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A King will come

Have you ever been bitten by a mosquito? It makes you feel itchy but sometimes a mosquito can give you a very nasty disease called malaria or dengy fever. The germs that cause these diseases live inside the mosquito and when it bites someone the germs travel through the saliva and into the personís blood. Yuk!

Living in Thailand there are lots of mosquitoes so you need to careful not to get bitten. If you go out when it is dark you should put on some mosquito spray or wear long trousers and a long shirt.

Can you think of any other ways to protect yourself against mosquitoes? Write to Marvin and tell him. You can send your letters to:

Marg and Marvin

c/o Chiangmai Mail

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Soi 1, Muangsamut Road,

Tambon Changmoi

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1) What do you get if you cross

an earthquake with a chicken?

2) What do you call an astronaut

getting into trouble?

3) What is an astronautís favorite

button on the computer?

4) Why did the skeleton cross

the road?


1) Scrambled eggs

2) Astronaughty

3) The space bar

4) To get to the body shop

Bye from Marg and Marvin

A King will come

A Christmas musical for young and old

Story by Marion
Pictures by Dominique Leutwiler

The last day before children were sent off to the long awaited Christmas break was THE DAY CDSC pupils were waiting for. But for a different reason: finally they could show what they had practiced and accomplished during the last weeks and months.

ďA King Will ComeĒ, was a musical where every single student had a part and family and friends from all over Thailand traveled to Chiang Mai to watch and see.

Students from Kindergarten to 11th grade participated; everybody had a part according to age. They were singing,

The final rehearsal in form of a complete show was held one day in advance at a neighboring Thai school, with parts of it sung in Thai language. It was really a cultural exchange when the Thai school came to CDSC (Christian German School Chiang Mai) and showed their appreciation with beautiful Thai dances in colorful costumes the next day.

For teachers, parents, friends and students it was not only a treat and success but also a way to show camaraderie and closeness towards each other. What a nice way to start the Christmas holidays!