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Kids' Corner

Education Mall Center to hold Genius Camp next month

Friends are like a Computer

CMU Summer Camp ready to accommodate children

Kids' Corner

I bet you all know what a square, a circle and a rectangle are. They are all regular polygons. But do you know what a polyhedron is? Well it is any three dimensional shape that has four or more faces. Here are the names of some polyhedrons. You might know some of them already:

4 faces tetrahedron

6 faces hexahedron

8 faces octahedron

12 faces dodecahedron

Do you know what a 20 sides three-dimensional shape is called? Send your letters to Marvin. You can send your letters to:

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1) What kind of insect can’t say yes or no?

2) What did the bee say to the flower?

3) What time is it when a lion comes to dinner?

4) What did the lion cub say to its mother?


1) A may-bee

2) Hey bud, what time do you open up?

3) Time to go

4) I love you roar and roar everyday.

Bye from Marg and Marvin

Education Mall Center to hold Genius Camp next month

The Education Mall Center in Kad Suan Kaew will hold its second Genius Camp between March 18 - April 10 to improve children’s skills in learning and development.

Education Mall Center to hold Genius Camp next month

Dr. Chintana Daengdej, the managing director of the Education Mall Center said, “The center wants to create activities which provide the most advantages for children this summer. The children will spend their leisure time to develop themselves with the most appropriate activities.”

There will be three camps: music, art and mathematics. Each camp will be divided into 4 groups, three days per group. They will run from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. at the Education Mall Center, 7th floor of Kad Suan Kaew.

For more information, contact the Education Mall Center, Kad Suan Kaew tel. 0-5322-4541-3 everyday from 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.X

Friends are like a Computer

Mayuree Chaiwort 3rd year English

My friend sent me a short message (SMS) that a good friend is like a computer. The SMS said:

“I enter your life, save you in my heart, format your problem and never delete it”.

I think, if our life is a computer, everyday of our life would be easy. We can delete the problem, can edit a mistake.

But if it is real, no one can develop their life and their brain. Because I think when we try to solve a problem, that make us grow up, if we deleted every problem our life would be ‘shut down’.

CMU Summer Camp ready to accommodate children

Supatatt Dangkrueng

The Humanities Faculty, Chiang Mai University, is holding an International CMU Summer Camp 2003, which is being scheduled during the summer semester and is divided into four classes. Boonlert Jittungwattana, the director of the Humanities Service Center, said this camp is aimed to encourage children to spend their leisure times productively.

There are 4 classes in the camp, with the first a Culture Tour experiencing cultural eco-tourism, the second is [email protected] using an English language program in computers and mobile phones. The third covers Communication, developing conversational skills, and finally there is Presentation, showing how to creatively present information.

The dates for the classes are as follows: The Culture Tour will run for 15 days from March 11-29. English, Communication and Presentation are ten days each and will be held on March 31 - April 11, April 17-30, and May. 2 -10. The enrolment fee for the first class is 3,500 baht and for the other classes are 2,400 baht.

Interested people can apply at the Humanities Service Center, Humanities Faculty, Chiang Mai University, telephone 053 943 217 and 053 942 308.