesapaet, editor of Thai News daily and Thani Suwattana, editor of Chiangmai News daily.

(From left) Xanxai Visitkul, Norachai Prasertmukitch, Sasikarn Chantana of Bangkok Post’s Chiang Mai bureau and Wachara Tantranont.

Governor Pisit Ketephasuk, in his address, welcomed the Chiangmai Mail to the province, saying that the mass media had always had a very significant part to play in getting important messages through to the community and as a gauge of the thoughts and needs of the populace. By now including the English speaking expat population, this showed good progress in the society and he gave his blessing to the new venture and hoped that it would be able to serve the community well for many years to come.

The following is a translation of Pisit Katephasuk’s speech, the Governor of Chiang Mai:

“Ladies and gentlemen, I am very pleased to report that Chiang Mai City now has one more newspaper for the locality. It is evident that the print media in Chiang Mai has long been accepted by the general public as the way to inform and educate our residents.

“While Chiang Mai has several local newspapers to serve the public, and act as an indicator of public opinion, on this occasion, it makes me very proud that the Chiangmai Mail is not only a newspaper of local origin, but is also one backed by experienced professionals in the mass media.

“They have jointly established the Chiangmai Mail, a newspaper which looks quite different from the other local publications, as it is published in English.

“Therefore, this newspaper is very significant as it will have an increasingly active role to play in the locality as Chiang Mai and neighboring provinces strive to promote tourism in this region to the English speaking tourists.

(from left) Suvimol Sukantha, Thani Suwattana, Chusak Namhansawong, deputy general manager of the Imperial Maeping Hotel, and Lek Sarakam of the Empress Hotel. (Sitting from left) Chusak Namhansawong, Ms U, Pat Vajrasevee, Pimolphan Singhara na Ayuthaya, Naruemol Prasertmanukitch and Suchada Senasuthiphan.

Columnist Christina Dodd (left) and Chiangmai Mail President/Editor-in-Chief Dan Dorothy are all smiles that the second edition made it to print.

(From left) Chiangmai Hills Hotel staff and Natthatira Boonpaepol, public relations officer, with a local Northern Daily Time newspaper reporter and Thani Suwattana of Chiangmai news.

Arkom Suwankantha (left), editor of Chiang Mai Review weekly, Phitsanu Thepthong (center) and a representative form Chiang Mai chamber of Commerce.

Pravit Arkarachinores (left), the Honorary consul of Austria, wishes the new Chiangmai Mail “Viel Glück” (good luck) as he visits with Chiang Mai governor Pisit Katephasuk.

May, Tat, Meow and Gay pour over the 2nd edition of the Chiangmai Mail.

“Moreover, there is a large number of English speaking expats living in this region, carrying out business operations and other government services, with Chiang Mai City especially being the location of several foreign consulates. This new newspaper will be of great benefit to these people.

Chiangmai Mail will also provide benefits to Thais as well as foreigners, providing news and information on the local scene, and will inform the tourists of the traditions, and culture of Lanna people.

“This newspaper has information, from both government and private sectors, including an analysis of the news, articles and opinions, in depth reports, as well as several interesting magazine style columns and features.

“Finally, I congratulate the Chiangmai Mail team that has launched this new local newspaper and I encourage this youngest newspaper to serve the North as well as it possibly can in the English language. I ask for your blessings for the Chiangmai Mail staff, that they will create a newspaper that will be successful and serve this community for many years to come.”

Following his address, Governor Pisit cut the symbolic ribbon, to the acclamation of the new news- paper and the party of well-wishers.

Classical plays in public performances

Metinee Chaikuna

The two plays were on show at the Kad Suan Kaew shopping complex. The mixed play “Poo-Cha-Na-Sib-Tid” (the Great King of Burma) was shown at the outdoor stage behind Kad Suan Kaew. The act shown was ‘Samruk Samrueng’, a scene in the story of the love story of a Burmese and Ja-ded, who later became the great king of Burma. The story was written by Ya Khob, a classical novelist of Thailand.

National artists of the Fine Arts Department perform “Poo-Cha-Na-Sib-Tid” (the Great King of Burma) on the outdoor stage behind Kad Suan Kaew.

Chiang Mai actors from the Kad Suan Kaew institute perform ‘Look-Khun-Luang’


(Khun Luang’s children). “The Great King of Burma”

The cast revels in the moment.

The performances were done by the national artists of the Fine Arts Department: Archarn Seri Wangnaitum, Pakorn Pornpisut, Suppachai Chansuwan, Ritthep Thaohirun, Wantanee Muangboon, and many other actors.

The other free play was ‘Look-Khun-Luang’ (Khun Luang’s children), the famous comedy play written by M.R. Kukrit Pramoj, which was made as a TV series in 1960. This play was performed by Chiang Mai actors from the Kad Suan Kaew institute.

Drama groups flourish at Chiang Mai University

Metinee Chaikuna

Drama groups are flourishing at Chiang Mai University. These include formal and ad hoc groups such as the B floor group, 8 multiply 8 group, Pra-Chan-Pa- Ne-Chorn (the wandering moon) group, Lakorn Nornpley group, Dream Drama group, and The International WOW Company. Each have their own identity and perform many famous works, both Thai and international.

Several leading artists who play an important role in the drama field in Thailand live in Chiang Mai, foremost examples being Dr. Jiraporn Wittayasukkapun, Archarn Rutsamee Paoluengtong, Manuel Lutgenhost, Archarn Kumron Kunnadilok and Asst. Prof. Sarawanee Sukumwat. These experts have encouraged drama activities in Chiang Mai, and have helped develop it in this city.

Development is, however, hindered by the lack of funds, so Chiang Mai University Art Museum has arranged for a monthly drama project, in which outstanding works will be chosen to be performed on stage. The museum provides the venue for the acting troupes to rehearse and perform without any fee. In addition, training is provided by local experts and foreign artists.

Upcoming performances include a Nikorn Sae Tung Workshop called “The relationship of physical movement and the emotion for acting,” which will be held on Sunday November 10. On Friday 20 - Saturday 21 December, the Museum & Komolkeemtong Foundation with Yun Bucha - Nimitr Pipitkul will be performing The Little Prince starring Naruemol Thammapruksa.

For further information contact Naruemol Thammapruksa, Drama Section, Chiang Mai University Art Museum, tel. 053 - 944845.

Ostrich Food Festival popular

Fun for everyone but the ostriches

Metinee Chaikuna

This winter season, the Sunkawal Room at Lotus Pang Suan Kaew Hotel is where an Ostrich Festival is being held this month to promote this new kind of food in the restaurants.

I’m glad I’m an emu and not an ostrich, otherwise you might want to eat me.

The festival will take place in the hotel every day throughout November. There are several types of ostrich dishes in many styles: European, Thai, and Chinese including ostrich steak, spicy fried ostrich, and the steamed ostrich with Chinese herbs.

Anybody interested in this new kind of meat can this at the festival at the Sunkawal Room.

The Mangrove Steel Band to perform at the British Council

By Metinee Chaikuna

The British Council will hold a garden party to mark the launch of the British Council’s new brand identity in the North. The venue will be the garden of the British Council Chiang Mai on Tuesday 12th November at 6.30 pm. For the occasion, there will be live music by The Mangrove Steel Band, a ten-piece group from the UK who used to perform their unique style of music at the world famous Notting Hill Carnival. There will also be live jazz music later in the evening and the catering will offer British and Caribbean style food while the drinks will include British beer.

People from the Caribbean community formed the Mangrove Steel Band in 1980. They were mostly Trinidadians who wanted to keep their music and culture alive and to pass on the tradition of steel drum playing to the next generation. Over the years the talented band has had great success, winning many awards and steel band championships and they have grown steadily into one of the most prestigious steel bands in Europe.

The band has appeared at major festivals - including the annual Notting Hill Carnival in the UK. They have performed in the presence of HM Queen Elizabeth II and HRH Princess Anne.

Program for Loy Krathong Week 2002

Daily activities from Saturday
16th - Monday 18th November 2002

10 a.m. - 11 p.m. Lanna Rites L
at Lok Molee Temple

Daily activity from Sunday
17th - Wednesday 20th November

6 p.m. - 12 p.m. Lanna & Hill Tribes Cultural
Performances at Tha Pae Gate

6 p.m. - 12 p.m. Local Night Market & Walking Street at Tha Pae Gate

Monday November 18

5 p.m. - 9 p.m. Hand Made Krathong Contest
at Municipal Hall

6 p.m. Official Opening Ceremony ‘Yi Peng’ at Tha Pae Gate

7 p.m. - 12 p.m. Local Lanterns Parade plus Contest on Changklan Road

7 p.m. - 12 p.m. The Release of 10,000 Krathongs at Ping River

7 p.m. - 12 p.m. Children Beauty Contest

at Municipal Hall

7 p.m. - 12 p.m. ‘The Legend of Yi Peng’ Light & Sound Performances
at Municipal Hall

8 p.m. - 12 p.m. Hot Air Balloons & Fireworks at Ping Riverfront

8 p.m. - 12 p.m. Lanna Cultural Dances

at Municipal Hall

Tuesday November 19

8 a.m. - 9 a.m. Rites to honor Boat Spirits White at Chedi

9 a.m. - 3 p.m. Raft Races on Ping River

9 a.m. - 12 p.m. Hot Air Balloon Contest

at Municipal Hall

5 p.m. - 6 p.m. Para motor & MicroLite Show at Ping River

6 p.m. - 12 p.m. Krathong Procession and Contest at Tha Pae Gate

6 p.m. - 12 p.m. Forest gates ‘Prathu Pa’

at Garden & Temple Gates

6 p.m. - 12 p.m. ‘Miss Loy Krathong’ Contest at Tha Pae Gate

7 p.m. - 12 p.m. The Release of 20,000 Krathongs on Ping River

7 p.m. - 12 p.m. Lanna Cultural Dances

at Municipal Hall

7 p.m. - 12 p.m. ‘The Legend of Yi Peng’ Light & Sound Performances

at Municipal Hall

8 p.m. - 12 p.m. Hot Air Balloons & Fireworks at Ping Riverfront

Wednesday November 20

6 p.m. - 12 p.m. Giant Krathong Procession plus
Contest at Tha Pae Gate

6 p.m. - 12 p.m. ‘Miss Loy Krathong’ Contest at Tha Pae Gate

7 p.m. - 12 p.m. The Release of 20.000 Krathongs at Ping River

7 p.m. - 12 p.m. ‘The Legend of Yi Peng’ Light & Sound Performances

at Municipal Hall

8 p.m. - 12 p.m. Hot Air Balloons & Fireworks at Ping Riverfront

8 p.m. - 12 p.m. Lanna Cultural Dances &
Performances at Municipal Hall