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Doi Kham Fair gets new venue and new image

Chiang Mai Choral Society brings Christmas spirit to AUA

Local thespians honor the King

In the steps of the great kings

Doi Kham Fair gets new venue and new image

Metinee Chaikuna

The 15th Doi Kham Fair will be held this year on December 21-29, from 9 a.m. - 8 p.m. at the Chiang Mai University Art Museum instead of at the Empress Hotel as had been done previously. The new venue is larger than before, which organizers feel will be advantageous.

In addition, the fair will be changed in its form and activities. In this year’s fair, the organizers plan to present the Royal Project and Highland Sustainable Agriculture, and will emphasize vegetables produced in this Royal Project to conserve the ecology by using hydroponics and integrated pest management, which produces organic vegetables.

There will also be the popular Doi Kham products stalls and activities including a painting contest, singing contest, carving contest, a demonstration of dining table arrangement and cooking with Doi Kham products.

Chiang Mai Choral Society brings Christmas spirit to AUA

If we would have been in Europe, the American University’s Alumni area would have been completely covered in snow, but as we are living within more tropical coordinates, it was only water everywhere. The heavy downpour, however, could not spoil the Christmas mood of both the Chiang Mai Choral Society and the audience, and one could witness a professional performance last Monday evening at the AUA’s auditorium.

The Chiang Mai Choral Society performed brilliantly last Monday evening at the AUA’s auditorium.

Loving to sing together, and to enjoy each other’s fellowship, the chorus, comprising of 21 Asian and non-Asian members, gave a 1 hour Christmas-program, and started off with a joyful rendition of “Sounds of his love, Christmas is here”.

During the evening, the members expressed their gratitude for their pianist, David Wilson, and everyone admired David’s musicianship, especially when he played “Good Lord Shepard”.

Conductor Rainy Riding mastered the event with grace and strength, equally portioned, and it is all but obvious that the Chiang Mai Community will hear a lot more from the local Choral Society, especially now in this festive season.

Local thespians honor the King

Pol. Lt. Suchai and Jirawilai Kengkarnkha, the executives of Kad Suan Kaew Shopping Complex, sit in for a photograph with the actors and actress of Kad Suan Kaew Institute on the occasion of their performances to honor the King’s 75th birthday in front of Kad Suan Kaew.

In the steps of the great kings

13 km of historic trekking

Phitsanu Thepthong

Chiang Mai’s Wiang Haeng district officers have retraced 13 kilometers of ancient walking tracks used by Thai troops under the command of King Naresuan the Great when fighting against the Burmese, along a route covered from Muang Kid - Muang Dong - Muang Haeng. This route has become a new jungle tour, launched in December.

The historic route takes in Pha Tubman, a mountain cliff where Thai and Burmese troops fought against each other, passing Pasang field and where the Kai River meets the Mae Taeng River. Overnight accommodation is at Kaolam Forestry Park after a daylong journey in four-wheel drives.

Day two takes travelers past the Mae Kok swamp, Pha Nomnang Mountain, the amazing Wingchu cliff at the Doi Mae Orn Mountain, and the junction of the Mae Mern and Mae Taeng rivers.

Day three has exploration of Kamten, where there is a small track passing a mountain cliff, and is where Kru Boonrung Viriyatanond found some ancient weapons in a cave nearby. During this day, 4-5 hours are done on foot.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand told Chiangmai Mail that this route will be promoted as one of tracing King Naresuan the Great’s footprints and would become another adventure and tourist attraction.

For more information about this jungle tour, please contact the Wiang Haeng district officer, Plamas, tel. 053 471 061.