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How long will the heat last?

Be careful of “expired food”

Enjoys reading about royalty

How long will the heat last?

Dear Editor,

This is just a letter of admiration to all the people who are still here in Thailand and ‘work’. I never thought about writing to a ‘Mailbag’ but this heat is incredible and there is no other place than sitting in an air-conditioned room. TV gets boring after a while, the available newspapers don’t take more than 2 hours of your day away and the last spot left is the Internet.

How can anybody actually get some work done in this heat? I arrived in Thailand last year after retirement, after many years of visiting only for short periods of time. But the way it is now, regarding the temperature, I have to rethink and hopefully did not make a mistake that I bought a condominium for my wife and me.

I never felt the heat as bad as I do right now. Does anyone have a prediction how long this heat will last?

So, let me tell everybody out there: I feel sorry for you that you have to walk, drive or even think in this heat.

And please Chiangmai Mail: go on providing news about this area and maybe think of doing a weather forecast as well, so that we know when we can finally breathe again.

Yours sincerely,

Urs Muggenthaler


Be careful of “expired food”


Just to bring to people’s attention that I went into one of the well-known stores in Chiang Mai where most of the farangs get their food. In the bread section, most of the packed bread was more than expired. I took 2 packs out to show it to one of the staff to explain, that this was not good anymore and should be taken away from the shelf but all I got was a smile and a ‘may-be-lai’.

I do not think that expired food is a ‘may-be-lai’ in this country and in the temperatures we have right now - it should be taken seriously and handled with respect. How can a shop, which claims to be of service to the expat community, be that ‘lax’ and un-interested?

It is no excuse that many staff did not come to work because of Songkran and that they were too busy. So next time you buy yoghurt or bread, be even more careful and check the MFG plus the expiry date.

Best regards,

Keith R.

Chiang Mai

Enjoys reading about royalty

Dear Editor:

In the last 2 issues I have come across something which really astounds me. In both issues you have had articles about His Majesty the King of Thailand and the Queen as well. In Europe a local newspaper would probably never print something like this. It shows me how much respect the Thai people have towards their Royal Family and I really respect this. Keep going! It’s interesting to read and learn about some of the history of Thailand and the royalty.

Greg Baldwin