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‘Under the House’

‘Come In’ - Interior design as a contemporary art medium

Lung Yai’s 102 nudes on display at CMU

‘Bagan & Beyond’

‘Under the House’

Exhibition of paintings by Niwat Kosal

Niwat Kosal is an artist. An artist who is proud of his Thai culture and art heritage. Someone who turns his attention to things which are mostly forgotten in modern living; the wooden house basement - lifetime symbols. His exhibition is totally focused on bright, serene and warm acrylic paintings on canvas - all to do with the former resting area of a house, where activities were conducted together with neighbors.

Where else but at the Gong Dee Studio can you enjoy an exhibition in such a relaxed and light-hearted atmosphere.

Many artists were on hand to show support to their friend and colleague Niwat, seen here with Wanpen and Marion Vogt from Chiangmai Mail.

Wanpen Dirksen, wife of the Honorary German Consul, receives a beautiful token of appreciation from Niwat Kosal for all her help and support.

What Niwat intends to propose are rhythms of poles, light and shadows of clay, brown textures of wood, warm tones, bright and dark features of primary colors. All these aspects help create the imagination, nostalgia, happiness and warmth of former times. Even the repetition of objects and colors does not make the room look boring; on the contrary, the way he catches the light and the details in his pictures makes it exciting to check each and every one.

The highlight of his paintings is the atmosphere created by colors that replaced the felt over wood texture and soil that represent rural nature. The unevenness of poles and beams helps create depth that goes far beyond. It reminds the spectator of the old days and our present time as well as the foreseeable future.

‘Wooden Hose Basement’ fine artwork not only illustrates the fine way of rural living, but also a long time way of life that is rich in imagination of a young artist.

Niwat Kosal’s exhibition can still be visited at Gong Dee Studio, Soi 1 Nimmanhemin Rd until May 28th.

‘Come In’ - Interior design as a contemporary art medium

May 2-30 2003

Story by Marion Vogt
Pictures by Michael Vogt and Supatatt Dangkrueng

It showed yet again that Chiang Mai is the Culture Hub of the North when an exclusive exhibition at Chiang Mai University Art Museum was opened on Friday, May 2.

Curator Prof. Volker Arbus (right) took the time to explain to the interested visitors each design and its background. He is seen here with the principal of the CDSC, Mr. Fred Hartmann, and his wife Marlies.

You have to love arts or be an artist to sometimes understand a political statement - this particular corner is a re-build of an RAF room, a political reconstruction of the terrorists lives during the 70s, as the young artist sees it from his perspective nowadays.

Reception Room by Dorothee Golz. "Stacking Chairs, Communication Model, Floating Lamp, Growing with big tasks".

Chiang Mai University Art Museum, the IFA Germany (Institute for International Affairs) in collaboration with the Goethe Institute Bangkok, proudly presented the most exciting traveling art exhibition, curated by Prof. Volker Arbus and Renate Goldmann. The opening and ribbon cutting ceremony was presided over by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tanun Anumanrajadhon, vice president for International and Special Affairs, Chiang Mai University, and Hon. Council for the Federal Republic of Germany Hagen Dirksen.

The show aims to investigate the connection between art and design and opens a wide panorama of alleged rapprochements and clear distinctions between the two.

25 artistic positions were chosen to show single objects, sculptures, space installation and videos. Most of the participating artists have produced works especially for the exhibition ‘Come in’, which is focused on two kinds of objects: those treating the phenomenon of personal and collective memory in the tradition of sculpture, and those which assume definitive ‘form’ only by means of their communicative functioning, i.e. in practical use.

Dr. Katharina von Ruckteschell-Katte, director of the Goethe Institute Bangkok, made it possible for Chiang Mai to be the venue for this international touring exhibition for the 2nd year in a row. Good luck to her on her next assignment in Munich.

The Library Boat - designed by local artists Thasnai Sethaseree and Piyawat Raiva.

Hon. Consul to the Federal Republic of Germany Hagen Dirksen said in his opening speech that he was honored that Chiang Mai was chosen once again for this exhibition and it shows the ongoing ‘love affair’ between the 2 countries, Thailand and Germany. He also informed the audience that Dr. Katharina von Ruckteschell-Katte, director of the Goethe Institute Bangkok was moving on, after more than 3 years in Thailand, to her next assignment in Munich, but he hopes that also her successor will not stop bringing arts and cultural events to Chiang Mai.

The charming and always smiling Dr. Katharina, who flew up to Chiang Mai for this evening to watch over the set up in the big halls, believes that deep down inside, Bangkok is jealous of Chiang Mai because the possibilities and the artists which are here in the North are second to none found in Thailand. She pointed out the difference between last year’s exhibition and this year’s - that this time Chiang Mai artists were invited to participate as guest artists.

Curator Prof. Volker Arbus pointed out the difference between an artist and a designer, which can clearly be seen in this exhibition. A designer asks himself the question, "How can I make something to fulfill a need?" This can be seen in the ‘Library Boat’ of local design artists Thasnai Sethaseree and Piyawat Raiva. It is a beautiful design but it can also be used.

An artist is not at all interested in that. He only wants to express himself and give a message, like the RAF room, a political reconstruction and statement from the 70s.

This exhibition draws a line between art and interior design and will challenge the Chiang Mai audience. It can be visited daily, except Mondays, from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. until May 30.

Lung Yai’s 102 nudes on display at CMU

By Supatatt Dangkrueng

The exhibition of paintings by Lung Yai (AKA Visood Charoenpron) is being held at CMU Art Museum May 2-31. The exhibition of canvases is the first exhibition of nudes by the artist, Lung Yai or Elder Uncle.

Can I have a close look?

Lung Yai, or Elder Uncle, with one of his paintings.

Visitors show interest in Lung Yai’s art.

Lung Yai graduated from the Faculty of Painting, Sculpture and Graphic Arts, Silapakorn University, in 1967. He was initially involved in the field of painting and sculpture at the ancient city for 2 years, and had a solo exhibition of landscape paintings in 1996.

Lung Yai said he spent almost five years painting and collecting his pieces of artwork. In the first two years, he destroyed most of his canvases because he felt no satisfaction from them. Then he started painting more and more in the last three years until now there were more than one hundred paintings.

Lung Yai said the human body has its beauty in itself, so he tried to express that beauty in his paintings. Lung Yai’s Nude Exhibition will run until the end of this month, and some of the individual canvases are offered for sale. Following the Chiang Mai exhibition, it is going to the C.V.N. Art Center at The Emporium Shopping Complex June 5-19 and then to the Peak Restaurant and Art Collection Sriracha June 23-July 22.

‘Bagan & Beyond’

A photographic exhibition by Angela Srisomwongwathana

Story by Marion Vogt
Pictures by Michael Vogt

Don’t let anybody tell you that he misses culture or art while living in Chiang Mai. On May 1st, yet another exhibition was opened at ‘A Gallery’ in Soi 1 Nimmanhemmin Rd, opposite of Gong Dee Gallery.

Angela Srisomwongwathana thanked the visitors and her VIP guests, while, from left Hagen Dirksen, Eric Rubin, Consul of the United States, Mrs Dirksen and Khun Vichit of Gong Dee Gallery listen in.

Hagen Dirksen, the Hon. Consul of the Federal Republic of Germany, receives a token of appreciation from Miss Angela for always supporting young artists and presiding over the opening ceremony on May 1.

Angela, who has been working with foreigners for many years, has traveled to over 20 countries and knows that nothing can be taken for granted. So, through her photographs she sees the precious things the world has to offer with a different eye. On opening night, many people could be seen standing in front of the photographs, quite surprised that the same things they have seen themselves in nature can be photographed so beautifully.

Angela has been taking pictures since 1985, as a hobby while working on computers at the US embassy in Bangkok. After 10 years, in 1995, she quit her job and decided to become a professional photographer. Since then, she appreciates Asia, especially Thailand, a lot more. Her photos at this exhibition show mostly temples, Buddha images and pagodas in different shades of light, pictures shot in Luang Prabang, Nan and Bagan. The way she captures the images shows her dedication to details and has to be seen.

Her exhibition ‘Bagan & Beyond’ will be open until July 31, 2003.