Frozen Fountain Restaurant and Café

Don’t worry, the food’s hot!

This week’s restaurant is a new venture for owners Walter (from Holland) and Chef Som, a small bubbly Thai. Som has been in the restaurant business for some seven years, working in some 5 star kitchens, and this is reflected in the food.

The restaurant is tucked away about 50 metres down and to the right hand side of Soi 1 Kotchasarn, and there is plenty of parking on the street. It is on the ground floor of the building and you walk through a small garden to reach it. The restaurant area is open on one side (towards the garden) and it is not large, there being only around six tables. D้cor is best described as eclectic and there are some of Chef Som’s modern art paintings on the wall.

The Dining Out Team of three settled for the table looking into the garden, and reviewed the menu while sipping on a bottle of Hardy’s Australian Semillon Chardonnay (B. 680 on the wine list). The menu is exceptionally varied, with many international items. It begins with soups (60-65 baht) with inventive items such as broccoli and pine nuts and hot and sour salmon. These are followed by appetizers ranging between B. 75-100, with samosas with yoghurt and stuffed rolled capsicum with tuna, anchovies and capers.

There are 23 choices of main courses over two pages (B. 100-180) with some Australian lamb dishes included at those prices.

At that stage it was difficult to know where to position this restaurant. The menu was way above the ordinary, but despite Walter’s very polished multilingual performance at the table, there were some factors which showed that this was a first foray into the demanding restaurant business. While the wine was served in the correct wine glasses, water with the meal came in tumblers (a nice way of describing jam jars), with no ice. The dining area sported three different styles of table and as many again styles of chair, plus a massive lounge suite in the corner. As the restaurant just opened 2 months ago, it is understood that Walter is still working on the interior design and appearance.

However, we had come to try the food at this new restaurant. Chef Som, a delightful young lady who had studied art before taking up the kitchen tools of trade, and who has worked all over the world, made our life easier by providing us with many examples of her cooking and this included salads, appetizers, mains and a dessert. There was really too much, but the following items were considered to be outstanding by the team. In the salads, the smoked salmon with avocado salsa and shrimps was very smooth and not oily and the avocado, mango and almond salad with prawns with a dill dressing was superb.

In the appetizers, there were two that stood out for us. The first was the gorgonzola pouches (made of filo pastry) with onion marmalade and the second was the stuffed mushrooms with cheddar cheese almonds and fresh herbs. Brilliant appetizers, both of them, that did what this menu group is supposed to do - whet the appetite for the next course.

In the mains, Madame enjoyed the prime cut fresh cod served with pasta al dente, while I went for the boiled egg and cauliflower mild curry, served with herb rice (in a magnificent pyramid), eggplant fritters and an absolutely fabulous green coriander chutney. The ‘Zing!’ was really palate freshening.

Dessert was a freshly baked tart and we finished with different liqueurs - Amaretto, Sambucca and a grappa. A great ending to an eye-opening evening.

The Dining Out Team enjoyed the food at Frozen Fountain. The overall impression was one of exceptionally well thought out menu items with great variety. The food was cooked delicately, there being no heavy handedness in the kitchen. The prices are too low for the standard of the food, but reflect the current restaurant setting and d้cor. This is 5 star food in a not-yet-complete setting. Worth a visit and worth watching. Highly recommended.

Frozen Fountain Restaurant and Caf้, 6/1 Soi 1 Kotchasarn Road, T. Chanklan, Chiang Mai, telephone 01 919 4277, open 11 a.m. till late, closed Sundays.