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New Year - Hmong Hill Tribe style

“First Love” Bittersweet Comedy Theater

New Year - Hmong Hill Tribe style

The Hmong peoples in Thailand exist in just 12 villages. Unlike most other hill tribes in northern Thailand, these villages are in close proximity to each other, all located in Chiang Mai Province. This has traditionally given them more opportunity for community celebrations and gatherings. One major event is New Year, or Noj Peb Caus, and is held in a different village each year. This year’s festival takes place at the Nong Hoi Kao village in the Mae Ram sub-district, Mae Rim district.

The Hmong New Year begins on January’s full moon, which this year will be on the 7th. For five to seven days before the event, the people conduct several ceremonies based on their animist beliefs, but the last day, the full moon, is reserved for fun and entertainment.

Imagine 5,000 Hmong hilltribe people gathered in their traditional best colorful pants and skirts adorned with decorative beads and sashes. They will be eating, drinking, singing, and best of all - playing unique competitive games. These events include the water carrying competition, rice grain races, egg throwing competitions, spinning top contests, crossbow archery competitions and Hmong style badminton.

The most excitement during the games revolves around the wooden cart race. Race cars fashioned from wooden carts used for hauling produce can be a great source of fun and excitement, where Hmong boys and men will race against members of the Lisor, Engor, and Muser hilltribes. These events are sponsored by the Royal Project Foundation, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), and the Red Bull brand (Krathingdaeng) energy drink.

For further information on how to attend Noj Peb Caus, contact 06 917 3105, 06 917 3106 or check the website www.woodenkartracing.com

“First Love” Bittersweet Comedy Theater

Amari Rincome Hotel proudly presents the hard-hitting and provocative comedy ‘First Love’, performed by talented artists Risa and Robert Whiting.

It is no ordinary love story, but embedded in the hilarious humor are the rough realities of romance, as experienced by two 70 year olds who fall for each other at first sight.

This acclaimed piece, written by Charles Mee, has been described as a wonderfully unique, quirky, intense, sweet, gutsy funny and powerful plot.

Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to enjoy the performance here in Chiang Mai. It will most certainly make you laugh and will most probably sent you home with much to think and talk about.

Meet the actors on Friday, January 10 at Panyorm Room at 7 p.m.

Tickets are 500 baht net and include a cocktail and snacks after the show. For reservations please call 0 5322 1130, extension 14. Meet you at Amari!