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Loved the circus

Please interview the governor

Suggestion to improve an already great smart idea


Dear Editor,

Congratulations on the launch of the Chiangmai Mail! I have just read the online version and was very impressed with the breadth of news and other coverage. As a regular visitor to Chiang Mai, I found it a welcome new resource. I will be looking forward to future editions!

Chok Dee!

Leslie D Marmo

Honorary Secretary

Australia Thailand Association of Victoria Inc

Loved the circus


I have been a member of the circus fans of America association for about 45 years. There are only about 2500 of us now, mostly “white hair”. Our motto is to fight anything that fights the circus. It started when towns began to tax street parades. Our concern now is those, not in the know, who are trying to ban all performing animals. I will not go into the details of this now.

I felt that the show last night (Royal London Circus) was excellent, much better than I anticipated. I was particularly impressed with the flyers, the Chinese trio, and the Mexican juggler. I regret that there was no program in order to know the names of the performers. The sound system was of no help. I failed to mention that I was also impressed with the look of the troupe, costumes, and make up - all first class. No holding back because of third world location.

Thanks and aloha,

Dick Via

Please interview the governor


Concerning the article: Pisit Ketephasuk welcomed as the new Chiang Mai provincial governor.

As a writer for the German local newspaper “Mittelbadische Presse”, I’m delighted about the launch of “Chiangmai Mail”. I lived in Chiang Mai for about 9 months and miss being informed about the city’s events and news. The new newspaper satisfies the needs of many foreign inhabitants like me, who have depended on flyers or notes on restaurant walls. I wish the team a good start and successful ongoing.

I would like to comment on the articles informing about the governor, Pisit Ketephasuk’s installation. Important news, which of course has its proper place on the front page. I read it with deep interest. But I was surprised about the fact that I only got to know a little about the person himself, except that he’s 56 years old and married (like thousands of other Thai men).

In Germany, for such an important person we make a whole page available - that’s about 300 lines and one or two huge photos that show the face and characteristics. We invite the person in our editorial office for an interview. We ask him about his plans, his visions, his abilities. People of Chiang Mai Province have to know what kind of person rules them.

Perhaps it’s a misunderstood show of respect that the privacy of politicians in Thailand finds no place in the media? I have experienced that most of the Thai are badly informed about them. Pisit Ketephasuk by himself stepped towards the media by announcing he would be open and honest. Take the chance, Chiangmai Mail! Inform not only foreigners, but also Thais about their new governor. See how honest and open Governor Ketephasuk will be and what he can tell us about the future and plans in Chiang Mai Province.

I wish you good luck!

Silke Keil Offenburg


Suggestion to improve an already great smart idea


Re: “Resort complex to be built for long stay guests: Thailand and Japan will join hands to build a resort complex on 1,500 rai of land in the famous northern province of Chiang Mai to serve overseas long stay guests. The project is part of a government policy to encourage long-stay tourism, particularly in the senior citizen and retiree markets.”

Please tell the people who had this idea about building a place for Senior people to stay long term that it is the best idea they could ever have.

All they have to do is come to USA and visit a few senior citizens retirement communities and then use all those ideas when building a long term senior community in Thailand.

I think maybe lots of USA seniors might want to stay in a place like that in Thailand because Thai women are known for their tenderness when taking care of sick people or normal people.

Also you could arrange for a different field trip maybe once every one or two weeks and take people who want to go on short trips all around Thailand just for fun.

I am age 55 and I live in a senior mobile home community in California and it is a nice place to live, but I also remember my visits to Chiang Mai and I really like your part of Thailand.

I might even become one of your long stay guests depending on your prices.

I have thought of trying to do something like that before but it takes big money to make that dream come true.

Make it a happy place to live and people will come. Maybe have a Karaoke night once every week or more often if the guests want it. Have local craftsmen teach classes for people who want to learn different crafts or cooking, etc.

Let people vote on what the food menu they will be eating every week.

Also it would be great if you had an indoor swimming pool.

And allow the residents to go outside on their own or assign a guide to go with them when the resident wants to go outside to visit or shop or entertainment.

Arrange special long term visas for senior citizens who might want to stay 1, 2 or more months.

If people can afford to pay for your services and you make them happy, then they will want to stay permanently.

These ideas are straight from my mind as I am getting older and need part time care and I love to travel and see and do new things before I die.

I also believe there are many people who think the way I do.

Also make your building just one story tall or have good elevators with a back up generator, because older people have a hard time trying to go up and down stairs.

Always have supplies of fresh fruits and vegetables because they taste good and they are good for you. Never use cheap food to save money.

Also have doctors give a check up examination to your guests at least once every 3 months to prevent serious illness. Also have a dentist do the same. Remember, the longer I live, the more money you make.

Also have an on site hairdresser, massage office, etc.

I for one could use a good massage 2 or 3 times every day to promote better circulation and better health and to relieve my daily aches and pains.

As you get older you get more pain all over your body and a cheap way to help relieve this situation is exercise, hot tub spas, and good massages. If that does not help, then get examined by a doctor and take pain medicine.

Also have Internet classes and at least 8 or more hours of open Internet time so guests can send their family and friends email.

I am sure I could think of other cheap ideas to help you make your idea even better and better as time goes on.

The most important thing is to keep your guests happy and well cared for all the time at a very reasonable cost.


Bill Davis

San Marcos, California USA