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Students parade to publicize Payap National Games

Jimmy Carter’s FFI visits us - twice!

Making merit during krathin ceremony

Wanabe warm? Try O-na-be says Chiang Mai Hills

World’s orchid enthusiasts to gather in Chiang Mai next month

Women’s rights sparks interest in art

Thai whisky and material products for export contest

Cultural heritage on show for tourists

Students parade to publicize Payap National Games

More than 500 students from Payap University took to the streets last week in a parade to publicize the 33rd Nation Games (Nakhon Chiang Mai Games). The parade started from Buddha Sathan Chiang Mai, then proceeded past Thapae Gate, Chiang Mai moat and Waroros Market.

A young woman carries Singha Namchai, the games’ mascot, at the head of the parade.

More than 500 people from Payap University paraded around Chiang Mai City campaigning for the National Games.

The parade was organized to interest local people and invite tourists and foreigners to participate in the games’ activities. The games’ mascot, Singha Namchai, was featured, as well as the introduction of sports that will be competed during the games.

This activity was held to not only encourage local people to participate in the National Games as hosts but also to promote exercise for good health.

Jimmy Carter’s FFI visits us - twice!

Last week, Chiang Mai Mayor Boonlert Buranupakorn welcomed 22 Ambassadors of Friendship and the chairman of Friendship Force International (FFI) from Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. This was the second FFI visit, as the previous week the mayor welcomed the FFI group from Central Coast, Australia.

Twenty-two Ambassadors of Friendship from Friendship Force International (FFI) USA visited Chiang Mai last week.

The ambassadors were shown a video of Chiang Mai City, and listened to a speech from the mayor. Following this, the leader of the group joined in friendly discussion with the mayor and exchanged souvenirs.

FFI was founded by the ex-US President Jimmy Carter to enhance cultural exchange, peace and friendship amongst members, and the organization now has members all over the world.

Making merit during krathin ceremony

Udornphant Chantraviroj, president of the Chiang Mai Provincial Administration Organization, plus Monchai Tesapaet, editor of Thai News daily and Captain Kajit Hapnanont, the past president of World Lions Club, recently made merit by giving alms and donating money to Phra Khrue Batuang Nartsilo, the abbot of Wat Banden, during the “krathin” ceremony held in Mae Taeng District, Chiang Mai.

The famous monk, Phra Khrue Batuang performs a traditional ritual for President Udornphant.

President Udornphant (center, white suit) says a prayer and pays respect to the monks during the krathin ceremony at Wat Banden in Mae Taeng District.

Udornphant Chantraviroj, president of the Chiang Mai Provincial Administration Organization, leads a procession to the krathin ceremony at Wat Banden in Mae Taeng District.

Wanabe warm? Try O-na-be says Chiang Mai Hills

Phitsanu Thepthong

The answer to the winter chills is the hot Japanese food festival called “O-na-be”, says Natthatira Boonpaepol, public relations officer of the Chiang Mai Hills Hotel. During the cold season, the popular tropical food will help warm up those who love to enjoy food sitting together in a circle with close friends or family members.


This food festival is taking place at the Japanese food restaurant, Sui -Zen-Te, where the hot food is warmed up by the BBQ in the middle of the food table. This Japanese O-na-be food is very popular among Japanese people.


The Japanese food called Shabu-Shabu consists of meats sliced into small pieces, mixed together with several kinds of vegetable and then cooked in the soup or curry.

Apart from Shabu-Shabu, there is also another hot food, also cooked on the BBQ, which is quite well known among the Thai food lovers. Sukiyaki will also be part of the cold weather O-na-be Japanese food festival, which will continue till the end of December.

World’s orchid enthusiasts to gather in Chiang Mai next month

International Seidenfaden Orchid Symposium coming December 1-4

Nuttanee Thaveephol

The International Seidenfaden Orchid Symposium will be held at Lotus Pang Suan Kaew Hotel, Chiang Mai December 1-4, with the opening ceremony presided over by Dr Veerachai na Nakorn, the director of the Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden (QSBG). The conference is organized jointly by the (QSBG) and Sanga Sabhasri Research Foundation (SSRF) and all the activities use English as the official language.

Seidenfaden comes from Dr. Bunnar Seidenfaden, the Danish diplomat, arctic explorer and world-renowned orchidologist who died in February 2001. Until his death, he was actively working on a project he had begun in 1955, the study of Southeast Asian orchids.

As well as the orchid symposium, the participants can visit the Sai Nam Pueng, Suan Bua Orchid Nurseries and the collection of native orchids at the orchid nursery at the Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden, as well as visit Doi Inthanon National Park to experience the highest summit in Thailand and the virgin evergreen forest.

Interested persons who have not yet registered should contact QSBG as soon as possible for hotel reservations in Chiang Mai. To make entry procedures simpler, Thailand will also offer short-term visas upon entry to a variety of foreign nationalities.

Women’s rights sparks interest in art

An international art exhibition, “Who Owns Women’s Bodies?” (WOWB) will be held December 6-31 at the 2nd floor of the Chiang Mai University Art Museum, Nimmanhaeminda Road. WOWB is a traveling exhibition of more than 30 artworks by top artists from the Philippines, organized by the Creative Collective Center, Inc., a non-government group which uses art and media for popular education, in cooperation with the Ford Foundation.

The exhibition has already been shown in seven venues in the Philippines and at Chulalongkorn University Art Center during June this year and now opens in Chiang Mai.

The exhibition aims to convey human sexuality and reproductive rights, and encourages reflection on personal issues that are seldom dealt with in art.

Rochit Tanedo, WOWB manager and a journalist/social activist, and Imelda Cajipe Endaya, an internationally renowned artist, believe that the discussion on women’s sexual rights needs to be aired. In the Philippines, there were many issues on women’s rights that needed to be resolved. The WOWB organizers were to find a suitable entry point for discussing the subject at grass roots level. By working with Filipino artists, the WOWB formula has succeeded in the Philippines.

For more information, contact Rochit 09 681 6435 or Kop 06 654 2544.

Thai whisky and material products for export contest

The Impact Trade Show, Muang Thong Thani, Nonthaburi will feature a contest comparing Thai whiskies and export material products. This is an extension of the National One Tambon - One Product Project which will include the New Year Gifts Festival December 15-25.

There are two classes of materials being judged, silk and cotton, divided into local class and trading class. In the Thai Whisky contest, there are three classes, herbal whisky, fruit whisky and grains whisky. The competitors must be silk or cotton product traders registered with the project and for the whisky contest, the applicants need to be an agricultural cooperative or limited partnership, and the company must be legally registered to produce and sell whisky.

The winner of the Northern region will get the 5,000 baht prize, and the national winner receives 50,000 baht with an honor shield. For further information, contact at the Chiang Mai Community Development, 5th floor, city hall.

Cultural heritage on show for tourists

Lamphun Governor Tawat Satiennam said that the Chama Dhevi and Red Cross Winter Festival 2002 will be held from November 29 - December 8 at the Lamphun Sport Stadium.

It will be showcasing northern cultural heritage for tourists to the region and promises many interesting activities, including a folk song contest.

The first rounds of the contest will be on December 1 and 3, and the final round will be held on December 7. There are two categories, over and under 20 years of age. Each entrant has 10 minutes on stage. There will also be products from the One Tambon - One Product project and the Miss Lamphun beauty contest.

For additional information, contact Lamphun Provincial Office, 053 512 017 and 01 784 7623, or the Tourism Authority of Thailand Northern Office Region 1, 053 248 604 and 053 248 607.