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Kids' Cornor

Outstanding academic success at Chiang Mai International School

Kids' Cornor

Did you try the game Marvin told you about last time? Did you work out how you can be the winner every time? If you didn’t work it out, here is how to make sure that you win every time! If you always choose an even number like 2 or 4, then the answer will always be even and you will always be the winner. Try it. It really works,

Here’s a puzzle for this week. Each of these phrases contains letters that are used as Roman numerals. Using the chart below, see if you can add up the total of these phrases. For example: “I like to read” would be 552 (I=1, L=50, D=500).

Try these ones:




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1) What would you get if you crossed

a bridge with a car?

2) What do horses put in their salad?

3) What did the cook say to the salad?

4) Why did the worm cross the road?


1) You’d get to the other side

2) Mayo-neighs

3) You’re old enough to dress yourself

4) Because the chicken was chasing it

Bye from Marg and Marvin

Outstanding academic success at Chiang Mai International School

by Jon Hartmann
CMIS Careers Counselor

Chiang Mai International School (CMIS) would like to congratulate 2 students for their outstanding success in the SAT Tests (Scholastic Aptitude Tests) this academic year. These SAT tests are done by a huge number of American students (up to 2million) each year as well as by many international school students who want entry to American colleges and universities. The SAT1 test is a 3 hour test of both verbal and mathematical ability. The verbal and mathematical sections are both marked out of 800 for a combined total of 1,600. A score of 1000 to 1,100 is considered adequate for entry to many American colleges. However, universities like Harvard for example, have an average incoming entry score of 1,460, Princeton has 1,370, MIT has 1,440 and Pomona has 1,420. The success of students in the SAT test is also a broad measure of a school’s success in the teaching areas of English and Math.

CMIS students David Lallemant and Jennifer Johnson achieved outstanding success in the SAT Tests (Scholastic Aptitude Tests) this academic year.

This academic year at CMIS, Jennifer Johnson scored a perfect 800 out of 800 for the verbal section of the SAT and had a combined score of 1,470 while David Lallemant scored 790 out of 800 for Math for a combined score of 1,480.

These are scores which are simply outstanding and rank these students in the highest group of American High School graduates. David has applied for entry to MIT, Harvard, Princeton and Dartmouth while Jennifer hopes to attend Pomona Liberal Arts College, which is one of America’s finest.

In the PSAT, a preliminary SAT exam taken by mostly grade 10 students we also had students in the highest percentile. Our heartiest congratulations go to these students and their families.

At CMIS, we are delighted at the great achievements of our students which we feel any school in the world would be proud of. Also to see students from CMIS with good scores gain acceptance in top universities in many countries is most pleasing. Next year CMIS celebrates its 50th anniversary which is an amazing feat for us and confirmation of our status and standard in bringing quality education to the young people of Chiang Mai. It also is an indication of the confidence the community has in us as an education provider.

I would like to thank that great band of dedicated teachers at CMIS who just keep producing graduate students who can succeed anywhere in the world. At CMIS David and Jennifer are a part of our reputation now and we wish them the best possible future!