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You are not alone

Musical delight & chamber music

Enjoying the cricket coverage

Banner City

Thailand Furniture Mart continues

You are not alone

Dear Francis Peter,

Re: Francis Peter’s letter (Vol II, No. 10). You are not alone experiencing these ‘fed up moments’ with the situation, living as a farang in Thailand. It is quite normal for any western man or western woman to have ups and downs regarding culture, environment and people. What I liked about your letter was that you seem to take it as it is, and not start looking for mistakes everywhere. I am 100% sure that you will look forward to coming back to Thailand for holidays, you will treasure the good times and will keep Chiang Mai in your heart. Thank you for that.

I just hate these old mean couples or single old men who come to Thailand, live in a beautiful house, have a housemaid, a garden, sunshine every day, enough money to go out for dinner every day of their life, and still just moan and groan about everything. The kind of people who are only happy when they find a reason for being unhappy, are the kind of people who should be told to go back to their homeland and stay there. Then they finally would have a reason to complain when the sun is not to be seen 290 days of the year, when they can only afford to go out for dinner once every fortnight and when they have to scrub the floor themselves instead of having a smiling young girl doing it for them.

So Mr. Francis Peter, you are an exception and always welcome back in Chiang Mai. Would love to have your e-mail address to stay in touch with you.

Melissa Miller

Musical delight & chamber music


I just read your articles about the Musical Delight at Payap & the Chamber Music at the Regent. Why was the community not informed? Why do we have to find out afterwards? Why does a hotel like the Regent not at least send information out to its regular customers, to tell them what is going on?

I am sure people involved in university circles knew about the other one at Payap, but we are talking about artists here and what an artist needs is applause. Who applauds musicians? Yes, it is the audience. If the audience is too small, there is no fun, not for the musician and not for the small number of people listening. Only those interested would be attending an event like this, so no worry about noise, people talking or ringing mobile phones. It is just about the fun and the enjoyment to relax with good music.

Chiang Mai is a city full of culture and tradition, so they should finally wake up and inform the residents of Chiang Mai about what is going on. I am sure your newspaper would be happy and delighted to print the news in your community happenings since you seem to cover all kinds of events.

Best regards, a music lover in Chiang Mai.


Enjoying the cricket coverage


Like many other “falangs” resident in CM I was delighted to discover your paper last December. I particularly enjoy the news articles and the motoring page.

In the last three weeks you have publicised cricket being played at the Gymkhana Club and publicised the “sixes” to be held at the end of this month. I had attended every sixes tournament since 1991 and enjoyed every one, the organising committee do a great job every year, and they deserve much credit. Anne Dawson for instance gets very little praise for manning the score bench (in the heat) year after year; her husband (the politico) Peter is responsible, with (the geriatric) Eric Little, for organising the junior cricket which runs in parallel with the Sixes.

Unfortunately I live in Sankamphaeng so can only obtain the Mail when my wife goes shopping in CM in midweek.

Yours Tony Knowles

Banner City


Living in Chiang Mai over the winter and seeing for the first time in the last 5 years FINALLY something to read in English, I have to make another suggestion. It looks like your influence is growing in town and as it is growing maybe also the ‘City fathers’ will finally notice that the English speaking community is pretty big in Chiang Mai and they can do something about the banners that are hanging around everywhere.

Banner City, that’s what we call it! What does a banner help, if only the numbers are written in western language? I do not want to complain since I am a guest in Thailand; this is just a suggestion. Small English information on the bottom, 2 banners or awareness that there is a big international community out there who are in Thailand at their choice and very interested in taking part in community happenings but due to lack of information can not. It would not only help us, it would also help to create understanding and a better way of living together.


W. Schlick

Thailand Furniture Mart continues

Supatatt Dangkrueng

Following on from the success of the opening of the Thailand Furniture Mart over 12 months ago, the Commerce Ministry has made it a permanent exhibition to showcase Thailand products.

Ancient teakwood with modern style.

The building housing the Thailand Furniture Mart stands on Rama IX Road in Bangkok. In the 5-storey building, called the Ninth Tower, there are 74 display booths adding up to approximately 6,100 square meters covering the basement, ground floor, and second floor.

The concept of the permanent exhibition is to provide a one-stop service to investors and importers from abroad to conduct business with the local manufacturers.

The Ministry of Commerce welcomes all exporters and manufacturers to take part in the Thailand Furniture Mart. There are various sizes of booths, 60-120 square meters, available for new businesses, costing between 240-300 baht per booth.

Thailand Furniture Mart was opened on January 23 last year, with Commerce Minister Adisai Photharamik presiding. It is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday for overseas importers, and between 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturdays, but only for retail buyers.

For further information and reservations for available display booths contact Pongchawal Sukitwanitch: 02 511 6020 ext 721, or Autthakorn Hutthow: 02 643 0630-3, or you can visit the Thailand Furniture Mart, 33/4 Rama IX Road, Huai Khwang, Bangkok and check the website http://www. furnituremart.depthai.go.th.