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Kids' Corner

Sports & Adventure in Phuket

Chiang Mai Zoo to coordinate field trips for poor school students

Three academic campuses in Chiang Rai sign MOU

Lanna International School elementary students moving on

Lanna International School celebrates the end of the school year

CMIS juniors and seniors enjoy “Final Impact”

Kids' Corner

Hi there kids. Marvin and I just got back from holidays. We went to Australia where we had a very good time swimming in the sea and meeting old friends again. We saw koalas, kangaroos and emus and we even bought a book about them. Marvin says that the thing he liked the most about our trip to Australia was being able to play with his friends that he hasn’t seen for a long time. He said that he misses them a lot.

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Do you have friends that live far away that you can’t visit very often? Write to Marvin and tell him about them, or send him a picture, a story or a poem:

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1) What has eyes but can’t see?

2) Why do hummingbirds hum?

3) Why did the tomato blush?

4) What is at the end of everything?


1) A potato

2) Because they can’t remember the words

3) Because it saw the salad dressing

4) The letter g

This week we have a picture from Basile Pouradier Duteil. He is in the kindergarten.

Bye from Marg and Marvin

Sports & Adventure in Phuket

Looking for a real holiday? A real break? For challenge? Adventure? Fun & excitement? Then look no further ... Join the Sports & Adventure Camp at Dulwich International College in safe, healthy and beautiful southern Thailand for the experience of a lifetime! No need to waste your time in endless traffic jams, inhaling exhausting pollution or mooching around shopping malls. There IS an alternative!

The Dulwich International College Sports & Adventure Camp in Phuket offers a safe and healthy experience of a lifetime in beautiful southern Thailand.

For four weeks between July 6th and August 2nd, 2003, Dulwich International College once again opens its superb campus to boys and girls of all nationalities from around the world aged between 8 and 15 looking for action, challenge, fun, new friends ... and a wonderful holiday experience in the magnificent environment on and around the idyllic island of Phuket.

The unique Sports & Adventure Camp offers a tremendous mix of team sports (soccer, basketball, volleyball, rugby), individual sports (tennis, badminton, cycling, golf), water sports (sailing, snorkelling, water-skiing, rafting, scuba) and adventure (rock climbing, camping, mountain biking, abseiling) as well as go-karting, paintballing, cable-skiing, elephant rides, barbecues and parties. The adventure excursions include exploration of the beautiful flora and fauna of southern Thailand as well as ample opportunities for swimming, snorkelling, water-skiing, rock climbing and diving.

The Sports & Adventure Camp costs 70,000bt. for the full four weeks (inclusive of all tuition and coaching, accommodation, trips and excursions, meals, local transport and laundry). The camp is also available in weekly units at a cost of only 18,000bt per week.

Those who join the camp will return home refreshed and invigorated with many wonderful memories to see them through the year ahead. Enrolment is limited. Register your children with the college now for the experience of a lifetime! For more information contact the college: tel. +66 (0) 7623 8711-20 (#1113), +66 (0) 2512 0466-7; email: [email protected]; website:

Chiang Mai Zoo to coordinate field trips for poor school students

Nantanee Jedsadachaiyut

Chiang Mai Zoo is providing free field trips for primary school students from June to September this year. These are designed to provide an opportunity for primary school students to learn more about nature, wildlife, and environmental conservation.

The project was initiated by the Zoological Park Organization under the King’s patronage, and Chiang Mai Zoo has received 3 million baht to organize this project for the north of Thailand. The students will also attend special lectures about natural resources from experts in the field. The students will also enjoy many special activities and adventures during the field trips.

These educational trips are in two packages. The first is a one-day field trip, and the other an overnight camp in the zoo. The zoo will be able to only accept 300 students per day.

Schools that qualify for this project should be country primary schools in northern Thailand, without enough budget for any field trips, and the students of the schools should not have had any experiences in Chiang Mai Zoo.

For more information, contact Chiang Mai Zoo office, tel. 053 221 179, 053 358 116.

Three academic campuses in Chiang Rai sign MOU

Educational cooperation the aim

Supatatt Dangkrueng

An MOU to share educational resources and personnel was signed by Mae Fah Luang University (MFLU), Chiang Rai Rajabhat Institute (CRRI) and Rajamangkala Institute of Technology of Chiang Rai (RITCR).

The representatives of the three campuses signing the MOU were MFLU president, Assoc Prof Wanchai Sirichana; CRRI president, Assistant Prof Manop Pasitwilaitham; RITCR director, Boontham Rewkarn, witnessed by PM Secretary Yongyuth Tiyapairatch, Chiang Rai MPs and other VIP guests.

Yongyuth said this concept is very useful and the moment will be recorded in Thailand’s educational history. They expect this MOU might become a pilot project towards further cooperation between other campuses.

Lanna International School elementary students moving on

Marion Vogt

Each school life is divided into different steps. Each step is a major achievement for each student. Each and every time with more seriousness, they will ask themselves: am I ready for the next level in life? Am I ready for this new chapter?

Ajarn Naraporn Wongtip, Thai headmistress of LIST, calling upon each and every student to receive the certificate. (Photo by Michael Vogt)

The successful grade 5 students with their homeroom teacher, Mrs. Emily Clark, proudly display their achievement. (Photo by Michael Vogt)

Fifteen grade 5 international students successfully passed the elementary level and will, from August 2003 onwards, belong to ‘Middle School’.

The next couple of years will be amongst the most challenging years in their lives, as well as for their parents and their teachers. It is the time between childhood and adulthood, but also the time to build long lasting friendships and connecting emotionally as well as spiritually with people around.

Lanna International School celebrates the end of the school year

Marion Vogt

The end of a school year is always a day of joy, but also a day of sadness. Sadness because, in an international environment such as Chiang Mai, some people will move on. But it will always be a day of reminiscence of the past school year.

Head of LIST, Mr. Kenneth McCaffery hands over a bouquet of flowers to the MC of the day, Mr. David Blair Brown. Mr. Brown, fashionable in his kilt, had not only put a lot of work and dedication into the organization of this celebration, but also did not miss out on anybody who deserved some kind words. In the back you see a member of the ‘How Come’ School Band, which opened and closed the morning’s celebration. (Photo by Michael Vogt)

Chiang Mai University Art Museum was the venue for the LIST ‘End of Year Celebration’. MC of the day was high school teacher David Brown, who not only welcomed the audience, but also had kind words for every student group and every one of the participating children.

Students who successfully passed grade 8 will, from August 2003 onwards, be high school students, and as such much admired by the younger and not so experienced kids.

They are almost grown up now and the end of middle school or the beginning of high school will require a lot of commitment and sacrifice. By then they will be old enough to make their own decisions, and they will set an example for the smaller children, and, therefore, the step towards high school is regarded as a milestone in life.

Grant, Jaratphong, Jennifer, Mathew, Na Young, Pimprapha and Shin, the 7 students who successfully passed the Middle School, together with Homeroom Teacher, Mr. Roger Fortune. (Photo by Michael Vogt)

Mr. Ravee Art Phoewham, from the British Council Chiang Mai, was the guest speaker of the day and provided a nice quote. He said, “Set your sail to the wind rather than against it,” but first of all, enjoy your holidays!

CMIS juniors and seniors enjoy “Final Impact”

It’s a tradition at Chiang Mai International School that the junior high school class (11th grade) organizes and finances a High School Prom at the end of the school year, to which the graduating senior class are the honored guests. This year’s CMIS Prom, titled the “Final Impact” was held at the Ridges Hotel. Members of the CMIS class of 2003 enjoyed dressing up and getting together for the prom, one of their last school events together as a class. (Photo by Geoff Thompson)