When will the big bikes be back?

Dear Chiangmai Mail,

We spent our holidays in Chiang Mai the end of last year, just during the time of the ‘Bike Week’ 2002. We had never heard about the event before and we did not know that this would be one of the most memorable experiences we ever had during a vacation. The friendship, the events, the music and the overall camaraderie between the bike riders who treated us not as tourists but as friends was unbelievable.

The show by the French stuntman, who was the “Double” for 007 Pierce Brosnan, on the BMW motorcycle gave us the chance to take stunning photos to show at home.

Since we are planning our holidays for this year we have a question: Do you know whether something similar will take place in 2003? We would be so grateful if you would let us know any information you might have, especially if you know whether or not it will take place around the same time as last year.

We read your newspaper on the internet regularly and know that if anybody can help, than it must be Chiangmai Mail.

Sincerely Mathew & Elise Binder

Editor’s reply: We recently received confirmation that Bike Week 2003 will be held December 6 & 7 this year in Chiang Mai, in cooperation with the Tourism Authority of Thailand and other sponsors. The main event will take place at the 700th Anniversary Stadium, as it did last year. FYI - An Explore Charity Ride up to Fai Hoi Mountain (around 170 km) will be held on Sunday, December 7. Music performances and different events will be confirmed at a later date. For more information, however, you can check 2 different websites: www. chiangmaibikeweek.com and www.northcomets-mc.com - We hope this helps you plan your holiday.