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Give credit where credit is due

Searching for SWPO

Everybody should read “Personal Directions”

Bernie E., are you listening?

Has her favorites

Give credit where credit is due

Dear Editor,

In your interview with me in last week’s Chiangmai Mail, the article, which I appreciate very much, stated that I opened the Regent Resort Chiang Mai in January 1997. Actually that credit belongs to Mr. Simon Hirst and his team, many of whom, fortunately, are still here, who opened the resort in April 1995. I was the fortunate beneficiary of their hard work. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to put the credit where it is so richly deserved.

Michael J. Kemp

General Manager

Regent Resort and Spa

Searching for SWPO

Dear Sir, Madam,

After reading your article “Safety in the workplace being addressed in month-long project” by Surachai T. Bunditkul, I have some questions for you.

I am a quality, safety and environmental engineer in Holland and the article immediately grabbed my interest. After looking on the internet for SWPO, I could not find anything. Could you maybe give me an email address or website for the SWPO in Chiang Mai?

I am very interested in safety in the workplace and want to contact SWPO in Chiang Mai to see if I can discuss this subject with colleagues. Since I will be in Chiang Mai at the time of the seminar (August 8-9), this will provide an excellent chance.

Maybe the request is not very orthodox, but I hope you will be able to help me.

With kindest regards and greetings,

Ewald Poot

Editor replies: The person to contact is Ms. Thipakorn Udommaneesuwat, Head of Chiangmai Provincial Labor Protection & Welfare Officer, phone number: 053 890 472-3, fax: 053 214 844, mobile: 01 884 6671, no email, no website.

Everybody should read “Personal Directions”


I wish to recommend that Chiangmai Mail’s brilliant column “Personal Directions”, written by Ms. Christina Dodd, should become a “must read” at schools and universities. Both Thais and foreigners alike do / will / should greatly benefit from the free professional advice given in these articles.

Being a retired executive myself, I know exactly what Ms. Christina is talking about, as I also attended, and moderated, a number of seminars, self-finding missions et al, during my professional life.

However, even people who are no longer involved in business can easily take advantage of the knowledge Ms. Christina is sharing with us, be it through a more positive approach to ‘situations’ in human relations, or more openness towards different nationalities, etc. Youths, for example, who don’t have a chance to talk to their working parents enough, can learn a great deal from this column, which provides valuable and profound advice. Again, many thanks to Ms. Christina for a job well done.

Dr. K. W. Humbertz

Hang Dong

Bernie E., are you listening?

Dear Editor:

Two things I’d like to say - firstly, a quick “2 thumbs up” for your Eff Wun column - although it does indeed reflect Dr. Corness’s personal views and impressions (which are most certainly shared by a number of readers), it is very nicely written, very humoristic, and, I assume, he quite often has his ‘tongue-in-cheek’ while he composes the articles. Great stuff. The nice thing about it is that Dr. Corness writes what he thinks, and does not try to paint a colorful picture, whenever there’s no color around - see the latest review of the Monaco GP. How dull it was indeed, and to replace the course with Spa-Francorchamps is just a brilliant idea.

How about sending Bernie E. a copy of the Chiangmai Mail, whenever there’s an F1- review?

Secondly, another “bravo” for your headlines in general, often mixed with a humoristic, sarcastic, or just funny sub-header. I just loved the headline of the unemployed elephants, proposing that they would ‘work for peanuts’, or suggesting that the police officers who are looking for dark influences should use torches. Very funny, very entertaining. Looking very much forward to having more good laughs in future.

Keep it up, Chiangmai Mail.

Many thanks,

Francois Moilin

Has her favorites

Chiangmai Mail;

I must admit I don’t (need to) read just everything you print, but I certainly have my favorites which I can pick. The very wide variety and mixture of, let’s say, ‘news’ which you publish is just fantastic, and it provides information which concerns both locals and farangs. Besides, you don’t only report on things and happenings, you also give us the true facts - I am referring to your article last Saturday on the European Film Festival, and I can only second everything which was said there. Information was unavailable, nobody knew anything about it, and as a result, most of the time the theater was empty. The festival certainly has potential, but must be professionally marketed in future. Maybe they should give the marketing rights to Chiangmai Mail? It can’t get any worse...


Amanda Ryan