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PTTEP to explore opportunities in Iraq

An Intelligent Use of Cash

PTTEP to explore opportunities in Iraq

PTT Exploration and Production Plc (PTTEP) plans to explore business opportunities in Iraq now that the United States-led war on the country has eased.

Chitrapong Kwangsuksathit, the company’s president said, "It is possible that new rules and structures of petroleum concessions will be established in post-war Iraq. Because of this, PTTEP is keen on investment in petroleum exploration in the country, maybe, in the form of a joint venture with other companies of the US or European nationals."

Iraq has abundant petroleum resources and has oil reserves of as high as 100,000 barrels.

PTTEP has invested in three petroleum exploration projects in the Middle East. Of these, two projects are located in Oman and Algeria and another one is still under negotiation and thus unable to be revealed in detail.

Chitrapong said that the investment in the Middle East was part of the company’s plan to expand the petroleum exploration and production. Most production sources owned by the firm are based on natural gas. Therefore the company has a policy to increase the number of oil-based production sources. (TNA)

An Intelligent Use of Cash


To the private investor, cash or currency holdings traditionally imply interest-based growth within term deposits and money-market funds. But with global interest rates as low as they are, and exchange rates forever on the move, small gains may in fact be larger real losses. The US Dollar Index has declined about 23% since Independence Day 2001.

A growth area in alternative investments is Managed Currency Accounts, whereby an investor opens their own foreign exchange account with a licensed, regulated US brokerage, and grants limited authority to a professional Adviser to trade that account against the interbank global forex market.

Commodity Trading Advisers as they are known in the USA, have master agreements with a brokerage, that in turn administrates the account and makes a secondary market under the watchful eyes of the National Futures Association and Commodities Futures Trading Commission. Nowadays, spot (cash market) trading is electronic and "straight through" to the underlying interbank market, so there is a level playing field for all.

A successful adviser will deliver about 5% a month, which is 60% a year if you take the gains as monthly income, or 264% if compounded. Needless to say, professionals keep to a very low leverage of 4:1 or 5:1 in this market to manage the intraday volatility. They should also hedge a spot market position with over-the-counter option contracts, or vice versa.

For the private investor, using a small percentage of your portfolio in this way can boost overall performance and protect its real value in other currencies to which you will be exposed. What’s more, your Managed Currency Account has better regulation, more transparency, fewer charges, and offers much faster access to your capital than does an offshore hedge fund.