Vol. II No. 3 Saturday 18 January - 24 January 2003
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German and Thai tie the knot in Thailand’s first balloon wedding

Did they throw rice and seed in Doi Saket?

Peter Copitz and Chatrawadee Sukhajati became Thailand’s first couple to tie the knot in a hot air balloon on January 9 when they wed in the skies above Doi Saket district, Chiang Mai.

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Children’s Day was Fun Day in Chiang Mai

Four Ways Friendship across the Mekong River celebrated with grand festival

The four countries located along the Mekong River Basin celebrated with a spectacular joint festival held in Chiang Rai. Representatives from China, Laos, Burma and Thailand got together in the border province of Chiang Rai, as the 9th Friendship Festival for cultural relations was held over three days from Jan 10-12 at the Mae Fah Luang bridge.

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Chiang Mai hosts its first official national dog show

A national dog show was held in Chiang Mai for the first time last weekend by the Dog Lovers Club of the North. The pampered pooch who would become the champion of Thailand was competing for the HRH Princess Galyani Vadhana trophy.

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Outstanding payment in credit card business on the rise

The outstanding payment in the credit card business has increased by more than 7 billion baht while the total spending rose by only 3 billion baht in the third quarter, according to the Bank of Thailand.

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Chiangmai Mail GM Peter Malhotra (left) talks with Valerie Mackenzie on Morning Talk Channel 11, which aired on Friday, January 10, about the birth of the Chiangmai Mail.

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