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Greetings from Canada

We will stay the same

Greetings from Canada

Hello Editor,

Recently I visited Thailand and especially Chiangmai for 10 days. I loved the area so much and would like to visit again sometime in the near future. Is there a way I can make e-mail friends so that I can correspond with them and get to know more of Thai culture? I am single male, 42 years, engineer who like outdoors. The area I live here in Canada is very similar to CM except very cold compared to CM.

I appreciate your newspaper very much via internet and I like to keep in touch with Chiangmai. Thank you very much, and all the best.



We will stay the same

Dear Chiangmai Mail,

I am glad I found your publication to have a place to send my concerns about the current world situation, and to find out if other people have the same fears and worries as me. Seldom a war was planned as open and cynical. And seldom a war was based on worse lies - on the tale that an oriental dessert-country, 2/3 the size of Texas is a threat to world freedom.

This war, from the Bush administration accurately planned will leave a world, which was not known until this day. 12 years after the resolution of the Warsaw pact, the world alliance turns in agony, the transatlantic partnerships degraded, Europe torn apart, the European Union downgraded to a caricature.

How can one single man achieve this? A Texan who came to office, only when the court allowed him to enter the White House. A man who stopped drinking at the age of 40, who found his way to Jesus Christ afterwards and who sees himself as the man to clean the world from the evil. Something worse as this ‘exorcist’ could have hardly happened. It is a way back to the Stone Age and we are part of it.

I wonder what we will think about it in one year’s time and where we will all be in one year’s time. My wish to the international community in Chiang Mai is - do not let a maniac, from whatever country he might be, let the friendship of people in this community drift apart. After all we will stay the same.

Robert Rosenberg