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Kids' Corner

Children and parents enjoy the Ultraman Thailand Tour

Kids' Corner

Marvin is still having lots of fun learning all about penguins. Did you think that all penguins looked the same? Well Marvin has discovered that not all penguins are black and white. Some look very unusual indeed.

Read the description about the rockhopper penguin, then color him to see what he looks like.

I am a rockhopper penguin. I have red eyes. Yellow feathers poke out from the sides of my head. My beak is orange.

The rockhopper penguin looks like it has very crazy ‘hairstyle’. It has yellow feathers that poke out of the side of its head and a bright orange beak. It likes to live in large groups called colonies in the Falkland Islands. It is about 56 cm tall, which means that it is one of the smaller penguins but not the smallest. Find a ruler to measure how tall the rockhopper penguins is.

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1. Why did the librarian slip on the library floor?

2. Why doesn’t a cat ever have a tail that is 12 inches long?

3. What is a monster’s favorite bedtime story?

4. How does a biologist talk to people?


1. Because he was in the non-friction section.

2. Because then it would be a foot.

3. Ghoul Deluxe and the Three Scares.

4. He calls them on his cell phone.

Children and parents enjoy the Ultraman Thailand Tour

Nuttanee Thaveephol

Ultraman Thailand Tour 2003 attracted thousands of families at the 700 Year Anniversary Sports Complex April 5-7.

Thousands of people attended the Ultraman Thailand Tour 2003 stop in Chiang Mai.

A little hero shows her power, “Ultraman, call me when you need my help!”

Children pose with their hero.

Chaiyo Production Company organized the light and sound special technique stage performance, “Crashing Ultra Brothers” and the Ultra Carnival for Chiang Mai Children this summer. These shows also included a prelude concert by the lively Hyperbottz.

The children had their opportunities to have their photograph taken with their real hero, “Ultra Seven”, and have fun with a variety of Ultraman games in the Ultraman theme park. There were many stalls selling Ultraman products, and Ultraman models were best sellers of this carnival. Almost every child wore Ultraman shirts or T-shirts to show their admiration of their heroes.

Please pick me up and bring my family to travel in space.

Ultraman products sold well at the carnival.