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All the way to Memphis

An open letter and question

Working towards a greener Chiang Mai

Thailand is getting over regulated

Congratulations from the USA

Pha Jarn is elephant abuse

Have enjoyed 25 years and hope you do too

Congratulations on your Chiangmai Mail Newspaper

All the way to Memphis

Dear Mott the Dog;

Congratulations on your new paper, it is excellent. I used to live in Chiang Mai 2 years ago, so nice to see a “local” English language paper starting up. I now live in Bangkok, and edit a gemstone and jewellery magazine, small money, but great job.

I read your article on Mott the Hoople and it brought back memories of that great underrated band. Remembering the gigs, Croydon, Aylesbury, Roundhouse, Albert Hall and many others.

I met Ian Hunter once briefly in London, at Steve Strange’s club in 81, and he took the time to say hello in response to my drunken hello, etc. A real hero from a time when real music was being made. His book was and still is the best book ever written about that era. I read and re read it so many times. Sadly my copy lies in London, never to be seen again.

My last real connection with Mott was seeing Hunter / Ronson at the Hammersmith Odeon in London during 74. I saw Hunter and Ronson perform on TV at the Freddie Mercury tribute concert at Wembley, sadly Ronson died of cancer. My interest in rock died as my interest in black music rose. Hunter moved to the US and the others faded away. Nice to hear Buffin has a career as a producer, I didn’t know that. I remember a report in the 80’s of Overend selling his old stage clothes at some London market due to money problems. Sad. What of the others? Ralphs had a long career with Bad Company and solo albums. A photo I saw 5 years ago showed he hadn’t worn well.

Favourite songs: Angel of 8th Avenue, At the Crossroads, The Saturday Gigs. I liked the slow songs, as well as the rockers.

Some punk bands gave Mott as an influence, The Damned I think were one.

Hunter was great front man, and the band were never liked by the media of the time. The break up was sad, and the new members Ariel Bender, etc., replacing, Ralphs, Verden Allen were never really “Mott” in my opinion.

Look forward to more about the band.

Thanks for the article. Fortunately the net carries much about the band, so they live on.

Best wishes,

John Cook

An open letter and question


It occurs to me that in the future (not too distant) the number of “grudge” on going conflicts will likely increase. The reason for this is simple... With today’s technology in maintaining and dissemination of each and every action of all countries and ethnic, religious, special interest and any other “group” of people you wish to choose, there will always be something for all of each to go back to and say, “Ah, well, we were done wrong by ***** group back in 19xx or 20xx, so we have a right to do harm to those people or that country or that government! And, we demand support for our cause as it must be a righteous and just cause!”

To be best of my knowledge, there is not any person, group, government or country, who is perfect and never makes a bad decision in any area of life. So, if the trend of conflicts based on “well, they did this or that to us back in...” the question arises of where is the line drawn? Is there no “statute of limitation” for such past actions? If there is not some rule of international law, and social acceptance of it, the number of conflicts are only going to increase and never cease. There are going to be growing numbers of smaller (as well as larger) groups who will dig to find something to fight about with someone!

So, my question to you is, where does it begin to stop? And, my suggestion to you is that it must begin to stop with each and every individual on a one by one bases, by taking great care in what one does, says and who support of any kind is given to.

Mahatma Gandhi said, “We must become the change we want to see.”


Working towards a greener Chiang Mai

Dear CM Mail;

Thanks for understanding that the bottom line is not just about money but also about “Greener Chiang Mai”.

But about recycling; it comes as news to me that any happens here. Last year I lived in Nakhorn Sri Tammarat where a color coded system of public bins is in place and the mayor of Tung Song claims it to be a great success.

Here it seems the whole of Doi Suthep Pui National Park is a rubbish dump and I was told today that some Chiang Mai people actually take rubbish there and burn it, thereby starting forest fires.

It seems last week the forest got angry and decided to dump its rain in the city in a flash flood.

If the city folk and hilltribes were to cooperate with the National Park Authorities to end the annual fires and reforest the highlands, in place of garbage natural leaf litter would gradually accumulate, decompose and increase the soil’s ability to absorb and hold water.

Perhaps in future editions you might like to advertise the Chiang Mai Forest Fire Station 24 hour number 053-939398.

PS - Thailand celebrates Thai Environment Day every December 5th, but Chiang Mai is going 3 better with activities from the 2nd to the 4th.

Best Wishes,

Ricky Ward

Thailand is getting over regulated


I love Thailand. But there is starting to be less reason to go there. I live in Canada and the reason I go there is I am sick of being regulated to death. Fireworks banned. Smoking banned. Bars close early. Hmmm, sounds just like home. I have booked a flight there but maybe this will be my last trip. If I want Big Brother I might as well stay home and save airfare. Just another Nanny state. I love you Thai people but maybe you should come here? Why do you think people go to Thailand and not Singapore, etc.?

John Sutherley


Congratulations from the USA

To the entire Chiangmai Mail staff,

My hearty congratulations on this exciting venture!

It’s a great way to help keep people like me informed about things happening in and around Chiang Mai. We’ve already added your online edition to our library catalog.

Hope to see you in January when I’ll be visiting again like last year.

Best wishes,

Larry Ashmun

South & Southeast Asian Studies Bibliographer

University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA

Pha Jarn is elephant abuse

Dear Editor,

The director of Chiang Mai TAT is out of line with government policy by callously describing Pha Jarn elephant beatings as ‘not being torture’. Fortunately, the National Elephant Institute is introducing a bill which would outlaw such barbaric cruelty as Khun Chalermsak defends.

Following the PETA video depicting elephant calves being abused, staff from Lampang’s TECC took steps to hunt down and re-educate those responsible and rescued a bloodied four year old calf which had been tied up and beaten over three days in Mae Wang, Chiang Mai Province.

Khun Chalermsak’s comments only undermine the protection efforts of dedicated conservationists.


Ian Cruickshank, Naturalist

Chiang Mai

Have enjoyed 25 years and hope you do too

Dear Chiangmai Mail,

On the occasion of your first issues we wish you Godspeed, full-blown sails at all times, and many advertising millimeters. We, the ‘Bad Kissinger Anzeiger’, just recently celebrated our 25th anniversary, and sincerely hope that you will be enjoying yourself as much as we are, even after 25 years!

Heinz and Edith Schlick

MD, Bad Kissinger Anzeiger, Germany

Congratulations on your Chiangmai Mail Newspaper


Congratulations on your Chiangmai Mail Newspaper!

We are very impressed. Keep up the good work!

Gerard Henderson,

Sydney, Australia