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Kids' Corner

TOEFL training program is launched in Chiang Mai

Lanna International holds ‘Moving On’ Ceremony for KG 3

LIST Graduation- “Moving On”

UNICEF meets the northern media for discussions on child rights

Kids' Corner

Here is little quiz to find out how healthy you really are.a Test Your Physical Health

Answer the questions below to test your physical health. Put a:

0 if you never do it;

1 if you sometimes do it;

2 if you often do it;

3 if you do it every day.

1) Do you exercise? _______

2) Do you get some sleep? _______

3) Do you have a bath or shower? _______

4) Do you eat healthy food? _______

5) Do you wash your hands? _______

6) Do you brush your teeth? _______

7) Do you comb or brush your hair? _______

8) Use sunscreen when you are in

the sun? _______

9) Wear a hat when you are in

the sun? _______

10) Do you laugh and have fun? _______


TOTAL _______


See how healthy you are by using the key below:

26-30 You are very healthy.

20-25 You are ok.

11-19 You need to improve.

0-10 Your body is very sick.


1) What do you get if you cross a pig with a cactus?

2) What kind of jam can’t you eat?

3) What kind of gum do bees make?

4) What did the road say to the bridge?


1) A porcupine

2) A traffic jam

3) Bumble gum

4) You make me cross

Bye from Marg and Marvin

TOEFL training program is launched in Chiang Mai

The International Center (IC) of Chiang Mai University, in conjunction with ACE International, has unveiled a new training program for TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language).

“TOEFL by BrainFlex” is, in essence, a Modular Training Program which addresses the entire spectrum of requirements for teaching and learning key skills and techniques to achieve successful scores in a TOEFL test.

The director of IC, Dr. Busabong Jamroendararasame, pointed out that, “IC has noted the growing demand from our community in the greater Chiang Mai region to pursue advanced education in North America, and TOEFL is one of the primary criteria of successful admission. We believe this new TOEFL training program under the innovative BrainFlex System offers more benefits to prospective university applicants.”

The TOEFL by BrainFlex training program has 4 modules available that are: TOEFL preparation, listening comprehension, English structure and reading comprehension.

In consultation with the training program administrative, clients may choose from a range of “fast track” or “intensive” options, for shorter or longer courses respectively. For those who need more information, contact 053-924896 or [email protected]

Lanna International holds ‘Moving On’ Ceremony for KG 3

Marion Vogt

They were led down the stairs in a small procession, some smiling, some shy, some talking and others jumping, as if it was already time to go home - Bkin, Daniel, Katsuya, Marcus, Mitsuki, Nacha, Pal, Somchai, Suhant, Tusaporn, Yada, Yu, Yuka, Mako & Warisara, 15 international Kindergarten children, ready to enter Grade 1 in August.

Most of the Lanna International School KG 3 graduates, together with their dedicated teachers Ms. Rebecca Cygan and Khun Ning. (Photo by Michael Vogt)

Serious? Why serious - we are here to have fun ... and what’s that thing doing on my head? (Photo by Michael Vogt)

It was obvious that their Homeroom Teacher, Ms. Rebecca Cygan and her assistant Ms. Pennapa (Ning) had their hands full dealing with these active youngsters, who were so cute to look at with their green graduation hats and the yellow tassels in front of their eyes, which they were not quite sure what to do with.

When Mr. Eugene Clark, the elementary school coordinator, handed out the certificates for having successfully fulfilled their first step in life, it was clear that this ceremony was probably more important to the parents than to the youngsters. But every single one of them stood patiently in front of the stage for the picture taking, then bowing, and turning around to get as quickly as possible back into line with a friend.

They have a long way in front of them now, but as Ravee Art Phoewham, the guest speaker from the British Council said in this speech, “It will be the teachers and the parents who make the kids successful, just by believing that they will succeed.”

With the obvious dedication of parents and LIST teachers alike, these children will not only have study years, but also, and more importantly, fun years ahead.

LIST Graduation- “Moving On”

Marion Vogt

CMU Art Convention Hall was the venue for this year’s Lanna International School Thailand (LIST) graduation ceremonies. It was celebrated with style, and enhanced through the cooperation of the Thai singing’ and the Thai dancing groups, as well as the new “How Come” School Band who gave guests and students the ‘Welcome Call’ of the day.

From left: Ms. Surin Demuth, Head of School Mr. Kenneth McCaffery, Parmuk Matrakoon, who will study hotel business & tourism in Chiang Rai, and Nattachard Wipoosana, who already began his studies in art & design at the university. (photo by Michael Vogt)

The graduating students’ homeroom teacher, Mr. David Blair Brown, acting as MC introduced the guest speaker, Rawee Art Phoewhawm, the British Council training & development coordinator. Rawee pointed out that the aim of the British Council is to build cultural relationship and create opportunities for people through the services of English language training, educational consulting and qualification assessment. This has been established for a long time now, and for Nattachard Wipoosana and Parmuk Matrakoon, the two students who are graduating and moving on to university, all those hours of studying and preparation has finally come to an end. They are ready to move on to their next step in life, whatever and wherever this might lead them. It will require more responsibility, decision-making, discipline, sacrifice, and learning from failure as well as success. In terms of decision-making it is like a game of chess, every move has to be fully thought through. As for learning from failure, these are lessons in life that lead to the paths of success.

Ravee Art Phoewhawm, training & development coordinator of the British Council Chiang Mai, represented the director of the British Council, who could not make it that day. His quote for the graduates was: “The secret of happiness is not doing what one likes, but in liking what one does.” (photo by Michael Vogt)

His advice for the graduate students was mainly to make positive choices in their life, rather than life making the choices for them.

Both graduates took the stage and the microphone, in order to thank their parents, their teachers, and to say ‘good bye’ to their friends. Especially mentioned was Miss Tony, who could not be present that morning, but also David for his patience, and the Head of School, Mr. Kenneth McCaffery, for letting them stay in school, and preparing them for their new life at university. They both were very proud and touched when they received flowers from Ms. Surin Demuth.

UNICEF meets the northern media for discussions on child rights

Peter Cummins

A high-level delegation from the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), led by the Thailand representative, Dr Gamini Abeysekera and the UNICEF Communications Team, headed by Dr Teresa Stuart, was recently in Chiang Mai to meet with Northern Media representatives, counterparts and personnel from both the public and private sectors. Top of the agenda was Child Rights and closely-related issues involving children and the media.

UNICEF Communications team: Teresa (left) and Pichada listen to the discussions.

Thai Youth News advocates show their talent.

The overall aim of this first such networking exercise with the northern media was to meet with and table proposals for Child Participation Project partners and to accompany the media, exposing the group, through field visits, to various UNICEF-assisted HIV/AIDS projects.

One of the many positive outcomes of the meeting with the more than 30 print and audio-visual media persons was the resolve to co-ordinate information and resource sharing and the overall effort to encourage youth groups and related networks and the media to collaborate in capacity building, through training and shared seminars on Child Rights issues in such vital areas as drug abuse, child trafficking, child prostitution and victims of HIV/AIDS.

The UNICEF delegation placed much emphasis on the “self-help” aspects of child development and the young people were most enthusiastic - and skilled - in the use of the media tools to air their views on Thai Youth News Centres, Child Wave Radio and through Child Rights Volunteers. A linkage with local media - print, radio and television - was regarded as mandatory.

A discussion with David Hopkinson, director and Pavinee Chommuang, education promotion manager of the British Council in Chiang Mai, also revealed many areas of improving co-operation of Child Rights issues. During the meeting, I was able to promote the teaching of cricket to Thai children (also reported in Mail earlier this year) with which Mr Hopkinson was very familiar, whole-heartedly endorsing the game as an alternative to less salubrious activities.

Discussions at the Amphan Foundation.

A very animated young lady tells about Thai Youth News programmes.

UNICEF staff (L to R) Pichada de Jesus, Dr. Teresa Stuart, Dr. Permsiri Nitimanop, Dr Gamini Abeysekera listen to “Chiangmai Mail-man” Peter Cummins addressing some of the media.

One of the many highlights of the visit to Chiang Mai was discussions with the Amphan Foundation, a self-help group of volunteers who assist distressed families, offering counselling, financial aid, education and child-care.

One of the many families assisted by Amphan and UNICEF was that of a 10-year-old girl, orphaned when both parents died of AIDS and the precious, bright little child is being raised by her grandparents, both elderly, living at Baan Gaad, a tiny place out of Chiang Mai.

The grandmother is so proud of her young charge who, she informed us, is one of the best students at her school. I noticed from an entry in the “visitors book”, that Princess Alexandra of the Royal Danish Court, who had been in Thailand earlier in the year, had also visited Baan Gaad. The beautiful little child, dreadfully shy at first, soon warmed to us and told us that she wants to be a nurse or a school-teacher.

We left Baan Gaad on a poignant note, as grandmother said, “I only hope that I can live long enough to see Noi graduate.” We all left somewhat chastened by the moving experience and the realization of how fortunate we have been.

Before departure from Chiang Mai, the UNICEF team met and had discussions with Michael Vogt, managing director of the Chiang Mai Mail and agreed to keep the newspaper office informed of any new developments in children’s issues.