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VIP Lanna United victorious in Friendly Football match

North Keepers put on stunning cheerleader show

It’s time to enter your team for the next season of the Chiang Mai Pool League

Everyone wants to be Number One

Mini Volleyball tournament for U/12’s

CMSH3 Run 570

Chiangmai SportRoundup

VIP Lanna United victorious in Friendly Football match

The VIP Lanna United Hotels Stars of Chiang Mai won the friendly football match against the Jam Jam Music team from Grammy Entertainment, Bangkok. The match was held as part of the closing ceremony of the Thai Hotels Association (THA) sports day and competition held on June 13.

VIP Lanna United and Jam Jam of Grammy Entertainment are poised for battle.

Vorapong Muchaotai (left), THA president and VIP Lanna United’s goalkeeper exchange congratulations and mementos.

The friendly match took place at the municipal stadium which was packed with staff from the 19 hotels participating in the event, the 23rd competition organized by THA, northern chapter.

The Jam Jam tam was led by the popular player Peter Corp of Grammy entertainment, as well as Hugo, the TV Channel 7 actor, while the VIP Lanna United team was led by the THA, Northern president Vorapong Muchaotai, with the rest of the team taken from hotel staff, tourist police, air force (Wing 41), and mass media.

At the end of the first half of the match, the visiting team from Bangkok Jam Jam music was in front 2-1, with both goals kicked by their number 23, Bom Bom.

The second half began with Jam Jam producing one more goal, giving it a lead of 3-1. During the second half, Phitsanu Thepthong from the Chiangmai Mail was sent on and managed assist on the team’s second goal, then scored the final goal to even the match. When the full time whistle blew, the teams were deadlocked in a 3-3 draw.

The referee decided a ‘golden goal’ finish would produce a result and decided on 1 penalty kick for each player. VIP Lanna United scored 7 goals, while Jam Jam scored 5, making the final combined score: VIP United Lanna United 10, Jam Jam 8.

North Keepers put on stunning cheerleader show

The Srithana Commercial College Chiang Mai North Keepers championship cheerleader squad performed a spectacular cheerleading show during the opening ceremony of the Thai Hotels Association (THA) sports day and competition on June 13.

Reaching for the sky - the award winning Srithana Commercial College Chiang Mai North Keepers cheerleading squad goes through their routine.

 Srithana Commercial College shows off their cheerleader skills and talents.

The 16-member North Keepers team, consisting of 10 men and 6 women from the college, showed their talent and skills once again at the Chiang Mai Municipal Stadium.

Archarn Namkang Wanacharoen, the instructor and choreographer of the cheerleading squad told Chiangmai Mail that the North Keepers not only won the Northern Region Cheerleader Championship but also HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn’s trophy for three consecutive years 2000, 2001 and 2002.

College teacher Neti Pandej trains this team, and with him the North Keepers also became the 1st runner-up in the Thailand Cheerleaders Championship held in Bangkok’s Seacon Square.

It’s time to enter your team for the next season of the Chiang Mai Pool League

Chalk up your cues, as preparations are now underway for the Chiang Mai Pool League’s new season, which will commence 4 July. Entry fee remains at 400 baht to be paid to John at True Blue / Out Back. Any proposed changes should also be forwarded (fully worded, not vague suggestions) to John.

Everyone wants to be Number One

Nuttanee Thaveephol

The “To Be Number One Sports Cup” competition is being held through June 22 this year, with the 16 finalists from throughout Chiang Mai to appear on Sunday June 22 at the 700 Years Anniversary Sports Complex.

The Chiang Mai Drug Combating Center organized the To Be Number One Cup sports competition for the province’s 22 districts and 2 sub-districts, which began in May. There are 6 sports represented including football, volleyball, sepak takraw, petanque, local sports, and aerobics.

The closing ceremony will be held on June 22, with Chiang Mai governor Suwat Tantipat presiding at 4 p.m. There will be a large parade of the athletes from the 22 districts and 2 sub-districts, asking for blessing for His Majesty the King.

Closing Ceremony Schedule of Events

9.00-12.00: The final round competitions of each sport (Volleyball (male and female), Sepak Takraw, Petanque - male and female).

10.00: The second round soccer match between village headmen and tambon headmen in a campaign against drugs.

12.30: The final round “To Be Number One Cup” soccer match.

14.00: The final round soccer match between village headmen and tambon headmen.

14.30: The local sports competition from 22 districts and 2 sub-districts.

16.00: Aerobic Dance Contest

16.30: Chiang Mai Governor Suwat Tantipat arrives and closing ceremony begins.

Mini Volleyball tournament for U/12’s

Surachai T. Bunditkul

Charin Yousabay, the director of Aeronautical Radio of Thailand (ART), Chiang Mai said that ART in cooperation with Chiang Mai Provincial Authorities and Amateur Volleyball Club of Thailand will hold the “4th Youth Volleyball championship of Thailand” beginning June 24-29.

The competition is for students in primary school level, aged under 12 years. This event will support youth to become proficient at volleyball, spending time usefully. ART Chiang Mai will be responsible for the first round in the seven northern provinces of Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Lamphun, Lampang, Phayao, Tak and Mae Hong Son.

In Lamphun the first round competition will be held on June 24-29 at Lamphun Sports Authority of Thailand’s Gymnasium. The winners will go through to the next round.

CMSH3 Run 570

There’s gold in them thar (smelly) hills! If I was a Chinese ghost I don’t suppose I’d mind if a load of mortals (and I use the word loosely) had a bit of fun in my back garden. Better than listening to wailing all the time!

The proud hares...

So there we were, tiptoeing through the cem. Trying to find Capn. Hook and Just C’s shredded secrets. Head Hacker and yours truly stepping out in fine style. Struggling at the first check, Wombat snuck out ahead and never looked back. Into the wild unknown. A fine opportunity to run us along the wrong side of the klong was overlooked by the hares. Paper disappeared at one point allegedly eaten by the (smelly) buffaloes, but small shreds were followed until we all floundered back into the cem. from the Christian end.

Super B and Smiling O were the first ladies back.

The crowning glory of the whole evening was a sign from our departed Chinese friends of their appreciation of our athletic efforts. (Or is Wombats camera broken?)

Then mosquitoes ate us all.

P.S. I suppose I could have done a better job of this report if I could remember everyone’s names, but then why should Pamela ask a returnee after two and a half years to write it up?

On-On to the outstation

Circle 570

GM Wombat again had to wait for Geisha G to close the Hash Restaurant which was overflowing with customers. By the end of his sentence, Wombat will be an expert at herding cats.

When he finally got a few Hashers to listen to him, he called in the hares, JC and Captain Hook. After last week’s run, the assembled Hashers agreed it was a pretty good run. Frank N. Stein was trying to keep Superman’s car from plowing into the circle so Wombat called him in for leaning. Frankie pleaded his innocence but Wombat rejected his pleas and not only splashed him but iced him as well. Frankie rewarded us with an early moon rise. Not something for the faint hearted.

JC and Captain Hook back in for an encore and splashed for a smelly run. Corpses, sewage plant, rotten fruit & more corpses. Just like home, I think. He then brought in Pamela for yet another excellent publishing job on the flyer for the Out Station. But this time, it wasn’t sufficient to get The Champion award. While he was doing this, he got distracted by Who the Hell is Bob yacking away at the edge of the circle and brought him in for the Yacker award.

He then turned the circle over to On-Sec Pamela who brought in Superman and Dirty Rotten Pervert for desecrating the graveyard at the first check. He next splashed the hares JC and Captain Hook for littering the countryside and using too much paper.

Wombat took the circle again and brought in Super B and Daglocks. Super B neglected her duties as Hash Flash the week before and Daglocks had taken over. Unfortunately, all he took was pictures of asses. Must be his English schoolboy background. For this, he got to put his on the ice.

RO was given the circle and he promptly brought in Wombat for taking all the Hash Cash’s splashes. He then asked Kiwi B to report the night’s sales, and he was promptly given a splash for bad haberdashing. He then brought the visiting Hashers in to give us a joke or a song. They had neither so he gave them the ice. Looking around, he saw that Who the Hell is Bob was sans Hash T-shirt and splashed him for being naked in the circle.

That finished off RO’s splashes and Wombat brought in Square Rooter for refusing to carry and blow the horn on the run. He put him on ice and gave him a Willy which should give him pause next time the GM tells him to do something.

Burrito Butt came into the circle and splashed JC for making her work too hard and spending too much money getting him to set the run. Exhibiting signs of brain death, she then brought in JC again and Captain Hook for using too much paper which Pamela had splashed them for just 5 minutes earlier.

Head Hacker then took the circle and called in the Returnees - King Kong, Stumbling Dyke, Super B, Captain Hook and Misfortune. Giving recognition to the complaints of many, he brought in Wombat for avoiding the nice grass under a spreading tree just a few feet behind us and having the circle on a concrete road. Finally, he splashed Geisha for running the Hash kitchen and keeping all the bums fat & happy.

Wombat continued with his punishments and brought in Twin Peaks for slugging yet again. Misfortune was splashed for yet again littering on the Hash. And Speed Bump was put on ice for breaking it when he unloaded it.

Wombat again caught Frankie leaning. He brought Square Rooter in yet again and iced him for leaving.

Wombat just couldn’t stop putting Hashers on ice and did so to Stumbling Dyke for being stupid enough to be leaning. He then closed the circle by putting the Hares on ice for sucking up to the GM and giving him the Wings.