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PM says the world needs more Thai restaurants

FTI revives project to set up international trading companies

DHL changes name to DANZAS after merger

Government encourages e-commerce

PM says the world needs more Thai restaurants

The government will provide financial support to Thai people living overseas who want to open Thai restaurants so that Thai cuisine will be expanded worldwide, according to Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra.

During his recent official visit to France, Thaksin told the Thai community in Paris that Thais overseas who want to open Thai restaurants could seek financial support from Thai Embassies abroad.

"The government promotes and supports the expansion of Thai restaurants globally. Therefore, Thai people living overseas who want to open Thai restaurants can contact Thai Embassies in their respective countries to ask for loans to be used for running the business," Thaksin said. (TNA)

FTI revives project to set up international trading companies

Tax beaks and access to loans considered to be vital incentives

The Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) is reviving plans to establish international trading companies to act as export representatives. At the same time FTI is requesting tax and interest concessions for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

FTI president Praphat Phothiworakhun said that the FTI and the Thai Chamber of Commerce has joined with the National Economic and Social Development Board (NESDB), the Department of Export Promotion and the Office for the Promotion of Small and Medium Enterprises to determine ways to add value to export products.

International Trading Companies (ITCs) were briefly set up in 1998, but soon disbanded due to insurmountable obstacles.

Praphat said that the ITCs, which would be run as private sector agencies, would assist SMEs in exporting their products onto the global market. "The ITCs will form a conglomeration of businesses from each industrial sector, and members must be listed companies with a secure financial base, expertise in exports, the ability to research and develop their products to meet international standards, and initiate a network of contacts at home and abroad," said Praphat.

The plans call for the ITCs to liaise with financial institutes in order to facilitate access to sources of credit for the purchase of raw materials, machinery and equipment.

At the same time, the ITCs will request investment privileges from the Board of Investment of Thailand (BOI), customs and taxation privileges, and low interest rates on loans from the Export Import Bank of Thailand. (TNA)

DHL changes name to DANZAS after merger

DHL International (Thailand) launched its new "DANZAS" transportation and parcel delivery brand name after a recent merger with Deutsche Post World Net (DPWN).

DANZAS is now the world’s largest express transportation and logistics company.

Government encourages e-commerce

“How to Succeed in e-Commerce Businesses”

Nuttanee Thaveephol

The Thai government says SME’s can reach international standards of trade by using e-commerce systems at all levels of businesses. To this end, the Northern Export Promotion Center organized a seminar, "How to Succeed in e-Commerce Businesses" for over 100 SMEs in the northern area at Imperial Mae Ping, Chiang Mai, May 12-15.

Watcharapong Yawaithaya, the managing director of Maxsa Ving Co., Ltd. was as a guest speaker at the Northern Export Promotion Center’s seminar How to Succeed in E-Commerce Business at Imperial Mae Ping, Chiang Mai.

The Training Institute for Foreign Trade, Department of Export Promotion recently organized a meeting at Imperial Mae Ping Hotel on "How to succeed in E-commerce business", which was participated by interested public including e-commerce operators.

Tassanee Sutorapak, the director of the International Trade Training Center said that e-commerce could help local entrepreneurs be more efficient in all areas of their business. "Thai businessmen should adapt themselves more than ever because international traders have been using the e-commerce system. Most large entrepreneurs have used this system but fewer small and medium entrepreneurs apply this kind of commerce to their operations," said Tassanee.

Currently there are more than 9,000 Thai entrepreneurs registered in the e-commerce system with the Department of Export Promotion. It is expected that the SMEs will follow suit. The government also sees this system to be consistent with its own e-government project.