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Comments on Chiangmai Mail

Upset he can’t get his girl to Britain

Comments on Chiangmai Mail

Dear Editor,

I want to commend you on an outstanding newspaper that you have initiated. It is an excellent source of information for a person like me who is interested in what is happening in the Chiangmai area.

Over the past three years, I have been to Chiangmai on 9 occasions. Your newspaper has become a great source of information as I plan my next trip for the middle of January 2003.

I am impressed with all of the activities that the Chiangmai area has to offer including: the Flower Festival which reminded me of the Rose Bowl Parade while attending last year’s event, the many day trips that one can take from Chiangmai including: Doi Tong, Chiang Rai, Golden Triangle, Doi Sutep, the hot springs, craft tours, the fine golf, etc.

I will continue to read you fine newspaper on-line.

With regards,

Fred Nemergut

Upset he can’t get his girl to Britain

To Whom It May Concern:

I am presently working on a contract in Britain. To make my life a little more enjoyable I suggested to my girlfriend that she apply for a visa to spend an extended holiday with me here. I provided a letter covering her details and mine accepting responsibility for her socially and financially, proof of my work here and my legal right to be here, proof that I had sufficient funds to support her.

She was told she would have to attend an interview (for an extended holiday of three months?). I phoned to try and clarify what was going on. I asked to speak to a senior member of the expatriate staff as all the interviewers were busy and my Thai is not good. I was amazed how rude and condescending the person was.

Having had similar experiences dealing with government officials we accepted the situation and she attended the interview.

The British Consulate’s representative accepted all the information I supplied, made it clear she was satisfied that my girlfriend’s needs would be met and then went onto infer that my girlfriend was lying and refused her application.

From what I have been told and have read a decision had been made before the interview.

The “refusal of entry” letter was not signed so I take it the contents were either not translated for her or the interviewing officer found it unnecessary to complete the form. To imply somebody is a liar without proof is not good form; in Asia it can be professional suicide. The rest of her unfounded conclusions displayed an inability to extract data required from information supplied.

I had included my mobile phone number so that I could be reached at anytime to answer any questions.

Clearly stating to applicants what documents and information is required could have avoided some of the confusion. I cannot see the need for me to prove I had been in Thailand when I want a visa for a Thai national to come to Great Britain.

The government and its representatives continue to prove to the world that it does not have the ability to operate efficiently, or with any form of etiquette when dealing with anyone other than those with position, power or money.

I will be taking the first opportunity offered to return overseas on a contract where my contribution will be appreciated, I can enjoy the company of my girlfriend and be treated with a little respect.

There is three more months to run on my contract, I will not suffer it quietly if I am forced to do it alone.

The staff involved should be called back, disciplined and re-educated before being re-assigned. I hope no one else has to suffer the indignity of being belittled by these people.

Lonely in Britain