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Congratulations to the Chiangmai Mail

Chiangmai Mail “a perfect bundle of information”

Thank you Chiangmai Hash


Congratulations to the Chiangmai Mail

Dear Dan

Many thanks for arranging for Vol. 1 No. 1 of the Chiangmai Mail to be delivered to me today! Congratulations and Good Fortune for the future of an excellent publication, and I look forward eagerly to receiving future issues, for which many thanks in advance.

Sincere regards,

Leslie Wright

Westminster Portfolio Services (Thailand) Ltd.

Chiangmai Mail “a perfect bundle of information”


Congratulations for the first Chiangmai Mail. A perfect bundle of information and entertainment that we appreciated much to read. We are very happy to be informed from now on weekly about the north of our most beloved Thailand. So hold on - we wish you a great success and a lot of readers!

The best greetings from Munich/Germany.

Nicola Hahn

Editor-in-Chief emos-Magazin”

Thank you Chiangmai Hash

Dear Editor,

Pattaya Bush H3 would like to thank all the Chiangmai Hashes for their hard work in organizing this year’s Indo China Mekong Hash in October.

Great trails, endless amber fluid & ice, excellent entertainment - all in all, a lot of fun!

On On to Yangon 2003!

Charlie Manson, Ringworm, Big-Nosed Bastard & all at Pattaya Bush H3


Dear Editor;

I have read your first issue of Chiang Mai Mail. I wish you luck and hope you will be successful in this field. Let me say congratulations again to you and the newspaper.

Best wishes,

Gomase Theenanon