Where does the money go?

Dear Editor:

Having just received the latest issue of the Chiangmai Mail (thank god for your brilliant idea...), I read your article on the water pistols-ban with great interest. Enjoying the privilege of living in the Kingdom for quite some time, I have taken part in the Thai New Year’s or Songkran celebration many times. During that period in April, you admittedly have only two choices - you go into hibernation for a few days, or you join in the fun. I usually did the latter, and quite enjoyed it, although it became pretty wild at times.

Learning now that Deputy Prime Minister Korn has banned the water-weapons, and planned to invoke and enforce the quoted section of the Consumer Protection Code, I seriously wonder how much the government actually ‘made’ in fining the importers and / or manufacturers of these items. Secondly - where will the money go, or what will it be used for?

Looking out of my window last Sunday and Monday morning, I saw a bunch of children standing on the street, well equipped with those said guns, and buckets of liquid ammunition, soaking (the few) pedestrians, and endangering (the many) by-passing motor bikers, who obviously tried to avoid the shower and were several times almost hit by a car. Even policemen drove by on bikes, and even they got soaked, but just went on.

Am I missing something here? Could it be that the authorities did not receive Mr. Korn’s message in time? The Chiangmai Mail should maybe consider sponsoring a subscription to the various local police branches, as they might find valuable and timely information in your copies.

With this in mind, I wish you all a Happy New Year, and hope that you made it through the water, yet again.

D. Round