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Kids' Corner

CMIS Senior Trip

From Chiang Mai to MIT

Paradigm Shift in English Language Teaching and Learning in Tertiary Education

Kids' Corner

Do you like spiders? Are you scared of them? Spiders are very interesting animals but you shouldn’t touch them because they might be very poisonous and make you sick.

Did you know that spiders don’t have ears, but they can feel movement with the hairs in their legs? Next time you see a spider up close, look to see if you can find them.

The world’s smallest spider is smaller than the period at the end of this sentence. The world’s largest spider is about the size of a Frisbee.

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1) What do you call a snowman in the desert?

2) Why did the panda have black around its eyes?

3) Why do giraffes have such long legs?

4) What smells worse than a pic in a sty?


1) A puddle

2) Because it didn’t look where it was going

3) Because they have smelly feet

4) Two pigs in a sty

Bye from Marg and Marvin

CMIS Senior Trip

Story and picture by Jon Hartmann

Every year at Chiang Mai International School the senior grade 12 class goes on a trip for one week to some exotic location. This trip is organized and funded by the students themselves and throughout the year profits from bake sales, school socials, talent nights, etc., all provided the much-needed funds.

It was a nicely suntanned tired but happy group that arrived back in Chiang Mai in one piece (much to the relief of parents) ready for some sleep!

The trip took place from April 2nd to the 9th and it was an anxious group of parents (some tearful) that farewelled their sons and daughters at Chiang Mai Railway Station for the overnight trip to Bangkok. From there is was off to Pattaya for 2 days, then to Koh Samet via speedboat.

Everybody enjoyed themselves and got involved in activities like snorkeling, paragliding, and motorbiking, or for the less active, getting buried in the sand.

From Chiang Mai to MIT

by Jon Hartmann

The school community of Chiangmai International School (CMIS) would like to congratulate David Lallemant on gaining entry to the prestigious MIT in the USA. This university, with its profile as one of the best in the world, has produced many of America’s top scientists, engineers and researchers who get great jobs in NASA, Microsoft and top companies. It rejects 65% of all applicants. The average SAT score of first year enrollments is 1,440. To gain entry is a rare achievement.

David Lallemant

It is a great honor for David, his parents and the school that David could go straight from CMIS with his CMIS credentials and gain entry to MIT. It would not be fair to single out any one teacher who helped David but there have been some outstanding teaching done by some staff members of CMIS while the supporting documentation, school profile and carefully written references all helped. The whole school can feel very proud of David and be proud of the wonderful achievements of CMIS.

Paradigm Shift in English Language Teaching and Learning in Tertiary Education

The English Department at Chiang Mai University held a seminar on "Paradigm Shift in English Language Teaching and Learning in Tertiary Education" on April 24 at Ping Palace, Chiang Mai Hills Hotel. Many competent scholars, including Theppachai Yong (left), Assoc. Prof. Dr. Thanet Charoenmuang (2nd left), Assoc. Arunee Wiriyajittra (center), Kamron Kunadirok (2nd right) and Khunying Jamnongsri Harnjenrak (right) attended the seminar.