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Chiangmai Mail shoots and scores in Chantaburi

Scandinavian Golf Tour operators look us over

New type of bumper pool unveiled in Thailand

CSH3 Run 568

It’s time to enter you team for the next season of the Chiang Mai Pool League

Chiang Mai HHH Corner - “On On!”

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Chiangmai SportRoundup

Chiangmai Mail shoots and scores in Chantaburi

On May 20, a friendly football match between the Mass Media team of Chiang Mai from the north and Mass Media team from Chantaburi in the east took place at the football field of this eastern province.

Part of Mass Media team of Chiang Mai - including Chiangmai Mail editor Phitsanu Thepthong (#44).

Chief Judge of Chantaburi Provincial Court Ariya Nawintham (left) presents the winning trophy to the wining team from Chiang Mai, represented by Pol Lt Suchai Kengkarnkha (right).

The VIPs of Chantaburi high-ranking officials team led by the Chief Judge of Chantaburi Provincial Court Ariya Nawintham, and the senior mass media teams from Chiang Mai and Chantaburi.

Chief Judge of Chantaburi Provincial Court, Ariya Nawintham (wearing glasses) cut the ribbon, marking the opening ceremony of the game.

The Chiang Mai team won the exciting game 5 - 0. It was a landslide victory, and one of the goals was scored by Chiang Mai Mail editor Phitsanu Thepthong, who scored the last goal from the penalty kick area in the last minute of the game.

The opening ceremony of the match was presided over by the chief judge of Chantaburi Provincial Court, Ariya Nawintham.

The after-match dinner reception was held at the provincial stadium, hosted by the team from the east for their northern visitors. Several VIPs, including Chantaburi’s police chief, attended the function

Scandinavian Golf Tour operators look us over

Supatatt Dangkrueng

Golf tour operators from Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland, and tourist businesses in Chiang Mai got together on May 24 at Tamarind Village. The function was arranged by the Tourist Authority of Thailand (TAT) in Stockholm, Sweden, bringing European golf tour operators to visit Chiang Mai and see the golf courses in Chiang Mai, during on the Golf Travel Mart which took place in Phuket and Prachuab Kirikhan provinces.

European golf tour operator interested in the tourist packages in Chiang Mai.

Ms. Nattheera Kajornserilikhitkul, director of TAT of Stockholm, said Chiang Mai and northern provinces could be an alternative for European golf players on tour. “There are about 1.3 million people in Scandinavia regularly playing golf, but only for half a year, because of the frosty weather,” said Ms Nattheera.

On June 16 there will be the Family Golf organized by TAT of Stockholm and they will hold the final round Thailand. “It is expected that the participants will visit and play golf in Thailand and this would result in more golf tour groups coming to visit Chiang Mai,” said Ms Natthera.

New type of bumper pool unveiled in Thailand

The first prototype of a new type of bumper pool was built by designer Ken Albertsen, an American residing in Northern Thailand. For those not familiar with bumper pool, it’s a snooker-type game the design of which hasn’t changed in 50 years.

Chalong, Ken Albertsen and Miss Mai try out the new bumper pool design.

Regular bumper pool tables are small, employ 12 bumpers and offer a limited variety of shots. The new design, called ‘Snook Doggie Golf’ has double the playing surface (1 x 2 meters), 16 bumpers, and is a bit more challenging.

Its most unique features are the recessed triangular-shaped corner spaces that serve a similar function as ‘sand-traps’ in golf. Each corner is called the ‘pound’ in deference to the ‘Doggie’ part of the game’s name. Snook Doggie Golf is played by two players / teams who each try to first ‘sink’ their five same-colored balls in their opponent’s goal. Rules are articulated on the web at

Ken and his Thai business partner Chalong hope to be marketing the table as soon as production facilities are set up. Market options within Thailand include arcades, clubs, hotels and private buyers. Billiard halls might be interested to note that, besides offering players a fun alternative to snooker, a ‘Snook Doggie Golf’ table takes up half the floor space of a full size billiard table.

Current plans call for offering a table-top model and a same size free-standing model with its own support. Inquiries can be made with designer Ken Albertson. Email: [email protected]

CSH3 Run 568

Hares: Pamela and Sunspot. As the sun shone thru the trees and the birds were singing in the background a hesitant pack of Hashers were gathering below the trees. These Hashers were fearing the worst as the Hares of the day were Pamela and Sunspot and their runs are known to test one’s mental ability and physical endurance. The fear could be seen in one’s eyes as the fear of the unknown became stronger as the time came closer. The brief was short and to the point and understood by all as the hares gave the magic words ...

At the start of the run Dykie and Dirty wonderful Pervert led the way. It was not long (about 50m) before the rest of the pack caught up. Then Square Rooter pushed his way to the front muttering, “ I am going to beat that bloody Dykie.” As we got to the first check a questioning look was cast amongst the experienced hashers as that flea infested Wombat could not be seen. This racer was at the rear. Why? Was it that he was saving himself so he would not have to do any checks or circles or some other sinister reason.

A Conditioner led the pack thru the first check as the other hashers took the wrong trail. The break had done AC some good. This was short lived, as at the next cross he blew it. To the right was a trail and one that led thru the water. The pack feared the water and did not know what to do. Suddenly there was a yell and Who the... Is Bob sprang thru the pack and ran through the water not fearing the consequences and shouted, “no guts no glory” and led us to a circle.

Here there was mass confusion as hashers were running in all directions. Head Hacker was spotted with the ever faithful Ton Dee and to our surprise Wombat following, Wombat had cravings for Ton Dee and was only waiting for Head Hacker to slip up and would have Ton Dee for his own perverse reasons.

There was a yell from RO and off we went. BF and Dirty Good looking pervert were honing in on RO. Dykie was running by instinct or whatever but was not on paper and little Square Rooter was hot on his heels. Now Super B, Miss Piggy, X-Virgin, Burrito Butt and Twin Peaks had caught up and were leading the pack. At the next circle the girls lost it and RO and BF took the right path and led the way.

Out of the blue Superman and Spillage had made a gallant effort to get ahead of the pack. The girls were still at the front of most of the males. Dykie was still running on instinct pretending to be looking for paper. Wally Wombat could see his chances for having Ton Dee were now lost and made an attempt to go to the front as most racing bastards do. Sensing that Wombat was creeping up D.R.P’s rear Dirty made a final lunge to the front of the pack behind Spillage and Geisha.

Now the pace was set. The youngsters in the group were starting to tire. Experience had paid off for the oldies as now they were at the front. Miss Piggy, Twin Peaks and Super B were on the heels of the F.R.Bs. This was certainly a change for the books. As the run went on these female runners stepped up the pace and were threatening the leaders. Wonders never cease.

Once we reached the bitumen Dirty Pervert and RO set the pace with Superman, Spillage and BF putting up a gallant effort. X-Virgin, Twin peaks and Burrito Butt were trying to run down the leaders. The whole pack was starting to tire and Dykie tried to get the lead with Square Rooter on his rear. These racing bastards had had it. Even the girls were outpacing them. The visitors were fading in the horizon. Head Hacker and Ton Dee were keeping away from Wombat who had left his dash too late and was fading to the rear.

DRP, RO and BF led the hashers to Sunspot’s place of abode with Superman and Spillage and A Conditioner right behind them. Shortly Miss Piggy, Twin Peaks and Burrito Butt busted into the front yard. Head Hacker and Ton Dee followed, Dykie finally came in muttering, “At least I beat that little Square Rooter.” So much for racing. Now most of the pack had rolled in, Wombat looked a broken man as he walked in.

Many of us have achieved and stridden for a better quality of life for ourselves and our neighbours, helping those that are unable to help themselves but in all sincerity the greatest achievement would have been finishing the run that Pamela and Sunspot had set. Well done.

Write up by Dirty Rotten Pervert

Circle 568

GM Wombat brought the circle to order (?). The hares - Sun Spot and Pamela - were brought in and feted for the best run this year by a gimp. The GM liked the new look of the Trash with cool icons for the awards and brought Pamela in and made him the Champion. This award is better than the Nobel Piece Prize as you can freely insult the GM without fear of retribution. In fact, you can do anything without fear of retribution. He then brought in Jamie and made him Hash Crash for falling off a bridge during the run.

Wombat then showed the value of the Champion Award. Wombat, having nothing to do during his vacation, found an error in the Trash. However, since Pamela had the Champion Award, he couldn’t be punished for this and Head Hacker was brought in instead. He protested his innocence and was further awarded with a seat on the ice.

Head Hacker then took charge of the circle and splashed Kiwi B for making a nuisance of himself in general and carping from the edge of the circle in particular. He then brought in long time returnees A Conditioner and Frank N. Stein. Frankie was also complimented on his colorful beachwear and obviously he thought he was in Phuket. Continuing the theme of the day of get Wombat, HH splashed the GM for having too much free time.

RO took the circle to give out his splashes. First out were the 8 visitors. Next he brought out visiting Hashers Smeghead from Songkla and Slippery When Wet from Toronto. Smeghead was given the honor of the Guest Willy.

Wombat took the circle again and splashed the returnees Major Bumsore, Spillage, All the Way, Frank N. Stein and Sun Spot. After a false start last week, we again got down to naming Waeow who will now be known as Bow Wow.

Our Religious Adviser, X-Virgin Sister, took the circle and brought in Head Hacker for abusing his veto power in giving Bow Wow her name. It seems HE didn’t like any of the proposals. He was also splashed for dog abuse and not letting Thong Dee have any fun. Frankie was brought in and punished for stealing his cheap clothes as they still had the tags on them.

Wombat came in one last time and put Quazzimoto on ice. The circle was closed and the On-On began with food supplied by Sun Spot.

It’s time to enter you team for the next season of the Chiang Mai Pool League

Chalk up your cues, as preparations are now underway for the Chiang Mai Pool League’s new season, which will commence 4 July. Entry fee remains at 400 baht to be paid to John at True Blue / Out Back no later than 15 June 03. Any proposed changes should also be forwarded (fully worded, not vague suggestions) to John.

Chiang Mai HHH Corner - “On On!”

CH3, the oldest hash club (males) in Chiang Mai is picked up from the “ONON” pub (Moon Mueng Soi 1) at 16.00 once every 2 weeks. Pick up can be arranged from Fish and Chips shop as well.

CSH3 is a mixed Saturday hash which is picked up from the H3 Pub on Moon Mueng Road every Saturday at 15.30. Pick up can be arranged from Fish and Chips shop as well.

CUMH3 is a male hash which runs from the “ONON” Pub every consecutive (from CH3) Tuesday. Pick up is at 16.00.

BH3 is a female hash (Harriettes) that runs once a month on the last Sunday of the month.

All information either from Fish and Chips, H3 or “ONON” Pub. Or look at the websites at:

It’s great fun and you surely get value for your money plus you get to meet all the long-time expats here!

Fitness Tips: Long distance running can lower bone density in women

G’day Readers,

Running is known for its positive effects on heart disease, obesity and general health but it has been reported that it has a negative effect on bone density.

A recent team led by Melonie Burrows, PhD, at the UK University of East London, enrolled 52 women runners, aged 18-44, in an intensive study. They ranged from recreational runners who ran only 5km a week to elite athletes who ran 70km a week.

The results showed that women who ran the most had the lowest bone density. Women who had more muscle lost less bone. According to Dr Peter Lemon, director of the exercise nutrition research laboratory at Canada’s University of Western Ontario, female athletes who train seriously tend to under eat and their metabolism slows down. This often leads to nutritional deficiencies, loss in bone mass and stress fractures. Also estrogen levels decrease, which has a negative effect on bone health.

Burrows suggests that serious runners should have a healthy, balanced diet, add weight training to the workout and maintain a regular menstrual cycle.

According to Lemon running is better for bone health than swimming, but is not as good as strength exercises in applying resistance to bone. Sports like gymnastics, weightlifting and volleyball apply more stimulation for bone growth than running.

Looking at it further it’s very simple to see that if you become obsessed with one thing while ignoring everything else around you it will be detrimental to your life. These women that have become obsessed in this study with their long distance running have not followed standard nutritional sports dietary advice to keep up their improvement in performance for the chosen event.

Thus, women who do long distance running, provided they have correct nutritional balance, are not likely to suffer loss in bone density. If they go further and augment the running training with weight lifting they could successfully increase the density and improve overall athletic performance.

Carpe’ diem