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Memorable New Year’s party for Rotary Club Chiangmai West

A southern Chinese market - right here in Chiang Mai

Children’s Day festivities begin this weekend

NOMEX night party and fashion show features at Chiang Mai Orchid Hotel

Memorable New Year’s party for Rotary Club Chiangmai West

The Rotary Club Chiangmai West recently held it’s New Year’s Party on home turf, namely at the Amari Rincome Hotel. Club President Marc Dumur, who also happens to be the Hotel’s general manager, explained briefly that he had to attend 2 parties at the same time, which he did, and was therefore not seen for long. However, the incoming president, Kh. Manit, as well as Secretary Banjob, did an excellent job informing and entertaining members and their guests, and excellent cuisine, prepared by the Amari’s new executive chef, Adrian O’Herlihy, amber liquids and wines, as well as lots of games made the night a very enjoyable and memorable one.

The Rotarians once again ate out of the hands of the Master of Ceremonies, Rot. Banjob.

Rotarian-to-be Patrick Roberts, his wife Meao (left), and Rotarian John de Vloet’s wife “Muuske”.

Naaa, you missed it - and you don’t have a second run.

The best-dressed award, male category, went to Rotarian Mathew Abraham, the Honorary Consul of India, seen here with his son.

What are these guys up to? Reminiscing, maybe? Anyway, Chiangmai Mail’s MD, Past President Michael Vogt, and President Marc Dumur always have something to chat about.

Should we have a beer or not? Past President Nilobol and Rotarian Dr. Amnuay.

Talking cricket, music, or food? Rotarian Peter Dawson, left, and Rotarian John de Vloet.

Rotarians Pradit, Dr. Thinakorn, Rotary-Ann Phithamai, and her husband Rotarian Prayoon.

President-elect Manit during his welcoming address.

Anyone up for a round of golf? Well, all were, and one could easily see who uses the time in the office to practice putting.

Chef Adrian said he will stick to his culinary abilities and not try to become a golf pro.

Rotary-Anns having a chit-chat.

A southern Chinese market - right here in Chiang Mai

Supatatt Dangkrueng

How many of you are conversant with the Haw Market? For those who are not, you will find many unfamiliar items on sale there. The Haw Market was the shopping place for the Haw people, or Yunnanese, Burmese and hill tribes and received its name as this area many years ago used to be called Haw Town. Now it is better known as Jaroen Prathet Road Soi 1.

Preserved foods, pickled vegetables, tobacco, peppers, and patent medicines at the Haw Market.

Many unfamiliar items can be found in the Haw Market.

Haw Market is nearby the Night Bazaar and in front of a mosque on Chang Klan Road. Most of the products are from Southern China, Haw-China and Burma. These include fresh vegetables, hill tribe fruits, preserved foods, fermented liquors, sweets, tobacco, patent medicines and many unfamiliar items.

The market is open from 6 a.m. to 1 p.m. every Friday. Some vendors come from remote region such as Fang District, Doi Ang Khang, and Doi Mae Salong, bringing their very inexpensive goods to sell here every week.

Many goods are from the highland and hinterland.

The atmosphere at Haw Market resembles a hilltribe market.

A Muslim vendor sells pickled vegetables.

The buyers are generally very well known to the vendors and only some of them are new faces. Mei, one of the vendors of local food called ‘Khow Laeng Feun’, said that she sells food at Haw Market every Friday. Her food is from the borderland people and only a few people know what it is. She said she has been in the Haw Market for 10 years and she can speak at least 3 languages, Thai, Chinese, and Burmese, so she is well prepared for the sales arena.

Next Friday, if you want to visit a different marketplace, don’t miss the Haw Market.

Children’s Day festivities begin this weekend

Kids (and parents) will be busy

Supatatt Dangkrueng

This year Children’s Day falls on January 11 and celebrations in the greater Chiang Mai area feature numerous attractions for children that are being promoted both by governmental and private agencies. These are just a few of them.

At the Public Relations Department Office

Children’s Day activities at the outdoor ground of the Public Relations Department Office Region 3 are being held from 8 a.m. - 3 p.m. There are stage performances from many schools in Chiang Mai, an art competition by the Chiang Mai Vocational Training College, Quiz games by Yupparaj Vittayalai School, news broadcasting training, Royal Project Exhibition, and hill tribe show.

There will also be health checks by the Chiang Mai Health Promotion Hospital, free haircuts by Chiang Mai Polytechnic College, an energy saving campaign by YMCA, and football dribbling competition by the Referee Club of Chiang Mai. The highlight of all the activities is the police dogs show by the Chiang Mai Provincial Police Regional 5.

Chiang Mai Zoo

This year, Rossukhon Juikhamwong, PR of Chiang Mai Zoo, says they will hold Children’s Day for 2 days on both Saturday and Sunday. The activities start from 8 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. at center stage. Visitors can enter the zoo from Huay Kaew Road or Suthep Road. There will be stage performances, games, competitions, exhibitions, feeding shows and animal presentations. Children under 135 centimeters tall gain free entry throughout January.

Kad Suan Kaew

Activities at from Kad Suan Kaew run 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in all areas. Activities include a walkathon, stage performances, exhibitions, health checks and games. Exhibitions start around 10 a.m. at the ground in front of Kad Muang, and health checks are being done by the Faculty of Dentistry from Chiang Mai University. Games are being held at 10 outlets in the open ground of the shopping complex.

FM 100 radio station

FM 100 staff and mass communication students in radio broadcasting celebrate Children’s Day each year and this time the festivities are being be held at HB7 building, Faculty of Humanities, Chiang Mai University from 8.45 a.m. to 2 p.m. The activities include games, painting contest, fairytale tellers contest and many interesting activities with gifts and presents for children who come to visit them.

Wing 41

Activities have been organized in Wing 41 every year, and all children are welcome. There will be many games and activities starting from 8.30 a.m. and going to 3 p.m. at the Military Airport of Wing 41. There are many performances from air force officers and personnel. Children will enjoy food and beverages, stage shows, and presents from Wing 41 and main sponsors.

The Government Saving Bank, Region 7

Pramote Prasit, deputy director of the Government Saving Bank region 7, says they will organize activities for Children’s Day at the office, on Chiang Mai-San Kamphaeng Road, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. The activities include interesting games, food and beverages, stage performances, health checks and free haircuts. In addition, any child depositing more than 50 baht at any branch of Government Saving Bank on the Children’s Day will be given a present.

NOMEX night party and fashion show features at Chiang Mai Orchid Hotel

The Northern Handicrafts Manufacturers and Exporter Association (NOMEX) recently organized its “night party” and displayed some 30 booths of outstanding products produced by the NOMEX membership. The “NOMEX Night Party” was held with a Lanna theme at Chiang Mai Orchid Hotel.

Sukin Wongsah was elected new president of NOMEX during the group’s night party at the Chiang Mai Orchid Hotel.

Before the show, Sukin Wongsah was elected new president of NOMEX, replacing the outgoing president Pairuch Toewivat.

Outgoing President Pairuch said that NOMEX aims to export more products abroad. He added that the group plans to arrange booths at the Bangkok International Gift and Household Fair in April 2003.

The night also featured a fashion show, with models presenting the Lanna trend. “Honorary” models were a highlight of the show, as was the fashions they wore and the home decor they presented.