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Happy to see Chiangmai Mail

More government racism in Thailand

Happy to see Chiangmai Mail

Dear Sir,

As a Chiang Mai resident for ten years, I am very happy to see the Chiangmai Mail published in our city. It’s a good and satisfying read, with a pleasing balance of regional news, interesting features, environmental concerns, entertaining articles, plus a bounty of recommendations, information, and useful classifieds.

For English-speaking residents, local companies, travel agencies and visitors, this newspaper is a welcome weekly window on the North of Thailand, and an excellent addition to the previously limited scope of other publications. I must add that it’s a real treat to have it hand delivered, crisp and fresh off the press, by your polite messenger boy. Congratulations on providing this service, and every good wish for your undoubted future success.

Basil McCall

More government racism in Thailand


I am a resident of Chiang Mai. I had guests from Canada and Wales. We went to Doi Suthep only to find a sign that said, “Foreigners 30 baht”. My friend from Canada got right in for free. He is Chinese and they didn’t ask him for money. Is Chinese not foreign in Thailand? My friends from Wales had to pay. I asked at the ticket counter, why did foreigners have to pay? The girl, struggling with her English, claimed that foreigners do not pay tax here. I showed her my tax ID card showing my tax number in Thailand and she said, “you are still a foreigner”. I then showed her my employee identification for being an ajarn at a Thai government owned university and she still said, “You’re foreign”. I said, what happened to the reason that foreigners don’t pay tax here. I pay tax here and have been for many years.

If a Thai goes to England, Wales, Scotland or America, I have never heard of anyone asking your nationality when you paid for a museum, national park, religious institution or any other reason. If this isn’t racism, I don’t know another word that would describe it.


Paul Schoenkopf