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Flowers and Love Songs bring everyone together

February Lunch Bunchers say good-bye to Holly

Ladies Paint the Blues

Flowers and Love Songs bring everyone together

Supatatt Dangkrueng

During Valentine’s week, Kad Suan Kaew Shopping Complex held very special Flowers & Gift of Love festivities. Spokesperson Siriluck Sitthi said that the project was staged for flower lovers to admire beautiful flowers on Valentine’s Day.

The winners, candidates and judges not only provided a special day for lovers on Valentine’s Day, but also had a pretty special weekend themselves.

A Love Song singing contest and flower arrangement contests in the categories of creativity and beauty were also held at the shopping complex during the festivities.

Many booths were set up for vendors to sell flowers and gifts, so that people could pick up something special for that someone special in their lives. Some of the booths were manned (or womanned) by university students from Chiang Mai University, Payap University and Rajabhat Institute of Chiang Mai.

The final round of contests took place on the last day, February 16, in both flower arrangements and Love Songs.

Boonthawee Pramejaisanchart crooned the loveliest tunes and won first prize in the Love Song contest. Boonthawee received 4,000 baht and sponsor’s gifts.

Suriyan Ruenwong won first prize in the flower arrangement beauty category and Poramin Narata was rewarded with first prize for the creativity category.

February Lunch Bunchers say good-bye to Holly

Pictures and story by Marion Vogt

The February Lunch Bunch was again a very pleasant event. This time it was held at Becky Lomax’s beautifully decorated house.

It was picture time again, and the intent this time was to make one last picture with Holly ... But she sneaked away just before the shutter clicked, so this photo was made as a memory for Holly so she can carry her friends’ faces on to her next step in life and always keep a little bit of Chiang Mai in her heart. We will miss you!

The Lunch Bunch Group is a great mixture of ladies from all paths of life and for everyone new in town the easiest way to get to know people, and for the older residents to catch up with ‘What is going on’.

This time, Becky not only wanted to have a Lunch Bunch, but also a kind of going away party for Holly Rose, who has been a member of this group for the last few years and decided now, together with her husband to move on to New Zealand.

Everyone who could spare an hour came to chat, gossip, and hug Holly good bye.

The meal was also once again very special. It looked like every single lady had spent hours in the kitchen just to prepare for this pot lunch. Typical food and sweets were brought from Thailand, Italy, America, Germany, England and the Middle East, to just name a few countries represented. The table was loaded with specialties.

At the end of the lunch Dot Delaney informed everyone that the next lunch will be a different one again. It will take place on March 19 at midday at the ‘To Nobody’ Restaurant. Everyone will be informed again in due time.

Ladies Paint the Blues

Susanne Tavernari (Italy) and Doris Kraushaar (Austria), two European artists who have been living in Chiang Mai for many years will be exhibiting together for the first time.

Susanna’s multimedia works reflect her fascination of horses, creating a bluesy, surreal mood.

Doris pays homage to Thai culture, including its timeless poetry on her very colorful paintings.

Together they make an interesting combination.

The exhibition opening will be on March 1 at 6.30 p.m. at Prof. Dr. Guenter Faltin’s residence, App. M , Nimmanhiman Rd. Soi 1 and will be on show until March 31.