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Kids' Corner

New freshmen at CMU get into training

Pre-schoolers puppet show

43 hilltribe students trained as junior guides

Kids' Corner

Marvin did not have to go to school on Monday, May 5 because it was a public holiday. You might have noticed that important places like the bank were shut and some of the shops were closed too. The reason that lots of people had a holiday was to remember ‘Coronation Day’. On this day people all over Thailand stop working so that they can think about the ‘coronation’ of King Bhumibol and pay respect to him. Coronation is a special word used to describe when the King is given his crown and the power to rule the country. People want to stop and pay respect to the King because he is a good man and he has helped many people in Thailand.

Marvin wanted to know who the king of America was and I told him that they don’t have a king because they have a president. So he started to try to find out which countries have a royal family. He remembered England, Holland and Spain. There are many more countries that have a royal family. Do you know which ones they are? Write to Marvin and tell him. He would really like to know. You can send your letters to:

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1) Which word has 3 ‘e’s and only one letter?

2) Why did the boy go to night school?

3) Why do golfers always carry extra socks?

4) What did the low tide say to the high tide?


1) Envelope

2) So that he could learn to read in the dark

3) In case they get a hole in one

4) Long time no sea.

This week we have a picture by Mitchell. He goes to St Andrews International School.

Bye from Marg and Marvin

New freshmen at CMU get into training

Nantanee Jedsadachaiyut

Chiang Mai University Student Union in cooperation with the Railway Authority of Thailand held a welcoming ceremony for CMU freshmen in late May. This event marks the bringing of CMU freshmen from Hua Lampong Railway Station in Bangkok to Chiang Mai.

The CMU staff arranges many activities along the journey, such as an university introduction, games to create a good relationship among the freshmen with new students from 17 faculties participating in this activity.

The trip itself is somewhat of a marathon, leaving Hua Lampong railway station at 3 p.m. and arriving here in Chiang Mai at 6 a.m. The train carries around 650-700 students, all of whom will be studying here at CMU.

Pre-schoolers puppet show

Nantanee Jedsadachaiyut

Students at Kiddy Bear Pre-School enjoyed a bilingual puppet show provided by Roi Tawan, Pun Dao, and the Forest Restoration Research Unit (FORU) from the Faculty of Science, Chiang Mai University.

Natenapit Jitlaem, a representative of FORU, said that at first the FORU only conducted research on environment and forest-related issues, but recently decided they should be sharing their knowledge by transforming research paper information into performing art. The Roi Tawan, Pun Dao, a group of artists in Chiang Mai, joined forces with the FORU to make a "dream come true".

The puppet show at Kiddy Bear Pre-School was the first environmental teaching performance that the FORU and Roi Tawan Pun Dao had ever undertaken. The story of mango seeds gave children a clear understanding about how a seed becomes a tree, and why mango seeds could not become a pear tree. The children also gained some knowledge about the breathing system, and what oxygen and carbon dioxide were.

"We want to build up and expand the kid’s consciousness about loving the environment, and also to encourage them in conservation and participation in any activities," said Pranee Pimonthet, the general manager of Kiddy Bear.

43 hilltribe students trained as junior guides

Nuttanee Thaveephol

Many 3rd Grade Pa-dong and Lahu students took part in the 2nd junior guides training course at Mae Pher Watershed Management Unit during May this year. The children are expected to assist with local tourism in the future.

Pa-dong and Lahu hill tribe students from Khobdong will be the future guides.

The children enjoying activities.

43 students participated in the camp.

The Royal Project, Angkhang Royal Agriculture Station, Angkhang Nature Resort and Khobdong School created the 2 day camp. It is hoped this project will encourage the young people to bring benefits to their own communities, especially in tourism promotion and also encourage the children to conserve nature, environment and their culture.

The children enjoyed a variety of activities including games and musical plays, behavioral training, training courses as guides, as well as camping, and hiking. The opening ceremony was presided over by Boonlue Dharmanurak, Fang district permanent secretary of Fang District Administration Office