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Suicidal Swallows seen in Chiang Mai

Keep up the good work

Looking for model airplanes

Strawberry fair, or should that be fare?

Suicidal Swallows seen in Chiang Mai

Dear Sir

I don’t know if Chiang Mai Mail ‘Mailbag’ is the right forum to write to but I can’t think of anyone else. Tried my Thai wife already but she just smiles and shakes her head. Told me even, that only a Farang can ask such a stupid question.

Every morning I drive on Nimmanahaeminda Road in the direction of Lanna Hospital. There is one big junction in the middle (near Chiang Mai Computer Plaza) where almost every morning the swallows fly around like crazy. They are cruising around the motorbikes and cars, up and down in every direction and very low to the ground as well. If you drive on they are gone again. Only on this particular junction can you watch them. It almost looks like they are inhaling the smog from the exhaust pipes. I call them the Junkie Swallows of Chiang Mai.

But there must be a reason for this phenomenon, or? Is there anybody out there who can enlighten me?

Very confused Farang,

Niels Hansten

Chiang Mai

Keep up the good work

Dear Editor,

Just read the last issue of CMM (No. 3) and I’d like to express that my wife and I are very happy with your newspaper. It was about time we could read news. We still wonder how you do it to come up with such a quality paper in English very week. With quality, I mean not only accidents and murder stories like so many (most) Thai newspapers but you seem to give us an overall look what really happened in Chiang Mai and the North. Now we know what City Hall is up to, what is decided and what we have to expect. It was also nice to read some news about Chiang Rai and I guess many people complimented you on that already.

And we love your Dining Out Column. With that we already went back to some (for us) ‘long forgotten’ places which just slipped our mind.

Another ‘Thank You’ to extend the free advertising time in your classified sections. Thanks to some advertising there we found a beautiful house and will move in very soon. Keep up the good work.

Your readers,

Andrew & Tuk Stevenson

Looking for model airplanes

Dear Reader,

Is anyone of you aware of a shop / store in town which deals with model airplanes or helicopters? Is there a model flying club or something similar, in or around Chiangmai? Any information is highly appreciated.

Many thanks,

K.-H. Behme

Chiang Mai

Strawberry fair, or should that be fare?


Since being advised that the Chiang Mai Mail was a reality I read with interest all that is happening in your beautiful part of the world. I now have it in my (PC) favourites, and read each week. Congratulations to those folk who put it together. Great reading, and an asset to the region.

I read the strawberry tale from Christy Bug. Simple solution Christy, always check what you buy. If the vendor won’t let you see what is going into the bag the solution is quite simple. Don’t buy.

Crikey, at 50 baht per kilogram why bargain? Down here in Perth, Western Australia we are also into the strawberry season. A punnet weighing about 150 grams costs around A$2.50 (just over 60 baht). But we still check them out to see what we are buying.

Hats off to those folk who bring the CMM to us all each week, no matter where we are in this troubled world.


Brian Haffenden

Perth, Western Australia