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Largest aquarium in the north officially opened

Jazz Night at Amari Rincome Hotel

Citec Asia Co. Ltd. celebrates two years

Local groups hold training seminar for Cambodian women

Happy Birthday Bud

Chi Chang goes head to head with Eua Arthorn

Largest aquarium in the north officially opened

Shoals of fish on display, but no fishing rods allowed

Nantanee Jedsadachaiyut and Nuttanee Thaveephol

The Central Airport Plaza, Chiang Mai officially opened the largest aquarium in the North of Thailand on May 26. Janista Leuchalermwong, the advisor of the Minister of Social Development and Human Security, presided over the opening ceremony of the Central Aquarium.

Janista and Central Pattana staff release the octopus balloon at the opening.

Janista Lewchalermwong, advisor of Social Development and Human Security Minister presides over the opening ceremony.

"Central Airport Plaza has invested over 2 million baht for the education of the northern community which should set the precedent for other department stores to give benefits back to our community," said Janista.

The director of Sales and Marketing Promotion of Central Pattana, Pravich Chanyasittikul said that as well as expanding the shopping area into a shopping complex, they decided to create an aquatic education center by constructing the aquarium with many kinds of fish and coral. The aquarium’s is 5 meters in diameter, and is 3.30 meters high, decorated in traditional Lanna style.

Shoppers in Central Airport Plaza enjoy the marine tank.

Children enjoying watching many kinds of fish they have not seen before.

At the opening, there were stage performances from many schools such as Aloha dance from Mayuree Kindergarten and Submarine Adventure from Chiang Mai Ballet School. The aquatic exhibition is supported by the Institute of Marine Science, at Burapha University.

Jazz Night at Amari Rincome Hotel

Saturday, 24th of May was the start of the now weekly Amari Jazz Night

An all night long, very entertaining performance of ‘Dang Fantastic’ and his more than talented friends on bass, drums and guitar. The musical variety ranged from Louis Armstrong’s imitations to all-time favorites such as ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’, and back to Oldies of Billy Joel and anything you like to remember from the 60’s. A special theme buffet, created by Amari Chef Adrian O’Herlihy spoiled the guests who really had the drudgery in choosing from the many different specialties, including a Pasta Buffet where anything with noodles was cooked to your liking.

Dang Fantastic and his Jazz Group did a great job to entertain the many music lovers who joined the Saturday Night Jazz Dinner at the Amari.

Dang and his Jazz group could not stop at 22.00 as planned, since the many music lovers present just refused to let them leave. It was a beautiful night to remember and will be repeated every Saturday until further notice at the ‘La Gritta Restaurant’ at the Amari Rincome Hotel.

Citec Asia Co. Ltd. celebrates two years

Citec Asia is the small award winning web solutions company that has grown to become one of the leading Web Solutions companies in Northern Thailand. Winner of the Bronze Best of the Web Award 2002 and the prestigious IAWMD 2002-2003 Golden Web Award, Citec Asia designs are seen everywhere and show the world that Thailand has the skills and expertise to compete with the world’s best.

After having received blessings for the company, Daniel Peterson, managing director of Citec Asia and his staff pose for a picture with the monks.

This past week, Citec Asia celebrated its second birthday, and over that time, the little computer company has expanded tremendously. Citec Asia clients come from countries around the world including Bali, Vietnam, Laos, China, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Holland, USA and Thailand, and services include graphic art, web design, e-commerce, programming and web hosting. Citec Asia services have grown and now include DomainREGN.com which was started on 1 April 2003 to serve Thailand and the world with full Domain Registration service. One of the world’s cheapest registrars, DomainREGN.com provides top level domains for 600 baht / 12months and full Thai and English support. DomainREGN.com services are secured by iPrimus/Telstra (Australia).

Where else ‘in’ Thailand can you Register .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .tv, .cc, .me.uk, .us for such a low price and also receive full local support? Citec Asia makes dreams come alive.

Local groups hold training seminar for Cambodian women

Supatatt Dangkrueng

A training course "Basic Business Management and Marketing for Vendors" was held at the YMCA of Chiang Mai during May 15-25 with 35 Cambodians registered, representing government organizations, and private sectors from different provinces of Cambodia.

(L to R) Ms. Phanomwan Yoodee, Dr. Patchrawna Srisilapanandana, Sir Vorakit Kantakalung, middle, H.E. Ing Kantha Phavi, and H.E. Keth Sam Ath are chairpersons in the certificate giving ceremony.

The Cambodian participants.

The traditional group photo at the end of the course.

This was a a cooperative effort from the Ministry of Women and Veteran’s Affairs (MOWVA), Chiang Mai YMCA, and the YMCA for Northern Development Foundation (YNDF) to assist vulnerable women, children and handicapped people.

At the end of meeting, certificates were presented to participants by Sir Vorakit Kantakalung, General Secretary, Dr. Patcharawan Srisilpanandana, chairperson International Relations and Ms. Phanomwan Yoodee, as the representatives from Thailand and H.E. Ing Kantha Phavi, Secretary of State, and H.E. Keth Sam Ath, under secretary of State, MOWVA, Cambodia, as the representatives from that nation.

Dr Phanomwan disclosed that the trainers and supervisors will return to Cambodia to select a target group to start up and maintain a market of Khmer products in Poipet and other areas for improving the standard of living for disadvantaged people.

H.E. Ing Kantha Phavi said to achieve a success, this project needs supports from government and local organizations. It is hoped to set up a bazaar in Poipet similar to the Chiang Mai Night Bazaar.

Happy Birthday Bud

What can you wish for when you are old? To be healthy, happy and surrounded by friends? That sounds like the ultimate when you listen to Bud Velat talking.

Dr. Howard C. Graves Jr. delivering a very humorous birthday speech!

Blowing out the candles! You need a lot of air or many friends to blow out 79 candles!

Hagen Dirksen, the Honorary Consul of the Fed. Republic of Germany and his wife Wanphen congratulating Bud.

Bud celebrated his 79th birthday at the beautiful Saen Kham Lanna Restaurant, all organized by his friend Daeng with only one requirement. Bud had to be there. Everything else was taken care of.

A festive mood was guaranteed by the decoration of the restaurant itself, it only got more festive when Dr. Howard C. Graves Jr. got up to deliver a birthday speech, it became emotional when Bud himself started to express his feelings, that he considers himself fortunate to be here in Chiang Mai at this stage in his life. Who would have thought that the little boy born 1924 in the United States, who started working at the age of 6 (delivering prohibited self-brewed liquor from one end of town to the other) and did not stop working for the next 61 years would be standing here surrounded by so many people who took the time to celebrate with him.

He changed his way of thinking throughout the years - as a young man he said, he wanted to be surrounded by valuable things but today he realizes that it is not ‘what you have around’ you but ‘who you have around’.

It is pleasant to see that there are people who look at the good side of things, who soak up positive feelings, who share their positive way of thinking and who like to have fun.

Bud, all of your friends present and not present on your big day wish you many more birthdays to celebrate and most of all: stay healthy and happy!

Chi Chang goes head to head with Eua Arthorn

Big bytes out of retail prices

Nuttanee Thaveephol

The Chi Chang Co. has launched new computers into the local market, competing with the government’s Eua Arthorn computer scheme, and anticipates selling more than 10,000 sets within 3 months.

Sumalee Lukuan, Chi Chang’s marketing manager proudly presents the new low price models of PC and computer notebooks.

Examples of "Sri Thanonchai" PC.

Following the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Ministry’s Eua Arthorn computer project selling personal computers and computer notebooks at very low prices, this has resulted in the IT-related businesses experiencing a downturn in sales.

In response to this, Belta Computer has launched its special computer models called "Sri Thanonchai" PC and "Tossakan" computer notebooks selling at a slightly higher price than Eua Arthorn’s scheme, but with higher performance, using Intel Celeron 1.7 GHz and HDD 40 GB for PC and Intel Celeron1.7 GHz and HDD 20 GB, (the government’s computers only use Intel Celeron 1.0 GHz).

The Sri Thanonchai model costs 13,990 baht and the Tossakan model costs 27,990 baht, whilst the ICT Ministry’s PC costs 10,900 baht and the computer notebook is 19,000 baht.

In cooperation with Chi Chang Computer, one of the better known computer dealers in Chiang Mai, there will be a presentation in Central Airport Plaza during May 30 - June 1 this year after the soft opening held in Lotus Super center, Carrefour, and Big C superstore during May 23-25.

Sumalee Lukuan, Chi Chang’s Marketing Manager told Chiangmai Mail that the computer models provided are the alternatives for people who want to buy a new computer in the lower price range, but with higher quality. For further information contact: 0-5328-0150.