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Kids' Corner

Parents have active night at PYP Information Evening

Hope for children with cleft palates in Chiang Rai

CEC graduates celebrate with a party

Three students from Chiang Mai participate in I.S.A.T. Inaugural Concert Band/Strings Ensemble Concert

How did you go with the puzzle that Marvin gave you to do last week? It was easy really. Here’s how to do it:

This week Marvin has another challenge for you. You can try this game with a friend or your mum and dad. On the count of 3 both players show a number using the fingers of one hand. (Two fingers means 2, four fingers means 4, etc.). Now you need to multiply the numbers together. If the number is an odd number, your friend wins. If the answer is an even number, then you win. The trick is; how can you make sure that you win EVERY time?

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1) What does a baby do when it plays basketball?

2) Why did the rabbit cross the road?

3) Why did it take Brahms 5 years to write a lullaby?

4) Why doesn’t a frog jump when it is sad?


1) It dribbles

2) Because it wanted to get to the hopping mall.

3) It kept putting him to sleep

4) Because it is unhoppy

Bye from Marg and Marvin

Parents have active night at PYP Information Evening

On Thursday, February 27th, a group of parents from Prem Tinsulanonda International School attended an information evening on the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program. They were expecting to sit back and listen to the teachers from the Junior School explain the program, but this was not exactly how the evening unfolded! In fact, the parents who attended did very little “sitting”.

Parents who attended the PYP Information Evening did very little “sitting” around, as they were very actively involved in small discussion groups, role plays, partner work, whole group discussions and games.

The evening was very active. Parents were involved in small discussion groups, role plays, partner work, whole group discussions and games.

After the presentation was over, parents then had the opportunity to visit all the classrooms to see practical evidence of how the PYP is implemented through the curriculum.

The International Baccalaureate Organisation introduced the Primary Years Program in 1997. This program is for children ages 3-12 and makes the IBO the only private organization in the world to offer an international curriculum from kindergarten to the pre-university years. Prem Tinsulanonda International School have been implementing the program since the beginning of the academic year, 2002.

Hope for children with cleft palates in Chiang Rai

Canadian backing for local women’s group initiatives

Cleft Lip and cleft palate is a disorder affecting millions of children and adults around the world. It affects a child’s appearance, speech, teeth, eating, hearing and their ability to develop socially.

Mrs. Kheuankham Singhanet (left), president of the Northern Women’s Development Foundation (NWDF), signs a Memorandum of Agreement with Dr Ploum Suppapanya, director of the Overbrook Hospital, on implementing the CLP Project in Chiang Rai.

In Northern Thailand there are many children who suffer from this birth defect. About 80% of these children’s parents are poor and cannot afford the expenses involved in medical treatment.

Ms. Phanomwan Yoodee, the secretary-general of the Northern Women’s Development Foundation (NWDF) said that the Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate (CLP) Repair and Rehabilitation Project was initiated in Chiang Mai and has now broadened to encompass Chiang Rai. There are 44 patients in Chiang Mai, with 38 of them having received repair operations as well as undergoing ear treatment and speech therapy from the Maharaj Nakhorn Chiangmai Hospital.

The project in Chiang Rai began in January 2003, with 10 patients at present. The Memorandum of Cooperation was signed on February 13 this year between Mrs. Kheuankham Singhanet, the president of the Northern Women’s Development Foundation (NWDF) and Dr Ploum Suppapanya, the director of Overbook Hospital in Chiang Rai.

Ms Phanomwan explained that NWDF will serve as the coordinator and provide social welfare services while the Overbrook Hospital will provide medial and rehabilitation services. The multidisciplinary team from the hospital consists of the plastic surgeon, speech therapist, orthodontists, dentist, nutritionists, otologist, and nurse.

She added that the objectives are not only helping the patients to have a normal life, but in developing a multidisciplinary team to become cleft palate specialists that will be able to transfer knowledge and skills to other teams in the neighboring countries. To make this happen, the initial support comes from Transforming Faces World Wide group in Canada.

More local contribution is needed to expand the service to meet the demands of the poor in remote areas, especially those who cannot easily reach medical care.

Mrs. Jo Jamieson, the director of Transforming Faces Worldwide (TFW), Canada, has expressed her appreciation of the positive impact of the project to the patients and their families. She said that TFW was looking forward to extending cooperation with neighboring countries in the Greater Mekong Sub-region through the CLP project in Thailand’s specialist team.

The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Canada, famous for its skill in cleft repair will also cooperate to provide more assistance in training.

The coordination center in Chiang Mai is at the Chiang Mai YMCA building under the supervision of Ms Panomwan Yoodee tel. (053) 221819-20 ext 2218 and Ms Sodsri Boothanuwong is the coordinator for CLP in Chiang Rai at the YMCA building, tel. (053) 702763 - 4.

CEC graduates celebrate with a party

Nuttanee Thaveephol

The CEC School held a party for its children before presenting certificates at the end of their courses. There were many activities produced by the teachers and the children celebrating their success in English study course this term.

“Stop, I wanna eat you!” A cute bird asks the Gingerbread Man to be her lunch.

A little Gingerbread Man calls the ones who were hungry to catch and eat him.

They are looking forward to their bright future!

The highlights started around 10.30 a.m. on Sunday, March 9 with the first show being songs from Kindergarten 1-2 class. Then it was the turn of the Kindergarten 3 and grade 1 students who performed the play, the Gingerbread Man. Grade 1 presented Henny Penny and Snow White, Grade 2 had their own version of the Gingerbread Man, Grade 3 the Vegetable Garden, Grade 4 the Wizard of Oz and Grade 5 the Migration of Little Bird, all of which were very impressive.

These activities showed everyone who attended the graduation festivities that the children had not only learned English skills but also how to enjoy themselves in their study center, which was providing a well-rounded education for the children.

Three students from Chiang Mai participate in I.S.A.T. Inaugural Concert Band/Strings Ensemble Concert

The Inaugural ISAT (International Schools Association of Thailand) Concert was held last Saturday, March 8 at the Thailand Cultural Center. 2 parts of the program showcased 2 groups, the String Ensemble and the Concert Band. Classical pieces and more recent band pieces were performed. The Ensemble played Beethoven and several other pieces and the Concert Band played West Side story and many other songs.

The Inaugural ISAT (International Schools Association of Thailand) Concert was held last Saturday at the Thailand Cultural Center.

The audience responded with delight! 8 International schools in Thailand were represented, and these talented young musicians rose to the occasion. Their schools will be proud.

Of special note were 3 students from Chiang Mai who joined the Concert Band and have been practicing with the group since November. While most of the students are 10-12th grade, 8th grade Grace International Students Sila Luchanachai, (flute), Michael Lim (flute), and Jon Overholt (oboe), have really enjoyed this challenging experience.

Practices have been held in 3 different venues in Bangkok and the train/car rides have been memorable for them - and the many games of hearts played on the train! Congratulations guys on a job well done!