Bake & Bite

Good things can come in small packages

This week the Dining Out Team went for lunch. Just a sandwich and croissant was in mind, but after many recommendations (“You must try the turkey” - Frank and Becky Weiss) we ended up at a tiny restaurant called Bake and Bite, just past the Thapae Gate, about 20 metres from Kotchasarn Road in Soi 1.

It really is tiny. Blink twice and you can miss it, sitting as it does in front of the Frozen Fountain Restaurant (reviewed a couple of months ago). Enter and it is a mini world, where the best description is ‘cozy’. Across one corner of the small room is a refrigerated display cabinet, with a mirror behind it to attempt to make the room look bigger. Along one side are large windows overlooking the soi, while along the other is a painted menu. There are five very small round tables complete with pepper grinders, with two chairs at each. Three couples could take over this restaurant!

The establishment is the ‘baby’ of an attractive young Thai lady, Montana Pawittranon, otherwise known as Khun Gai. She is a vivacious and interesting woman, who has a degree in Food Science and Technology and spent some time overseas studying business management. However, she said, “My own passion is cooking.” She also said, “I love eating and I like to meet people.” The Bake & Bite is a business venture that allows her to indulge herself in all these areas.

The baking is actually done on site, as hiding behind the mirror wall is the narrowest bakery in the world. Certainly not large enough to have more than two people in it at one time. The types of breads produced there include baguettes, bagels, buns and rolls, white sandwich bread, whole wheat, a spinach bread, rye, plain sourdough and seven-grain.

As in any bakery there are pies, and pies and pies, with servings around B. 35-45 and similar prices for the range of cakes. There are also croissants and Danish pastries, sweet rolls and muffins, quiches and even hamburgers (B. 60) and cheeseburgers (B. 75).

But it was sandwiches we came for and there are open-face sandwiches (B. 70) including tuna melt, hot ham and cheese and even bacon and egg. Closed sandwiches are B. 60 and cover roast chicken with mayo and tuna with mayo amongst others. The B. 80 specials are the turkey with cranberry sauce or the smoked salmon with toasted bagel and cream cheese. To drink with the sandwiches, or your fancy, there are coffees, teas and fresh juice with nothing over B. 40.

We decided to share and ordered the turkey and cranberry, on whole wheat bread, and a roast vegetables with feta cheese open sandwich on spinach whole wheat. Being a warm day, we went with an iced coffee each, which comes with its own sugar syrup to be added to your own taste.

Literally, at the first bite we looked over at each other and said, “Frank and Becky were right!” These were no slabs of cold bread with tough turkey meat, but beautiful warm sandwiches with shredded turkey that melted in the mouth and the cranberry just added to the flavour. Likewise, the vegetable sandwich which had bell pepper, carrot, onion, tomato and pumpkin was warm and delicious. Honestly I liked them both!

Sheer gluttony took over when Gai offered us desserts and I could not resist the chocolate croissant, while Madame went for the chocolate chip macadamia cookies.

We were delighted with our sandwiches, and undoubtedly the turkey and cranberry is the signature item for Bake & Bite; however, we also enjoyed the roast vegetable with cheese and the desserts were sheer indulgence.

If you are looking for something a little different (and healthy) in the sandwich line, then we have no hesitation in recommending Bake & Bite. They do free home deliveries too (order must be over B. 200), so if you want to have this fare for a Sunday brunch at home you can. Very highly recommended.

Bake & Bite, 6/1 Kotchasarn Soi 1, T. Changklan, Chiang Mai, telephone and fax 053 285 185. Parking in the soi