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Junior tennis players looking to be the next Paradorn

NIS Taste Futsal Success

Chiang Mai HHH Corner - ďOn On!Ē

CSH3 Run 567

Fierce rivalry expected at the Hotelís Sports Competition

Itís time to enter your team for the next season of the Chiang Mai Pool League

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Chiangmai SportRoundup

Junior tennis players looking to be the next Paradorn

Nuttanee Thaveephol

Over 400 children aged between 8-16 years old participated in the 2nd Youth Tennis Tournament of the Northern Region at Chiang Maiís 700 Years Anniversary Sport Complex during May 24-25.

Ready for the competition!

Small but cool!

A little girl prepares for the next match.

Beware the "overhead" shot!

This tournament provided a chance for the young tennis players to improve their skills and receive points for national rankings. The youngsters from the northern region played in this competition before going to participate in the national tournament in Bangkok later this year, but the official date of the national tournament is yet to be released.

The Chiang Mai competition was intense, with young players from 17 provinces in northern Thailand all wanting to follow in the tennis shoes of Thailandís famous tennis player, Paradorn Srichapan.

Following the regional matches, they will be given national rankings before the finals in Bangkok.

NIS Taste Futsal Success

Nakorn Payap International School (NIS) proved to be a roaring success in the international school Futsal tournament on Saturday 17th May, as their boyís team finished as champions and the girls team finishing in second place. The tournament, which was held at APIS (American Pacific International School), produced thrills and excitement all the way, making it a great day out for everyone involved.

Nakorn Payap International School (NIS) proved to be a roaring success in the international school Futsal tournament on Saturday 17th May, as their boyís team finished as champions.

The boys draw held to form with pre tournament favorites NIS, CMIS and APIS all reaching the semi finals along with surprise package MCS (Murray Christian School). This was where the action really started to heat up with two tight games that both went down to the wire. NIS inspired by a stunning hat-trick from their captain Montree eventually won the game 3-2, the same score by which MCS beat APIS.

The final of MCS vs NIS was to be a repeat of an earlier match in the tournament in which MCS beat NIS 6-5; a great game, but in the final the tables would be turned and NIS won 3-1 in another riveting match that was played in a sporting and friendly spirit as the whole tournament had been.

NIS, coached by Lee Stevens and led on the pitch by captain Montree Chuamsakul and playmaker Atthapon (Sonu) Kulpakdeesingworn, proved that a mixture of steel and finesse is what it takes to succeed.

The girls draw didnít let the side down with their tournament more than matching the boys in terms of excitement. There were some familiar faces in the semi finals with NIS beating MCS and APIS beating CMIS. The final brought together APIS and NIS with APIS eventually winning 4-1 using their superior strength to their advantage.

All in all the tournament, managed by Marc Curli of APIS, produced a little bit of everything and everyone involved got something out of it. Roll on next year!

Chiang Mai HHH Corner - ďOn On!Ē

CH3, the oldest hash club (males) in Chiang Mai is picked up from the "ONON" pub (Moon Mueng Soi 1) at 16.00 once every 2 weeks. Pick up can be arranged from Fish and Chips shop as well.

CSH3 is a mixed Saturday hash which is picked up from the H3 Pub on Moon Mueng Road every Saturday at 15.30. Pick up can be arranged from Fish and Chips shop as well.

CUMH3 is a male hash which runs from the "ONON" Pub every consecutive (from CH3) Tuesday. Pick up is at 16.00.

BH3 is a female hash (Harriettes) that runs once a month on the last Sunday of the month.

All information either from Fish and Chips, H3 or "ONON" Pub. Or look at the websites at:

CSH3 Run 567

Hares: HP and Unplugged. It was a grey day with clouds hanging low, as low as my average mood was as that stage. There was a rumour that HP nearly had another cardiac arrest setting this mother and we were VERY afraid... HP told me before the run he really had to take it easy from now on...but THAT was not going to help the pack now, was it?

Catching up on the latest H3 news are (from left) Chiangmai Mailís MD Michael Vogt, Stephen "Wombat" Lewin, and John "Superman" Lyons.

The hare brief of all hare briefs was given with exact instructions (can someone do something about these hare briefs that are as long as the runs?!) and many a "And then you politely take the left part out" and "You should be so polite to go back and kick out the circle" can someone tell him this is a hash?! And finally we were off.

Flour was alleged to be in the car park area but I guess itís easier for a sniffer dog to find a grain of cocaine in a fish pile, for we saw none! Following Wombatís arse (not hard to do nowadays...itís getting bigger!) we found trail and it was immediately into a circle check. Thinking it should be on the road for a while I checked up and Wombat left...wrong!

I managed to lead quite a bit of visitors and even Superman into this trap so the circle check worked. Ergo: stop thinking on a hash! Working our way back along the entire pack Red Carpet, Headhacker, and even Stinking, Rotten, Festering, Worthless, Horrendous, Negligent, Slimy, Evil, Dirty Pervert was seen on the trail. Nicely swaying through the mountains the trail sort of followed a concrete gutter (how convenient for a hash!) which led to a road with another check. Here the pack was quite confused (what else is new with these wankers?) and Square Rooter started running in all directions but the right one...good choice! Donít you love it when FRBís mess up completely?

Wombat meanwhile, was on the right trail and having asserted he should have the wings every run since heís GM (He splashed 3 people for racing before the this the Wombat I know?!) he conveniently stopped blowing the horn like a woman that knows the moment is there...and needs a warning! It was nice and quiet now running in the forest with only Wombat ahead and the silence of the Sundown. Looking like a raving madman Squirter (AKA Square Rooter) came up right behind me on a check here and passed to start pursuit of the guy with the fat arse in the red pants with an oblivious horn (Need I say more...?)

I tried keeping up and actually could have out-run them both but didnít see the use and kept my dignity (everyone knows that at this stage Dykie had completely lost it...again). We came out of the forest only to have our injured knees and ankles be tortured by a 1 km long cement road...the Japanese in WWII had lesser inspirations for their practice on POWís...

Now I had to start really moving as - so far unnamed - Sarah was chasing me. She must have had some laughs as I was trying to stay ahead and keep my undies up as the elastic had sprung! I managed to stay ahead to be in right behind Wombat and Squirter (eg. about 5 minutes later!) The pack started trickling in with some visitors leading and then Dirty Pervert, Headhacker, Red Carpet. Burrito Bud and Geisha were seen riding a motorbike and Miss Piggy came in the wrong way. Then Fish started to make an appearance just as I was considering another girlfriend (thinking she had perished in the forest, I was so worried). And Who the f.. is Bob nearly had a name change to Where the F... is Bob, but he came in (excellent hasher in my opinion: a loner that can drink beer and always finds his way back) {Note from On-Sec-Actually, he did a 30 minute walk with Pamela}. Now the pack was in and the circle could be convened just about when Wombat was going to explode trying to remember all his splashes.

Great run, well done hares!

On-On Dyke Converter

Circle 567

GM Wombat opened the circle in the usual manner by calling in the Hares, HP and Unplugged. They had to cool their heels while he splashed Michael for not learning the Wombat Bee Dance and therefore getting stung 7 times. He then got around to splashing the Hares for learning from Rocks how to set a run without paper. He then called in the On-Sec Pamela and splashed him for listing the Champion award in the Awards section of the Trash. Always one to beat a dead horse, Wombat then called in the Web Wanker Head Hacker and put him on ice for not catching Pamelaís mistake and not putting it on the e-Trash either. He was soon joined there by Fish & T for not wearing her justly deserved [email protected]#t award from last week. Then X-Virgin Sister was re-awarded the A for doing nothing about restoring the awards to their past splendor. He gave Michael the Crash for his sorry attempt at the Dance of the Bumble Bee. Dyke Converter objected to the back-to-front alignment of the award and came into the circle to correct it. And since no good deed goes unpunished, Wombat splashed him for the effort. There was some buzzing going on in the circle and when Wombat identified it as Kiwi Bastard and Rocks having a private party, he called them in for a splash each.

Wombat then turned the circle over to Rocks but incorrectly identified him as the On-Sec. Even Rocks caught that one and promptly put Wombat on the ice. Rocks then called in the returnees - Dirty Pervert, Twin Peaks and B Filler who had been away for 5 years - could almost be called a Virgin. After all, Misfortune re-classifies herself after 5 days. Next in were 3 visiting Hashers. Bullet from the Bangkok H3, Bell End from the Hare & Hounds H3 and Sarah Lee from the KL Mother Hash. He then called in the Virgins - Dookatan and Waan from Chiang Mai and Gregory from the US. His final splash was to Makeup Box for paying her membership fees.

Wombat took the circle again and put HP on ice to cool down his tacky ticker and awarded him the Dead Chicken because he looked like one. He brought in Fish & T and X-Virgin Sister to relieve them of the [email protected]#t and the A. He then asked for the Hashers who rode motorcycles on the run to confess so he could reward them with these now available prizes. While he obviously knew the guilty parties, they failed to come forward even after being threatened with double ice and double down-downs. The criminals - Burrito Butt and Geisha - were brought in, given the [email protected]#t and A respectively, seated on the ice and then given double down-downs.

He turned the circle over to the RA, X-Virgin Sister, who only gave splashes to Geisha and Bullet for sharing a lighter. Not quite as bad as sharing needles.

Wombat took control (loosely defined) and started the naming session. After such lame suggestions as Cheese Head and Cheesy Dick, Sarah was anointed with Pamelaís suggestion of Cracker Barrel. Bob was given Who the [email protected]# is Bob? but Kiwi objected saying there ainít no [email protected]#% in Bob so it was revised to Who the mmm is Bob? WOW was also due but the mental strain of coming up with 2 names in one circle was too much so she remains WOW for a bit longer.

The JM HP was given the circle and he splashed Dyke Converter for not putting up the Hash sign at the first turn in time. It seems HPís tacky ticker got real tacky after setting the run and he went to the hospital tout suite and had to ask Dykie to put the sign up and Dykie was late. At least he didnít ask Superman! He then splashed Superman for ass-kissing the Hare to get the Wings and Rocks for good training of his son Alastair. Probably not so much that Alastair is running better but Rocks running worse. He then brought in the slugs - Quazzimoto, Kiwi B and Twin Peaks.

Wombat took over again and called in Makeup Box for squatting on the run. Everyone was afraid to ask which number but there was a lot of hair and no briefs. She got some amber liquid for her sins.

Kiwi was given the circle and he splashed Superman, Dyke Converter, Rocks and Bullet for not buying the new T-shirts even though credit was given. He then called in Dyke Converter and Fish & T for a surreptitious marriage and sex in the circle.

It was then Tuff [email protected]#tís Raffle time and it seems that Superman didnít front enough money for T-shirts because there was only one available as a prize. Sarah Lee came to the rescue and donated one. The wieners were:


T-shirt-Dirty Pervert

T-shirt-Twin Peaks

The hares were called in to give the Wings. They had no problem awarding Dirty Pervert the Male Wings but got confused on the female. HP gave WOW an honorable mention and then tried to give them to Cracker Barrel. But since she had won them last week, he ended up giving them to WOW after all.

Wombat then closed the circle.

Fierce rivalry expected at the Hotelís Sports Competition

Much more than the Egg and Spoon race

Autsadaporn Kamthai

Thai Hotels Association (THA), Northern Chapter will hold its 23rd Hotel Sportsí Day and competitions on June 13 at Chiang Mai Municipal Stadium to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Thai Hotels Association. There are three sections of the competition - hotel management, recreational activity and football. This year, it is expected that around 20 hotels will be entering the competition.

Hotel management competition will include making a Honeymoon bed, free-style flower arrangements, European dinner arrangements, table skirt tucking, wine serving, free-style ice carving and wedding cake dressing. The first round of the competition will be held at Stadium 3 at from 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. and the final round at the football field at 4 p.m.

The recreational activity will be held after the opening ceremony and consists of a 7 person tug-of-war.

For the soccer competition, five hotels will take part including Royal Princess (the defending champion), Imperial Mae Ping Hotel, Suriwongse, the Empress and Rydges hotel. The first round of the football competition will be held on June 6-12, two matches each day. The first match will begin at 4 p.m. and second at 6 p.m. The final round will take place on June 13 at 10.30 a.m.

The opening ceremony will be held at 1.30 pm. on June 13 when there will be a parade of hotel staffs from those attendeding the event.

Around 5.00 p.m. on that opening day, there will also be a friendly football match between Jam Jam team, the football club of Grammy Entertainment consisting of 25 actors led by Peter Corp Direndal, Tui Teerapat, Hugo, Aum Ammarin, the member of Silly Fool and Y Not 7 band, - that will compete with the hotel staffs in combination with the Chiang Mai mass media members.

Itís time to enter your team for the next season of the Chiang Mai Pool League

Chalk up your cues, as preparations are now underway for the Chiang Mai Pool Leagueís new season, which will commence 4 July. Entry fee remains at 400 baht to be paid to John at True Blue / Out Back no later than 15 June 03. Any proposed changes should also be forwarded (fully worded, not vague suggestions) to John.

Fitness Tips: Body shapes and risk factors

Gíday Readers,

Fitness tips this week looks at body shapes and risk factors as well as what might happen if you overdo it without following good advice.

Big stomachs could lead to stroke

Have you ever wondered which members of your aqua class could be most at risk of stroke or heart disease? It is near impossible to tell whether an individual is in the high-risk category by simply looking them up and down without delving into their family history and health background. But a new study presented at the recent annual meeting of the American Academy of Neurology researchers revealed that waist to hip ratio is a crucial factor in determining an individualís risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

Researchers from the Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center in New York compared 570 stroke victims with 1,100 people who had never suffered a stroke. It was found that waist-to-hip ratio (how big their waist was relative to their hips) was the most significant difference between the two groups. Those who had suffered a stroke had the largest waist-to-hip ratio.

Those participants who have relatively thin arms and legs and a rounded stomach tend to be most at risk. While you may suggest that they monitor their blood pressure closely and regularly check in with their doctor, continual participation in your aqua class may be one of the best things for them. As we know, aqua activities are a great form of cardiovascular exercise, which may contribute to lowering blood pressure and increasing fitness. Aqua exercise is also excellent for weight loss, which could contribute to a reduction in waist-to-hip ratios. If your waist is more than 80% of the size of your hips you could do with a bit of exercise. If your waist is the same size as your hips you need to do some regular exercise and take a good look at your diet. You are considered high risk if the ratio is in excess of 1.2 or your waist is 120% the size of your hips.

Fat distribution affects Diabetes Type II

Obesity is a well-known risk factor for Type II Diabetes but new research shows that fat distribution is more of a concern than overall body weight.

Earlier studies have shown that young adults of normal weight, as well as middle-aged adults, are more likely to develop the resistance to insulin that causes diabetes if they have excess abdominal fat. Diabetes researcher Bret H. Goodpaster, PhD and colleagues have now found similar results in their new study of 3000 older men and women (average age of 74).

The researchers found that those with diabetes and impaired glucose tolerance had a higher proportion of fat within the thigh muscle than those who didnít have diabetes. Similarly, the proportion of abdominal fat was greater for those with diabetes. These findings were independent of the patientsí total weight.

According to diabetes specialist Om Ganda, MD of Harvard Universityís Joslin Diabetes Center, we have underestimated the effect of body composition whilst focusing too much on body weight alone. India has the largest population of diabetics in the world, yet obesity levels are low.

Goodpaster and his team are now investigating the positive benefits of exercise in replacing fatty muscle with lean muscle to lower the risk of diabetes.

Carpeí Diem