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Kids' Corner

Have fun learning English

Marvin thinks that he will get a dog. He knows that this means that he will have to take him for a walk every day, even when he is tired and doesn’t feel like it! He is very excited and we think that we will get a dog. So Marvin has been researching the most popular names to give your dog. Here is what he fond out:

1 Max

2 Sam

3 Lady

4 Bear

5 Smokey

6 Shadow

7 Kitty

8 Molly

9 Buddy

10 Brandy

Do you like any of these names? Do you have any other suggestions? Write to Marvin and tell him. You can send your letters to:

Marg and Marvin

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1) What do you get if you cross a kangaroo with a cow?

2) Where does a cow get its medicine?

3) What kind of medicine do you give an elephant?

4) What kind of flowers grow in outer space?


1) A kangamoo

2) A farmacy

3) Peanutcillin

4) Sunflowers

Bye from Marg and Marvin

Have fun learning English

Where can your children learn English in a fun and safe environment? The answer is at CEC Language School. From small beginnings some 12 years ago, CEC now has a new purpose built school situated near Sirimankalajarn Road behind Kad Suan Keaw Central. CEC offers children of all ages good English language teaching. They had a good team of native English speaking teachers and Thai teachers. Children have the opportunity to converse with native English speakers from many countries around the world. CEC teaches English in a fun environment with games and songs as a part of the learning process. Recently CEC has started to offer instruction in Mathematics.

The just recently opened cereal shop for children and adults. Cereals and healthy sweets for everyone.

Three times every year the children at CEC have the opportunity to show their English skills by performing plays, poems and songs in public. The children enjoy the chance to show off their English skills and these are always fun packed times.

Besides children’s courses, CEC offers much more. They can offer courses for all levels of adult students from basic English skills up to advanced skills. Conversation, reading and writing courses are available. All these courses can be tailored to meet the students’ needs. Instruction for TOFEL, TOEIC and IELTS tests is offered.

CEC not only offers English instruction but they have a good team of Thai teachers that can instruct students on the use of the Thai language. If you are a complete beginner or require some advanced instruction in the use of the Thai language CEC can meet your needs. Conversation, reading and writing courses are available. Also CEC has a very successful computer department offering many courses in the use of computers.

It’s show off time - the youngsters after one of the performances where they learn to act, play, speak and have fun at the same time.

All courses at CEC are tailored to meet your needs, whether you require just general conversation or more advanced business English, CEC is here to help you. Courses are available as groups or on a one to one basis.

They have just opened the new coffee shop “Cereals”. Here you can buy many types of healthy cereals and a good selection of freshly cooked healthy Thai food, all at very reasonable cost. Not only can you fill that language gap at CEC now you can fill that hunger gap as well.

For more information on what is available at CEC contact them on 053 - 210495 or drop in for an informal chat. Come and see for yourself what is on offer at CEC Language school.