Japanese food festival in the Sui -Zen-Te Japanese Restaurant at Chiang Mai Hills Hotel. Welcome the winter with hot Japanese food, called “O-na-be”, kept warm by a gentle fire in the middle of the table. Most original Japanese meals and dishes are on offer. Enjoy shabu-shabu, meats sliced into small pieces, mixed with several kinds of vegetables and cooked in soup or curry, with sauces added to taste, or sukiyaki, until the end of December.


Mae Ping Beer Garden, Imperial Mae Ping Hotel has arranged an “entertainment program for everyone” featuring Thailand’s top musical talents and a variety of amusements. November 16-17 – the amusing Cliff & the Shadow of Thailand show performed by Sermwesh Chuang-Yanyong, Worapot Ruannak, Umnaj Srima, Niwat Kongkaew and Wanyos Mitranon starting from 9 p.m. November 27-28 The Dynamic Band, led by Surasee Ittikul, Moo Kaleidoscope, Kornness Waseenon, Somchai Krisanaseranee, and Suriya Puengthongthai beginning at 9 p.m.

The Pub”, one of the most popular meeting places among the local and expat community in Chiangmai, offers an extended ‘Happy Hour” every Friday from 5 to 9 p.m. Don’t miss the Sunday Brunch, featuring roast, carvery, or buffet; great place for the whole family. The Pub is located at Huay Kaew Road; call 0 5321 1550 to find out what’s on the menu this week.


The Goethe-Institute presents Asiatopia - the 4th International Performance Art Festival in Chiang Mai, November 28 - 30 at Chiang Mai University Art Center & Thapae City Gate. This event will bring in the cr่me de la cr่me of art performers from all parts of the world and will definitely draw a big audience. So go and have a look at the new developments in this art field. For more information, contact Dr. Katharina von Ruckteschell, director, Goethe-Institute Bangkok, 18/2 Soi Goethe, Sathorn Tai Rd. Soi 1, Bangkok 10120, tel. 02 2870942-4, 02 2870726-8, fax 02 2871829, email: [email protected] bangkok.

Yipeng Festival (Loy Krathong) November 16-20. “Official” festivities will be held at the Thapae Gate grounds, the Chiang Mai Municipality grounds, and around Chiang Mai City’s moats. Activities begin with a Buddhist ceremony at Wat Lok Moli Temple on November 16, celebrating the 70th anniversary of Her Majesty the Queen’s birth, and the 50th anniversary of His Royal Highness Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn. Opening ceremony November 18 from 5 p.m. - 9 p.m. at Thapae Gate grounds. Activities all over the city include Noppamas Kids’ Contest (for the wonderful children who sit in the big Krathong for their beauty contest) and many other shows at Thapae Gate, the Yipeng Lantern Contest on Chang Klan Road, and other interesting activities at the Municipality Office grounds and Ping River banks. Also as part of the festival, there will be a Bamboo Rafting Competition on November 19. Four competitors per team will race bamboo rafts 3 meters wide, 6 meters long, and 2 story’s high. The competition will start in front of Muang Mai Market and go along the Ping River. Cash prizes and trophies for winners. Also on November 19, the municipality will hold Diving Championships into the Ping River in front of the municipality building. The competition is open for males aged 18-45. The competitors are required to wear the sa-dor, northern style pants and loincloth. Competitors dive into the Ping River and the diver who is able to stay under the water for the longest period will be the winner. (Hopefully he will not have drowned!) For more information, contact the municipality, tel. 053 252 478, ext 485, or fax 053 251 476.

Future Events


Dok Buatong Festival (Mexican sunflower) at Doi Mae Ukor in Mae Hong Son Province runs from now through December 15. Organized by the Mae Hong Son Provincial Office, the annual festival celebrates the spectacular blooming of the Mexican Sunflowers around Doi (Mountain) Mae Ukor, in Khunyuam District. The opening ceremonies for the festival are November 9 on the slopes of Doi Mae Ukor, and a wide range of activities are planned including displays of local products, sales of handicrafts, and local cultural art performances. For further information contact TAT Mae Hong Son Office, 053 612 982, fax. 053 612 984, Khunyuam Forestry Department Offices, 053 691 133, Khunyuam District Office, 053 691 108.


December 1 at the Mae Ping Beer Garden, Imperial Mae Ping Hotel - the battle of the titans: Manchester United versus Liverpool live on the giant projector and surround system. December 10: “Carabao in Concert”, led by Add-Carabao, Terry Mekhawattana, and Lek-Carabao beginning at 9 p.m. December 20 Carlsberg Cowboy Night 2002 includes: Kung Kittkun and Bhusaming Noasawan in concert (country music), cowboy games, beer drinking, sawing and fighting contests, and the Chamberland Band in concert. December 31 - Welcome the New Year at Fantasia Night 2002 - Chamberland Band in concert, two nice singers Meaw and Tom, Elvis show and dancing with merry music, grand dance show, grand cabaret show, celebration salute, count down for the coming year.

Chiang Mai Mardi Gras and Music Festival December 11-14 - The second Chiang Mai Mardi Gras and Music Festival will be held this year in the Night Bazaar area from December 11-14. Changklan Road (Night Bazaar) will be decorated in Lanna style, and there will be 3 major activities: the Fascinating Hotel Food & Beverage, the Fascinating Pub & Restaurant and the Fascinating Made in Chiang Mai Handicraft. There will also be 3 separate stages, the Center Stage, Talent Show Stage, and the Cultural Stage. Lanna musical plays, Lanna dances, and contests, plus a modeling and music contest for the HRH Princess Ubolratana Trophy. The Mardi Gras and Music Festival parade takes place on December 11, running from Chiang Mai Railway Station through Charoenmuang Road and Tha Phae Road, then left into Chang Klan Road. List of events for the three day festival include: December 11, Center stage: 6 p.m. music concert, 8 p.m.; Miss Mardi Gras and Star Mardi Gras contest, 10 p.m.; Carabao concert. Talent Show Stage: 8 p.m. talent show, 9 p.m. acting show, 9.30 p.m. talent show, 11 p.m. Fancy Fashion Show, 11.20 p.m. talent show. Cultural Stage: 8 p.m. instrumental and Thai dance, 9 p.m. “Welcome to Mardi Gras 2002”, 11 p.m. Lanna instrumental. December 12 - Center Stage: music concert, 8 p.m. oldies music concert (Elvis Thailand, Cliff & Shadow, The Beatles Nuts and Dynamic Brand). Talent Show Stage: 7 p.m. talent show, 8 p.m. music contest (1st Round), 9 p.m. talent show, 10 p.m. dance contest (1st round), 11 p.m. talent show. Cultural Stage: “Sawasdee Theme” 7 p.m. Thai instrumental, youth acting, Thai dance, fencing dance, 9 p.m. “Sawasdee” show, 9.30 p.m. Thai dance, and Lanna dance, 10.30 p.m. Lanna instrumental. December 13 - Center Stage: 6 p.m. music concert, 8 p.m. famous guitarists concert (Lam Morison, Kitti Karnsatit and Y not 7). Talent Show Stage: 7 p.m. talent show, 8 p.m. music contest (2nd round), 9 p.m. dance contest (2nd round), 5 p.m. talent show and the results of Music and Dance contests. Cultural Stage: 7 p.m. Thai instrumental, 8 p.m. Lanna instrumental, 8.30 p.m. fashion show, 9.30 p.m. acting show and instrumental. December 14 - Center Stage: 6 p.m. music concert, 8 p.m. modeling contest, 10 p.m. official opening ceremony by Prime Minister Taksin Shinawatra, 5 p.m. rhythm & blues concert. Talent Show Stage: 7 p.m. 1st and 2nd runners-up and winner of music contest shows, 8 p.m. 1st and 2nd runners-up and winner of dancing contest shows, 8.30 p.m. talent show, 9 p.m. winner of music and dancing contest show, 10 p.m. talent show. Cultural Stage: 7 p.m. Lanna instrumental, 8 p.m. Lanna music concert, 8.30 p.m. Lanna drum show, 10 p.m. Lanna dance.


The Maejo Fair 2003 to showcase local developments will be held January 23 – 26 at Wingspan Pitch fairgrounds on the Maejo University campus, Sansai District, Chiang Mai. Government departments, foundations, royal projects, private clubs and associations will exhibit their wares. The fair’s objectives include showcasing the works of royal agricultural projects, highlighting development in science and technology in agriculture and the environment, and to preserve local culture and give academic advice to farmers. Exhibitions, seminars, competitions, dealing with plants, animals and pets, agricultural products, demonstrations, entertainment, traveling, sports, and retail shops.


The 3rd EXPOMAP will be held February 3-7 at the Lotus Pang Suan Kaew Hotel, organized by the International Council for Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (ICMAP) in cooperation with Chiang Mai University. Medicinal and aromatic plants experts from all over the world gather for a conference, academic meeting and exhibition. Exhibitions of medicinal and aromatic plants, many coming from shops in Chiang Mai. In addition, cosmetics, supplement foods, and useful plants will be shown at the fair. The Faculty of Science, Chiang Mai University revealed that this fair has been well promoted all over the world, stirring up interest from nearby countries and people from Bangkok. The Medicinal Herbs Tour from Bangkok will be coming straight to our Chiang Mai fair.

Mass Lanna Wedding Ceremony, Valentine’s Day - Khum Khantoke, through Watchara Tantranon, has announced plans to marry 50 willing couples in their “Lanna Valentine’s Wedding” to promote Lanna wedding dress styles and to introduce the Lanna style wedding ceremony. Khum Khantoke will provide a free wedding celebration for one couple from each district. The bridal couples can invite 10 guests and pay only 300 baht each for additional guests. The other 30 brides and grooms can join the ceremony by paying 30,000 baht for 50 guests or 50,000 baht for 100 guests. All the couples will be provided with the costumes and all the paraphernalia necessary. Brides and grooms’ customary wedding parade will start from in front of Carrefour Department Store at 7 a.m., led by two elephants, and followed by 48 tricycles, leading to the Singha grounds where the guests will be waiting. The ceremony will proceed according to the Lanna ritual until late at night.