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Kids' Corner

Thai-UK Education Festival 2003

CDSC announces appointment

After learning so much about animals Marvin has decided that he would really like to have a special pet. He has been thinking very hard about what kind of pet to have so he began taking a survey to see what kind of pets other people have. If you want to help Marvin collect more information, you can write to him and tell him what kind of pet you have. Don’t forget to tell him what your pet likes to eat and how big it can grow. If you send a photo of your pet, them Marvin could put it in the paper.

You can send your letters to:

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1) What kind of bee has no stinger and flies with no wings?

2) What is smarter than a talking parrot?

3) Why was the boy’s hair so sticky?

4) What kind of flower is really good at addition?


1) A fris-bee

2) A spelling bee

3) He used a honeycomb.

4) Sum flowers

Bye from Marg and Marvin

Thai-UK Education Festival 2003

Drive to push e-learning in Thailand

Story by Marion Vogt Pictures by Michael Vogt

‘Partnership and Opportunity’ with E-Learning was the motto of the 2-day seminar and workshop, Thai-UK Education Festival 2003, held last week in Chiang Mai.

Two hundred delegates from Thailand and many well-known names from the UK combined their strategy to move E-learning forward in Thailand.

Dr. Nipon Tuwanon, president of Chiang Mai University, Dr. Tatchai Sumitra, chairman of the Council of University Presidents of Thailand and president of Chulalongkorn University, as well as Dr. Bhaskar Chakravarti, director of the British Council Thailand, were a few of the big names present.

David Hopkinson, director of the British Council Thailand Chiang Mai thanked all participants of the conference in E-learning and expressed his warmest wishes to the ministry of university affairs Thailand and the UK for the tremendous effort they did in the lectures and workshops in moving E-learning forward in Thailand.

Chaithawat Saowapon, director at Chiang Mai University at the Information Technology Service Center relaxing with Professor Paul Bacsich, one of the main lectures of the Education Festival 2003. Prof Paul is the HOD of Networks and Multimedia and Head of Telematics in Education Research Group at the School of Computing and Management Sciences in Sheffield Hallam University. Paul is best known internationally for his work on the costs of E-learning and studies on virtual universities. Both of them together are a team hard to beat.

The conclusion of this two-day seminar was to make E-learning more fun and more attractive for students. They should click on an E-learning program as often or as much as they enjoy playing around on websites such as

But to reach this goal, E-learning has to be implemented into mainstream learning. To deliver UK E-learning globally, it has to be made more striking and modern, and with all that education perspective in Thailand, it can fly as high as the khom loys which were set free at the Garden Party in the magnificently illuminated gardens of the British Council where the British Council Chiang Mai invited all lecturers after the seminar.

CDSC announces appointment

The CDSC (‘Christliche Deutsche Schule Chiang Mai’) has a new teacher, and is proud to announce that Constantin von Keitz will join their highly motivated team of professionals from January until the end of the school year 2003.

Constantin von Keitz

Constantin is 30 years old and was a home room teacher in Bad Wildungen, Germany for the last 2 years. He fell in love with Asia during his years at the university and grabbed the chance to teach in Thailand when the opening came up.

He will teach elementary 2nd grade children, and hopes he has the opportunity to get to see a lot of beautiful Chiang Mai surroundings in his free time.