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Cricket Sixes: Gipsies, Darjeeling Shine

Man U and Liverpool grudge match to be shown at Kad Suan Kaew Shopping Complex

Airmen learn to get healthy through aerobics

Chiang Mai Pool League

FC Jams A wins street soccer tourney

Chiang Mai HHH Corner - “On On!”

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Chiangmai SportRoundup

Cricket Sixes: Gipsies, Darjeeling Shine

by Peter Cummins, Chiang Mai

The Sixteenth Chiangmai International Cricket Sixes and the Fourth Chiang Mai Sawasdee Cricket Cup were “off and running”, so to speak, at the Chiengmai Gymkhana Club last weekend. The Gloucestershire Gipsies and Darjeeling were the ace teams on the day, winning both their scheduled games in the Round Robin matches, while in the Spoon Division no clear leader had emerged after two days.

Opening day action.

The lovely Khun Aungkhana, assistant director of TAT Northern Office opens the show with a “mean ball”.

Umpire Tony Gough: a long-time supporter of the CM Sixes.

Maurice Bromley, tournament director, welcomes the 28 teams, organizers and supporters at the opening party.

The Aussies are coming…

Never mind the cricket: this is the Rugby Sixes. Observers at the opening party sponsored by TAT Northern Office.

Khun Aungkhana with the Aussies.

A few of the “Chiang Mai Lovelies” assigned to guide the cricketers - and the press during the week’s competition.

The opening ceremony was presided over by attractive Aungkhana Pumpaka, assistant director of the Tourism Authority of Thailand, Northern Office: Region 1, who addressed the 28 teams gathered at the Chiengmai Gymkhana Club. She then bowled what the long-standing tournament director, Maurice Bromley called: “a mean ball, right on target”, causing a very surprised batsman to grope to connect. The second ball was not that great, however, but at least it did remain in the playing field.

The junior division, where much attention is being given to training, sponsoring and encouraging Thai youngsters in the game, started Monday, with some 12 schools competing under the aegis of the Chiang Mai Schools Cricket Alliance, in two divisions: Grade Five and Lower and Grade Six.

On opening day, it was a very wet afternoon on Sunday for the round robin matches and, although the ground was still slippery, a hot day on Monday soon started to dry out the facilities. The Sixes and the Sawasdee will continue through the week, to close with the finals of the four senior divisions and the Cup finals for the juniors.

Sri Lankan Airlines, from a country which adores the game of cricket, is one of the principal sponsors, flying into Thailand some of their best cricketers to participate in the Sixes. Heineken and Coca Cola are trying to quench the almost-insatiable thirst of the cricketers - a formidable task, especially for Heineken! Nestle, Dimon, the Chiang Mai Mail newspaper and a big number of Chiang Mai hostelleries and businesses are also supporting the Sixes.

Initial Results:

Gloucester Gipsies 81-0 (Keith Musto 29 n.o.) beat Silver State 46-2 (Amal Silva 23 n.o.); Darjeeling 56-2 (Mark Rowe 25 n.0.) beat Jack Frost (51-2); Kite Boys 103-0 (M. Mapatuna 35 n.o.) beat Javea Wanderers 53-2; Gloucestershire Gipsies 76-1 (Keith Musto 33 n.o.; Paul Lazenbury 26 n.o.) beat Lamma C.C. 50-1 (Gamini Silva 30 n.o.); Worcester Police 71-4 beat Yes-No-Wait-Sorries 42-0 (Rick Clark 25 n.0.); Darwin Dilettantes 76-1 (F. Atboy 33 n.o.; Gary Hancock 30, n.o.) beat Silver State 57-1; Daejeeling 67-2 beat B.A. Dragons 68-1 (M. Pringle 35 n.o); Javea Wanderers 77-0 (L. Fernando 31 n.o.) beat DCC Bulls Brothers 67-2; Warathais 58-2 (Steve Christie 28 n.o.) beat Worcester Police 42-3; Warbler Bunny Club (with a vociferous followers camp) 51-3 beat Shanghai Steinlager Cavaliers 54-0 (G. Chatfield 32 n.o.)


Shenanigan’s Los Malakas 59-1 beat Wombats 58-2; Gang Green Irish Pub 61-1 beat Bangkok Postels 58-2.

Man U and Liverpool grudge match to be shown at Kad Suan Kaew Shopping Complex

Autsadaporn Kamthai

The big news for football fans is the Man U and Liverpool match is being brought to the big screen at Kad Suan Kaew Shopping Complex, following cooperation between United Broadcasting Corporation Co and Siam TV Co and TA Orange. The televised match will commence at 6 p.m. on April 5 and be shown at the Ban Lan Tong Room, Lotus Pang Suan Kaew Hotel.

Two 300-inch television screens with high quality sound and vision will make you feel as if you were sitting at the Old Trafford field, say the local organizers. Old Trafford is the home of Manchester United and the eternal rivals should produce stirring play.

Airmen learn to get healthy through aerobics

Chaiyot Yongcharoenchai

Wing 41, 3rd Air Personnel Division, of the Royal Thai Air Force, organized an aerobic dance for its airmen, officials and their families at Wing 41’s football field to promote the Exercise For Health campaign.

Follow me and dance together!

We’re gonna get stronger! The instructor’s energy seemed to have no bounds.

Eager participants before the exercise began gathered for a photo with the sign promoting aerobic dance for health.

An aerobic dance leader started the event with a light warm-up before raising the speed and encouraging real aerobic dancing to songs with a strong beat.

After an hour, when most of the airmen and their families were too tired to dance, the aerobic dance leader didn’t seem to be tired at all. She eased the tempo, lowered the beat and reverted to normal dancing before the dancing stopped totally.

After the exercise, everyone looked exhausted but all agreed it was a day of healthy activity.

FC Jams A wins street soccer tourney

The FC Jams A team won the “Kad Suan Kaew Street Soccer” competition and received their trophy from Chiang Mai Governor Pisit Khetphasook, plus a 5,000 baht prize and souvenirs. The first runner-up was the Night Place Junior team. The second runner-up was FC Jams B team and the third runner-up was Ran Khun Mae team. Khuanchai Wongnitikorn, Chiang Mai Provincial Authority’s permanent secretary, and Pittaya Jinawat, director of the Office of Narcotics Control Board (ONCB) Northern Office, jointly presided over the closing ceremony.

Chiang Mai HHH Corner - “On On!”

CH3, the oldest hash club (males) in Chiang Mai is picked up from the “ONON” pub (Moon Mueng Soi 1) at 16.00 once every 2 weeks. Pick up can be arranged from Fish and Chips shop as well.

CSH3 is a mixed Saturday hash which is picked up from the H3 Pub on Moon Mueng Road every Saturday at 15.30. Pick up can be arranged from Fish and Chips shop as well.

CUMH3 is a male hash which runs from the “ONON” Pub every consecutive (from CH3) Tuesday. Pick up is at 16.00.

BH3 is a female hash (Harriettes) that runs once a month on the last Sunday of the month.

All information either from Fish and Chips, H3 or “ONON” Pub. Or look at the websites at:

It’s great fun and you surely get value for your money plus you get to meet all the long-time expats here!

Fitness Tips: Diet pill comes under fire

G’day readers, a new weight control pill launched by Biotech Pharmaceuticals has come under fire by the Australian federal opposition. Medislim Natural Advance Weight Control is being marketed towards people who have a body mass index (BMI) of between 20 and 25, who are happy with their weight and ‘want to keep in that way’.

The federal opposition has called on the federal government to investigate marketing surrounding the product, with the concern that young people and children were vulnerable to such schemes.

“Young people are highly susceptible to these kind of schemes, which can add to the insecurities felt by many about their own weight,” said opposition spokeswoman, Nicola Roxon.

The pill claims to suppress appetite, reduce dietary carbohydrate conversion into fat and provides natural vitamins and minerals and other substances including guarana, green tea and chromium.

The product’s official web site provided a link to the Nutrition Australia site. Nutrition Australia announced that it had been included without permission, did not know of the product and in no way endorsed it.

Making false and misleading claims is a common thing for products such as these and this particular one even insinuates that it has had a green light from the Australian Nutrition website. Readers please keep in mind that very few things such as these actually work at all and not always for the people that really need them. Many actually put your health at greater risk of heart, liver and kidney failure. Do you really want to go down that road when there is a safe alternative?

The only thing that does work is a lifestyle change to healthy eating and regular exercise. There is no magic pill!

Cycling and prevention of breast cancer

Just three indoor cycling classes a week may help reduce the risk of developing breast cancer. That is according to a study conducted by scientists at the German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg, who found three hours of moderately intensive cycling per week can reduce the risk of breast cancer by 34%. Furthermore, they believe that the risk decreases as cycling activity increases.

Scientists studied almost 400 pre-menopausal women under the age of 45 who were already diagnosed with breast cancer and 880 healthy volunteers. When asked about the kind of exercise they participated in as a teenager and a young adult, researchers found that those who reported cycling had a significantly decreased risk of developing breast cancer. The study was published in the American Journal of Epidemiology.

While the scientists agree that more research is needed many experts remain skeptical. Clare Stevenson, a researcher from the University of Bristol (UK) believes it is unlikely that cycling is more beneficial than other forms of exercise, pointing out that the subjects’ responses may be more about how much they recall about exercise from these times, such as cycling to school or work, than what they actually did.

“It is important not to read too much into this and take away the message that cycling is particularly good for you,” said Stevenson.

What is more to the point is that more active people are likely to cycle to school or work and this tendency towards activity in general will lower the risk factors of contracting certain types of cancers.

Further, cycling does not have all the repetitive impact that you experience when jogging. Some schools of thought believe that the risk of mammary tissue being damaged after exposure to this type of exercise when not well supported is greatly increased. Sports bras will significantly reduce these risk factors.

Girls, make up your own mind as to what type of regular exercise best suits you, but make sure you enjoy it and that you have a couple of options for variety so that you can enjoy the benefits of it over the long term.

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