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5th Kindergarten Games are held again in Chiang Mai

NIS International Day held to promote cultural acceptance

A German Sports Day celebrated in Chiang Mai

5th Kindergarten Games are held again in Chiang Mai

Every child wins a prize

Metinee Chaikuna

The 5th Kindergarten Games were held in Chiang Mai. This has not been a regular competition, with the last competition having been held 4 years ago. The problem in holding the Games has been coming up with the necessary budget and organizers had previously been unable to get adequate sponsorship to support the Games.

So hot and tired - sleepy little girls enter the grounds before the opening ceremony begins.

Z ... z ... z... zzzz

A representative of all the students in private kindergarten gives a speech on his base at the podium

These little intellectuals smile for their bright future.

Mini red band march under the sunshine.

This year the Chiang Mai Private Schools Alliance agreed with the government’s policy of supporting an exercise promotion for Thai people so aimed to organize the games once more. The budget came from the donations received for the kindergarten students’ drawing and painting, plus some sponsorships from Chiang Mai shops and businesses.

The Chiang Mai Private Schools Alliance held the kindergarten games on January 18 at the Chiang Mai Municipal Stadium. The Games were enjoyed by over 10,000 kindergarten children from 119 schools in Chiang Mai, and covered the entire day.

Colorful rabbits await the opening of the games.

The rhythm of the drum is always important for the parade.

Children are always cute, even when they are in animal suits,

The opening and closing ceremony included the performance of 1,320 kindergarten students and 108 kindergarten teachers who were looking after their young charges. The kindergarten students’ parade had around 10,000 students and many of them participated in sports competitions as well. In the s ports competition, every participant received a medal, irrespective of their position in the event.

The main objectives of the Games are to encourage students to exercise and to be able to express their creativeness. The Alliance hopes that all the children enjoyed their Games.

NIS International Day held to promote cultural acceptance

If Chiang Mai is anything, it is quite diverse with all its different nationalities and their respective cultures. This has never been more evident than when the Nakorn Payap International School held its NIS International Day.

Student performers expertly perform Japanese dance on stage in front of parents and friends.

NIS students give a Spanish dancing stage performance.

One of the NIS teachers cooks some delicious German food at the German stall.

 Ummm, these look good. This mother couldn’t resist buying some sweets for her child.

All the schoolchildren, their parents and teachers very much enjoyed the chance to get together and show their national pride. Highlights of the day included cultural performances, put on by the schoolchildren, which they have brought with them from their home countries.

The children and the parents enjoyed the day and did an excellent job making this international day not only international but also a day to remember.

To enhance the colorful performances, there were also food stalls set up so that everyone could get a little taste of the cuisine from the different countries. These included tasty treats from Thailand, Japan, Germany, and France. Each stall was decorated in their own unique style.

The objective of the International Day was to teach the students about a variety of cultures and to promote the idea of an international community.

A German Sports Day celebrated in Chiang Mai

Story and pictures by Dominique Leutwiler & Michael Schloetterer

As every other German school has its traditional track and field day - so does CDSC in Chiang Mai. Last Saturday all students from Grade 1 to 11 participated and competed in the three classical disciplines: running, ball toss and long jump.

Not only serious competition but also loads of fun was ‘the name of the game’ at the CDSC Sports Day.

Very concentrated, these competitors walk towards the finish line during the egg race.

Who knows; maybe in another 8 years this little girl will make it to the Olympics long jump competition.

Proudly they carry the German Flag in Chiang Mai’s 700 Year Stadium.

The long jump was a discipline where the younger ones and the teenagers had the most fun.

It was a day full of fun and laughter but also a day to compete for a certificate. And of course the challenge was to reach enough points to be rewarded with the diploma that declares the winner. Those with the highest points from all German schools even get to receive a certificate signed by the German chancellor.

On the grounds of Chiang Mai University the students from CDSC participated in all disciplines according to their age group and their gender. And the fun games in between, like sack-race, egg-running, can toss, put a smile on everybody’s face.

The winning awards were long jump, ball tossing (80 gr for the little ones and 200 gr for the older pupils) and sprint (50/75/100 m).

After 6 different stations the last one was the 1000m run before the referees had to count all the points and award the prize. And even those who didn’t make it to the top will still remember a day spent with outdoor activities and friends.