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Quiz-style maths activities test creative thinking and problem solving skills

Lara Croft watch out!

Have you ever had a granola bar? They are really yummy to eat. Marvin likes them, too, but he prefers to make his own granola at home. Here is how he makes it.

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1) Why don’t dogs like to go on planes?

2) Why is baseball like a pancake?

3) Where does a baseball player like to stay?

4) How does a chicken tell time?


1) Because they get jet wag

2) They both start off with a batter

3) At home

4) One o’cluck, two o’cluck

Bye from Marg and Marvin

Quiz-style maths activities test creative thinking and problem solving skills

Prem Tinsulanonda International School holds annual Maths Day

The junior school team (left to right) Anna, Nutprawi and Mariah solves tangrams.

Prem International School just held their annual Maths Day which involved an afternoon for all students from Grades 3-11 in teams of three competing in hands on fun maths quiz-style activities which tested creative thinking and problem solving skills in maths. The champion teams were:

Junior school:

Anna Leung

Mariah Rice

Nutprawi Phongphasin

Middle school:

Tuff Pattaraprasit

Gabriel Avina

Tun Wiriyaprasopchoak

Senior school:

Natariga Panyawatcharakun

Tanya Witbooi

Kien Tran

Lara Croft watch out!

Tara McGirr, a little 5 year old girl from Chiang Mai who goes to Pingkarat School was seen last week climbing ‘The Peak’ at the Night Bazaar. She reached the top, which was an amazing task for such a little girl, and it attracted quite a crowd.

Tara McGirr gets ready at the bottom of ‘The Peak” at the Night Bazaar

Tara “Croft” McGirr begins her ascent.

Her mother Pattaya listened in when her father, British Mark told Chiangmai Mail, “The only reason I can think of for her not being scared is the fact that myself and her mother try not to introduce her to fear. For instance, we would never say ‘you can’t do that, you’re too young’ or ‘you can’t do that it’s too dangerous’. We assess the situation and if it’s safe but ‘a little scary’ then we’ll leave the decision up to our daughter. I personally think that a lot of kids are scared of certain things because they have heard from another source that it’s ‘scary’ or ‘dangerous’. She was swimming on her own at 3 years old when all other kids’ parents around us were terrified to take the ‘inflatable rings’ from their kids. Kids will be kids. Let them enjoy themselves (supervised, off course!).”

Nearly halfway there, the little wall climber begins to fade from sight, dwarfed by the monumental task she’s undertaken.

We will watch Tara closely and lets see, one of these days, maybe Chiang Mai can be proud of its own Lara, or was it Tara Croft?