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Thoughts about the Chiangmai Mail

Watch out for bad strawberries

Thoughts about the Chiangmai Mail

Dear Editor,

Over the New Year I found time to read your newspaper from first to last page and I would like to give you some comments.

First of all congratulations for informing us about what is going on. It was about time that someone came up with a decent paper for residents and tell us what will happen and what happened in Chiang Mai.

What I like very much is the ‘Dining Out’ section, the style and twisted tongue sometimes. And thanks to your suggestion we have tried two of the recommended restaurants already (By Nobody and Chez John). You were right both times. Worth the money and excellent cuisine.

I don’t particularly care for the ‘wine articles’. They have nothing to do with Chiang Mai and if you think it is necessary than it should be something written by a hotelier from Chiang Mai and not a hotelier from Pattaya. No offense against Pattaya, but this is the North! Maybe you can find a volunteer from the many hoteliers in the area.

What I liked very much in issue No 10 was the entertainment section about the show, which will open on January 9 at the Art Museum. I hope you will supply us with an update again and loads of the quality pictures I am getting used to.

One more thing. Please cut down on ‘Auto Mania’. I can never afford this kind of stuff. Rather give information where I can get a decent car repair shop or who sells used cars without ripping you off.

But all in all - I love your newspaper and look forward to every Saturday. The lady at my newsstand is automatically keeping one for me by now. Happy New Year 2003 to you and your reporters. Keep it up! Chiang Mai needed you.

Jeffrey Donovan

Mae Rim-Chiang Mai

Watch out for bad strawberries

Dear Editor,

I want to bring something to the attention of the readers and residents of Chiang Mai. This is strawberry season as we all know and yesterday when I went to Lam Yai Market to get flowers my friend and I stopped at one of the vendors who had strawberries. We asked for the price (my friend speaks perfect and fluent Thai by the way) and they told us 50 baht per kilo, but they would drop the price if we buy more. We agreed on 5 kg and they said they would give us 5 kg for 100 baht, which is about the same price as you pay when you drive to Mae Rim.

The strawberries looked awesome. But we were badly surprised by the time we reached home. Opening the bag we found that more than 3 quarters of the strawberries were already wasted and beyond being useful, not even for jam.

We were so mad that something like this could happen to us after more than a decade of ‘professional shopping in Thailand’ that we were on the edge to go back and drop it in front of the women’s feet. Maybe you could warn your readers about the way they do it. If you buy a big amount, they let you choose, then show you another crate from the floor, which has also the most beautiful fruits, but bending down, they use berries from another crate (probably the ones which they would have to throw away otherwise) with the proper ones on top of the bag they hand to you afterwards.

Just for information it was the market stand at the end of the flower market, next to the pedestrian’s overpass, just at the corner where all the fruits begin. Funny enough, because they were so nice we happened to make a picture of the vendors, which I will include in my mail. Better luck to everyone else.

Christy Bug

Chiang Mai