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Kids' Corner

Chiang Mai’s Montfort College and Archbishop Macdonald School in Canada exchange program underway

Aeronautical Radio camp open for 5-10 year olds this summer

BCT presents “Annie”

Kids' Corner

Hey, did you find out what a 20 sided polygon is called? It’s called an icosahedron! Try saying that five times really fast.

Here’s an interesting puzzle for you to try and work out. Arrange 10 coins as shown below.

Now try to do this!

1) Make you coins form a rectangle shape by moving them only one space at a time. You can move them up, down, forwards, backwards or diagonally. Can you do it in two moves, only moving two coins?

2) How many moves does it take to change them from the original pattern into a triangle with four coins on each side?

If you have a solution write to Marvin and let him know. You can send your letters to:

Marg and Marvin

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142 Im-boon Housing Estate

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1) What would you get if you crossed a lion with a watchdog?

2) What is the great white sharks favorite game?

3) What do you put on top of a doghouse?

4) How do you cheer for a basketball team?


1) A very nervous mailman

2) Swallow the leader

3) A woof

4) Hoop, hoop, hooray

Bye from Marg and Marvin

Chiang Mai’s Montfort College and Archbishop Macdonald School in Canada exchange program underway

Metinee Chaikuna

The exchange program with Canadian students mainly focuses on experiencing life abroad and being immersed in a foreign culture and language. 29 students from Canada’s Archbishop Macdonald School, in Edmonton, Alberta visited Montfort College in Chiang Mai during the first half of February so that they could spend some of their time creating good relationships with Thai students, and even learning Thai dancing during their stay with their Thai hosts.

Canadian students and teachers visiting Montfort College Primary Section. The visitors were welcomed by Roberto Signor, Head of Foreign Affairs (standing right front), Mark Varney, director of Montfort International (next to Roberto), and Norman Cunliffe, adviser to Montfort International (right rear).

The students stayed with host families throughout their stay in February, while our students from Montfort College will be visiting Archbishop Macdonald School in April.

The Canadian program is one of a number existing between Montfort College and schools in other countries, including Australia, Germany and Switzerland.

Aeronautical Radio camp open for 5-10 year olds this summer

Nuttanee Thaveephol

The 6th Aeronautical Radio Youth Camp will be held April 1 to May 9 this year with the theme Amazing Lanna being chosen by the Aeronautical Radio group. Pornnappan Chuthai, Aeronautical Radio of Thailand, Ltd. director said that this summer, the Aeronautical Radio of Thailand, Chiang Mai would guide the annual Youth Summer Camp. Only 40 children aged between 5-10 years can apply for the camp, which costs only 3,980 baht.

Children always have fun with any activities outside of their usual school lessons.

Pornnappan hopes this summer program will encourage the children to love the local culture and give them the correct cultural knowledge that they can also relay to others in the future. The teacher, Rampad Kotekaew, is a specialist in Lanna culture and is looking forward to imparting the knowledge and understanding.

The parents and children can apply for the program from now on and can get further information at the public relations counter at the Chiang Mai Aeronautical Radio of Thailand, Ltd., or contact: 053 270 624-33 ext. 4000/4006/4015.

BCT presents “Annie”

Mark your calendars for the best family entertainment of the year: Bangkok Community Theatre’s presentation of the hit family musical “Annie”. Bangkok Community Theatre (BCT) will stage “Annie” at the Bangkok Playhouse on Petchburi Road on March 28 & 29 at 7:30 p.m. and March 29 and 30, 2003 at 2:30 p.m. Tickets at B550 for adults and B350 for students and children for all four performances will be available at CD Warehouse in the Emporium on Sukhumvit Road from mid-March.

“Annie” has been described as the perfect family musical. It first opened on Broadway in November 1977 and won 7 Tony Awards including the award for Best Musical. A film of the musical was made in 1982 which was followed by a Disney remake in 1999. With wonderfully uplifting songs and dances, this is a true “feel good” show. In the words of “Annie’s” creator: “Those who come to see the show go away with a sense of optimism, a sense of hope and joy and love. I think that is why it is a success.” That kind of optimism from a little orphan girl as she hugs her dog and tells us “The sun will come out tomorrow” is just the kind of uplifting entertainment families need this Spring. This local production boasts 48 adult performers, 10 kids and a dog! Don’t miss it! (For more information please visit the BCT website at Proceeds to benefit Thai Children’s Charities!

“Annie” will be made possible through the generous support of sponsors: NEWCITY (Bangkok) PCL, International School Bangkok (ISB), Kleenex by Kimberly-Clark, Bangkok Hospital, Toblerone, MBMG International, The Little Gym, Kesinee International School, Raja’s Fashions, Transpo International, Covermark and CD Warehouse.