Khuankham Singhanetre (4th right), honorary chairperson of the Northern Women’s Development Foundation, presents a certificate of honor to Ms Thanyaratch Samphantawong (4th left), the secretary of the foundation, who worked hard and devoted herself to work at the foundation.

German Ambassador Alexander von Stechow and Hon. Consul to the Fed. Rep. of Germany Hagen Dirksen presented a check of 147,000 baht to Boon Thakamwong, the chairman of the agricultural rehabilitation group for leprosy patients. It will help the 8 villages in the North where more than 182 people live, to buy a multi-agricultural machine to help them in the fields where they grow vegetables, fruits and culture a Longan plantation. For ‘ex-leprosy’ patients who are healthy again and off medication, it is still extremely hard to get re-accepted into society, so by growing fruits and vegetables and being able to sell them, they are regaining independence.

Chiangmai Mail’s special correspondent Peter Cummins (2nd left) recently met up with UNICEF’s representative for Thailand, Dr. Gamini Abeysekera (2nd right), and his Chiang Mai based right hands, Dr. Permsiri Nitimanop (left), and Ms. Teresa Stuart (right), at UNICEF’s Chiang Mai Branch at the International Center of CMU.

Karl Eichhorn, production manager for Chiang Mai Malting, recently organized a garden party for his employees and a few friends. Homemade sausages as well as locally brewed amber liquid made the evening rather entertaining, as one can see...

The monthly Lunch Bunch was held last week at Anette’s residence, and the turnout, the food (catered by Audrey from Pai Sabai), and the mood was as usual great. The Lunch Bunch is an informal get-together of local and expatriate women, in order to enjoy each others’ company, exchange the latest gossip, and catch up on a number of things all women like to talk about.

The alumni of the Medical School Executives held an "MSE4" get-together party, coordinated by Assoc. Dr. Kanchitthep Tanpaopong and held at the Chiang Mai Hill 2000 - Hotel.

The vice governor of Chiang Mai, Parinya Panthong was the chairperson of the Northern Fruit Wine and Thai Traditional Alcohol Contest, which was recently held at the Northern Village, Central Airport Plaza. Parinya also gave out a number of awards to the most outstanding producers.

The Rotary Club Chiangmai West recently coordinated the donation of several hundred books, such as travel guides, photo books, and special interest editions, to 4 local schools in Chiang Mai, Sarapee, and Hang Dong. The books were donated by Mr. Yvan van Outrive of "Immediate Media Limited", and an additional auction at a recent Rotary Ann Night brought in another 8000 baht for the needy students.