Chiangmai Mail GM Peter Malhotra (left) talks with Valerie Mackenzie on Morning Talk Channel 11, which aired on Friday, January 10, about the birth of the Chiangmai Mail.

The Kad Suan Kaew shopping complex public relations officers team, led by Ms Tassanee Sungkird (2nd from left), the assistant managing director of Kad Suan Kaew shopping complex, on Thursday dropped by the Chiangmai Mail Offices to wish us a Happy New Year 2003. On hand to welcome the visitors was Phitsanu Thepthong, the Mail’s editor (2nd right)

“First Love”, a bittersweet comedy play about two 70-year-olds falling in love at first sight, was performed at Amari Rincome Hotel on January 11. The hard-hitting and provocative comedy, led by Risa and Robert Whiting, and written by Charles Mee has been described as, “wonderful, unique, quirky, intense, sweet, gutsy, funny and powerful”.