Petri’s Pizza

For an amazing brunch

Breakfast time, for Miss Terry Diner, does not fall within her finest hours I am afraid. However, after 11 a.m. the concept of brunch does fit in with my metabolism. In search of the perfect ‘brunch’ the Dining Out Team this week visited Petri’s Pizza after hearing some good reports about this restaurant.

The restaurant is on Huaykaew Road, on the opposite side and a little before the Chiang Mai Orchid Hotel and Kad Suan Kaew shopping centre. It is run by Swedish chef Petri and his Thai wife Jubjib, who is fluent in Thai, English, and Swedish.

The restaurant is very clean, has white painted walls with contrasting orange panels and dark green ceramic tiles on the floor. The tables are covered with chequered tablecloths and glazed earthenware plates sit on colourful placemats, giving a bright and cheerful atmosphere to the venue.

There are two food menus, one covering breakfasts and brunches, toasts or sandwiches, while the other is the a la carte evening menu. This latter and larger menu begins with soups ranging in price between B. 50-65 covering salmon and dill, or ham and cauliflower amongst others.

Next up are the pastas (B. 89-109), followed by Ratatouille at B. 79 and an oddly named Chicken Africano for B. 89, done in a Madras curry.

Seventeen (8 slice) pizza choices are next, B. 119 for the traditional Margarita, through to Mama Mia B. 159 with cheese, pork, bacon, onion, bell pepper and garlic. Finally, you can make your own with a choice of up to five toppings for B. 179.

Steaks are imported New Zealand beef with items B. 329-389 and include pepper steak, tenderloin, rib eye and sirloin. Other meat dishes include pork at B. 149-169 with chops, and baby back ribs. Chicken items are B. 119-159 including roast and fillets.

Fish, B. 169-199 has salmon, white snapper and grilled snowfish on offer, followed by ‘varieties’ including ostrich, stroganoff and Swedish meatballs.

Salads are B. 75-85 and side orders at around B 30. Desserts at around B. 40 and local beers B. 49-59 and house wine B. 65 per glass. There is also a small wine list with the cheapest B. 590 and the most expensive B. 820. Please try the de Bortoli Classic Red 2002 at B. 640.

The breakfast/brunch menu includes orange juice and bottomless coffee and has Swedish potato pancakes with bacon and cranberry sauce, fried or scrambled eggs with bacon, ham or sausage, omelette with shrimp, ham, bacon or mushroom stuffing, a wonderful sounding Swedish hotchpotch and even pancakes! Toasts and sandwiches cover tuna and egg, shrimp and crabfish, ham and mushroom or chicken curry, plus many other choices as well as a choice of bread - pita, whole wheat or white and you can even have porkburger, fishburger or a bologna sausage burger with fried egg.

Petri presented us with a choice of brunches and we began with the Swedish ‘hotchpotch’ served with fried egg and pickled cucumber. The main part of the dish was a mixture of potatoes with ham done on the griddle, with egg, beetroot and tomato along with Petri’s home made pita bread.

We also tried one of the tuna and egg sandwiches, which came with a semi-circle of pita bread and which Madame pronounced was delicious, while I relished the beautiful potato salad and pastrami beef with mustard on wholemeal bread.

For those with a sweeter tooth, there were Swedish pancakes (closer to a crepe than the traditional UK/USA pancakes) with jam and whipped cream.

Brunch was well covered by Petri’s Pizza, there being something for everyone. The Swedish hotchpotch (‘pittipanni’) was the favourite with the Dining Out Team, though the potato salad with beef ran a close second. However, we thoroughly enjoyed everything, and the orange juice and endless coffee has to make this place an alternative to sitting at home looking blearily across the table at your partner. At the price of B. 95 it is also a bargain. Homely and highly recommended.

Petri’s Pizza, 20/2 Huaykaew Road, T. Changpuak, Amphur Muang, Chiang Mai, telephone 053 404 174. Parking outside 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and again after 6 p.m.