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Remembering on Remembrance Day

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Remembering on Remembrance Day


Yes, that’s the name of the function, not Veterans Day. I write in a constructive and friendly spirit, and as the person who first suggested holding this British-born event here several years ago. It looks as if the equivalent American event became mixed in there by the time the report was written. No problem, it was very rewarding to have the US Consul attend and I wish more nationalities would do so.

Last for now, the Remembrance Day Service or “Gathering” is open to all, not just former servicemen, and is far from being a “celebration” of anything. It is to pay solemn respects to all who lost their lives in warfare and to pray for peace.

Very best wishes,


More Congratulations

To the Chiangmai Mail:

Your paper is a very welcome addition to my online reading. As a frequent visitor to Thailand, I love to keep up with the latest happenings.

Your paper is very upbeat and the pictures are excellent.

Very best wishes for many years of successful journalism.

Bob Riegel

Ohio, USA